Shu Yamino Birthday Dinner + Outfit

Happy birthday to my vtuber oshi Shu Yamino (5/2) of Nijisanji EN’s Luxiem!

Yes, I am going through a Nijisanji phase. Yen, I am a Yaminion. Shu Yamino is my favorite member of Luxiem, so I had to go all out with the dinner and fandom coord! Shu’s a funny guy and he caught my attention with his mismatched design (compared to the other four guys who wear suits). Like for Vox’s birthday last week, me and Noeru got dinner in an extremely weeby fashion.

For the Luxiem x Sweets Paradise cafe collaboration, Shu’s entree is unagi chirashidon. In one of his streams, he mentioned he enjoys sushi and his favorite kind is unagi (eel). For dinner, we ordered histumabushi from Zen Japanese Izakaya. Histumabushi originated in Nagoya and is similar to unadon where the main ingredients are eel and rice. I first tried this dish on my visit to Nagoya a few years ago and was surprised to find it locally.

unagidon dinner with birthday decal
One of Shu’s favorite foods is unagi.

It was delicious; you can never go wrong with unagi. If I can’t go to Sweets Paradise, I’ll just pretend Sweet Paradise comes to me.

Shu Yamino Inspired Outfit

Shu Yamino is a sorcerer and his outfit reflects that; the outfit is extremely chaotic. His hair is a multi-colored mullet, a la visual kei. He wears a white sleeveless frilled collar shirt covered by a black corset. His arms and hands are covered in detachable sleeves and short gloves. For pants, he wears black pumpkin shorts. For legwear, he wears white-pink gradient stirrup tights with open toe sandals. The outfit also has bat wing and skeleton accents.

When I said it’s a lot, I meant it. This is not an outfit that translates well into real life, so putting together a fandom outfit/closet cosplay was a struggle. Luckily, I already dress like a chuunibyou, so I had some suitable pieces at my disposal. If you squint hard enough, it has a similar basis to an ouji outfit, only with an eccentric take on accessories.

The Vox Akuma inspired outfit was easy because he wears a suit. This Shu inspired outfit took some creative layering. I aimed to match the basic structure of his design: sleeveless shirt, pumpkin pants, and arm warmers. I also did my best attempt at color blocking and bat motifs of the design.

Shu Yamino inspired outfit

Outfit Details

  • Top: Alice and the Pirates Cardamom Blouse, Alice and the Pirates Frill Skirt Cummerbund Belt, Moi-meme-Moitie Coffin Lace Choker, Luxmira Corazón Necklace
  • Bottom: Alice and the Pirates JOJO Pants
  • Legwear: offbrand gradient tights
  • Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Clara Boots, Cotton Candy Feet Spooky Bat Clip
  • Accessories: Eyemirror x Underscore Thorn Glasses, Roen Skull Wallet Chain, Moi-meme-Moitie Coffin Lace Choker, Ozz On arm warmers, Aetherlund Bat Cuffs

For my nails, I’m still rocking the Luxiem and Noctyx ita nails. This vk mullet wig has been in my wig box for ages, so I finally decided to style it. Originally, I think Airily got inspiration for this colorway from the model AKIRA. After I tried it on, I immediately thought it looked like thei hairstyle of Nagasone Kotetsu from Touken Ranbu. Simulating the top was the most difficult for me since he has so many accessories on.The tights I bought last month since I was wavering on doing a full cosplay or just a fandom outfit.

Shu Banana

One of the first streams of his I watched was the Passpartout VOD. As I was watching, I thought “wow, this guy is an artist” and became weirdly inspired by him. There are many banana references in his fandom, so I got the idea to etch Shu on a banana.

The left banana is the avatar he was using in VR Chat. The right banana was referenced using the stock art. Both bananas were drawn through oxidation. I honestly do not know what hit me, but it was fun. I never thought I would make fanart on a banana considering I haven’t drawn fanart in well over 10 years, but here we are. Sometimes inspiration just hits!

Just a few days ago Anime Fest in Dallas announced Luxiem as one of their guests, so now I have to commit to the full cosplay!

See more of my past fandom inspired outfits: Ignis (FFXV), Majima (Yakuza), and Miyuki (Ace of Diamond)!

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