Devilish Angel Fashion Show @ Anime Weekend Atlanta

Anime Weekend Atlanta, abrreviated AWA, is the largest anime convention in the southeastern United States. It took place on October 26-October 29, 2023 at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Cobb Galleria Centre. In recent years, AWA has increased their Japanese fashion presence by inviting brands such as Moi meme Moitie and 6%dokidoki in the past. For 2023, AWA’s fashion guests of honor included Atelier Pierrot and Devilish Angel. Both brands showed off their style on the runway.

Devilish Angel is a new American indie brand designed by Gabi Hime whose style is a mix of cute and punk alternative fashions. Their design style focuses on casual clothing that’s stylish, individual, and comfortable. Another important aspect of their brand is producing clothes in a wide range of sizes that are also comfortable enough for people who suffer from chronic illnesses. Devilish Angel is inspired by lolita fashion, yume kawaii, fairy kei, decora, pop kei, jirai kei, menhera, punk, gothic, and rave styles.

For this fashion show, Devilish Angel started out the show with 10 different looks!

Model 1

Coming in first, this model came out wearing a guro lolita style outfit featuring the brand’s Queen of Eyeballs – Eyelet’s Lazy Day Velvet Flare Skirt. The print featured one eyed black cats laying in a field of eyeballs.

Model 2

The second model wore the pink version of the Queen of Eyeballs – Eyelet’s Lazy Day Velvet Flare Skirt. The black and pink skirt paired nicely with the Queen of Eyeballs – Velvet Mock Corset Top which was also black and pink. The pink and black combo and accessories gave off a creepy cute vibe.

Model 3

Model number three wore a green magic-themed lolita coordinate. The model wore the brand’s Midnight Castle Blouse and Vampire Girls – Just One Bite Velvet Flared Skirt, both featured a castle print. The witch hat and book purse added to the magic element.

Model 4

The fourth model moved the show into more casual styles. The items featured were a rainbow cropped jacket, The Invasion of the Cutest Dogs in the Universe Riding in the Sweetest Flying Saucers – or Pup in a Cup FROM SPACE! Salopette Overalls Dress, and The Invasion of the Cutest Dogs in the Universe Riding in the Sweetest Flying Saucers – or Pup in a Cup FROM SPACE! Tights in bright blue.

Model 5

These next to models showed off complimenting pastel rainbow ensembles. This model wore a layered yet comfortable look that featured the The Invasion of the Cutest Dogs in the Universe Riding in the Sweetest Flying Saucers – or Pup in a Cup FROM SPACE! Chiffon Dress layered with Milky Cloud Rainbow 2 Way Tie Back Butterfly Sleeve Chiffon Top on top.

Model 6

With another pastel rainbow look, model number 6 came out with a bright smile. This model wore a combo of the Rainbow Chaser Behold My Rainbow Soul Velour Warmup Jacket and Rainbow Chaser Velour Split Maxi Skirt.

Model 7

The next two models shifted the lineup with darker looks. Model seven wore a matching set of the My Thorny Heart Open Back Tee and My Thorny Heart Velour Split Maxi Skirt. The print featured an anime style bishoujo wrapped in thorny vines that pricks everyone she meets.

Model 8

The eighth model wore a casual T-shirt and leggings combination. The top is Love You To Death Oversized Chiffon Top featuring two anime figure illustrations with rose and skull motifs. On the bottom is the Queen of Eyeballs Harlequin Drippy Cat Velvet Leggings featuring cat silhouettes and dripping design reminiscent of blood.

Model 9

For the final two models, they both wore pieces inspired by Japanese idol culture. This model showed off the Queen of Eyeballs Oversized Slouchy Tshirt and another colorway of Queen of Eyeballs Harlequin Drippy Cat Velvet Leggings. The model wore the The Wota Gal Happi Cardigan on the outer layer.

Model 10

Lastly, . Like the previous model, this model wore Wota Gal Happi Cardigan and waved a penlight to show idol fandom. For the base outfit, the top piece was the Love Puppy Girly Fitted Tshirt and the bottom piece was the Love Puppy Neon Joyride Velvet Flare Skirt.

Group Shots

After the show, I took some photos in natural light to show off the clothes! Designer Gabi Hime wore an outfit similar to model 3 with a witchy and magical aura. Thanks Devilish Angel for working with me!

Devilish Angel was the first out of two brands at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2023’s fashion show. The next brand to showcase in AWA 2023’s show was Atelier Pierrot. Check out my coverage of Atelier Pierrot’s AWA runway!

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