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42Lolita Promo Code

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42Lolita, formerly known as the reliable TaoBao shopping service Taobao Ring, is a trustworthy reseller site to purchase lolita and ouji fashion clothes from Chinese indie brands. With their reliable customer service and their easy-to-use website, you don’t have to fiddle with using TaoBao. They carry sweet lolita, gothic loita, classic lolita, and ouji pieces along with plenty of accessories, shoes, and more.

Use promo code BUTTCAPE for 5% off your total purchase!

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Bokksu Discount Code

Bokksu is a premium Japanese food subscription box. Every month’s box features a different theme, so you’ll always enjoy the taste of Japan through seasonal flavors. The box contains 20-24 snacks, desserts, and tea are all sourced from Japanese artisans from across all prefectures of Japan.

Use promo code STEPHANO for $15 off your first purchase on Bokksu!

Rakuten Global Express Referral Code

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Rakuten Global Express is my preferred Japanese forwarding service. Have all your orders sent to your own personal Japanese shipping address and combine into one package to save on shipping! Free day 30 storage, free consolidation, and works with any Japanese website that accepts international payments.

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One Map by FROM JAPAN Referral Code


One Map by From Japan is my go-to Japanese shopping service! When you need help purchasing from Japanese sites that don’t ship internationally or take international credit card. They can purchase from most websites such as Yahoo!Japan, Rakuma/Fril, Mercari Japan, Surugata, and more!

Sign up with my referral link and make any purchase to receive 500 From Japan Points (500 yen equivalent)!