The Brass Tap Halloween Brunch Board + Holy Lantern Outfit

Welcome to hell, may I take your order?

Halloween season is my favorite time of the year! I may be a little biased since my birthday is in October (today!) and I’m a goth, but there’s just something about the weather changing and spooky season that just hits right.

The Brass Tap

922 Holman Street #Suite A
Houston, TX 77002
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The Brass Tap Houston is a lively pub with a Houston location in midtown. The brunch board is served every weekend from 11 AM to 2 PM, but you’ll have to reserve it in advance since they only make a certain quantity. The board comes in 2 sizes: small and large. The small will feed 4 people for $75 and the large will feed 8 people for $100. All the food on the board includes bacon, maple sausage, battered chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, buttermilk pancakes, French toast sticks, croissants, cinnamon donut holes, yogurt with granola and berries, and a mix of fresh fruit.

Houston Brunch

Houston apparently has a huge brunch scene compared to other American cities according to some other food bloggers I’ve met! Never really thought about myself, but I won’t deny it. The brunch board is great for family style sharing, especially if you can never decide what to order.

I first discovered this brunch board on Instagram. Since it’s October, the board was decorated with a Halloween theme. I saw it and new I needed to experience the board in full gothic lolita. It was beautiful. Stunning. Marvelous. Most importantly, edible.

I reserved the small brunch board through The Brass Tap’s Eventbrite page. We had a party of 5, so I considered upgrading to the large board. In the end, I didn’t upgrade, but the small board satisfied each of us and we had leftovers.

Holy Lantern Gothic

We visited the week before Halloween, so I was in the mood to wear something to fit the holiday. Holy Lantern for Halloween? Yeah, yeah, I know; everyone wears Holy Lantern for Halloween. I have to say, I do make some good Holy Lantern coords though. I like to put coordinate more gothic elements with it rather than sweet.

While I planned the outfit the night before, I stared intensely at my wardrobe. How could I maximize Holy Lantern for spooky season? Then the epiphany hit me. Wear two of them.

Halloween Outfit Rundown

Can you see the joy in my face from holding this massive brunch platter? I was definitely vibing with it.

I just received this Antique BeasT Bat Maid Headdress, so I mashed some bat and maid-like accessories into the outfit. Maid style is something I’ve always liked, but only just recently started buying the appropriate accessories. This Vierge Vampur apron is my first and only apron, but I’d like to get more soon.

  • Head: Antique BeasT Bat Maid Headdress, MALICIOUS.X Devil Horns B, Moi meme Moitie Cross Accessory Chain, Eyemirror x Underscore Thorn Glasses, Arda Wigs Miya Wig
  • Dress: Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern JSK, Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern OP
  • Bottom: Classical Puppets A-line petticoat, MeLikesTea Cotton Candy Organza Petticoat
  • Leg: Yoh’s Monochrome World Color Moving Circus Tights, Aetherlund Bat Cuffs
  • Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Croisee Strap Shoes
  • Accessories: Moss Marchen Rosary Necklace, Moi meme Moitie Coffin Lace Choker, Vierge Vampur Meal Time Apron, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Milk Crown Ring, Moi meme Moitie Candelabra Rose Ring, Moi meme Moitie M-m-M Logo Ring, Moi meme Moitie Cross Candelabra Ring

To get some more white around the hemline, I opted to make a fake bustle to reveal some of the white OP. Can’t tell from the photos, but it’s on both sides. I’m really happy with how this Halloween lolita coordinate came out! Today is my birthday as well, so this is also doubling as a birthday post. Happy birthday to me!

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