Houston Food & Dessert | March 2022 Highlights

With March, spring is officially here (to my despair). I enjoy winter the most, so it’s always sad to see it go. One good thing with the seasons changing though is the fresh spring flowers blooming and new menus popping up.

I visited 8 different Houston restaurants and cafes in March:

  • Tobiuo Sushi and Bar
  • Jaquay’s Chicken and Waffles
  • Koffeteria
  • Oh K-Dog
  • BAKFISH Coffee Haus
  • Traveler’s Table
  • Bao Shi Yi Bun House
  • Xela Coffee Roasters

This month’s feasting features a lot of dessert (as always) and new savory entrees. It also includes some repeat visits to my favorites like Tobiuo and Koffeteria. Keep on reading to see everything I ate!

Tobiuo Sushi and Bar

Spring is coming, truffle season is fleeting. This gorgeous tree-shaped dessert won second place at The Truffle Masters competition and was served at Tobiuo afterwards for a very limited time! Pastry chef Jio knocked out out of the park again by constructing a bonsai made of Valrhona USA chocolate, matcha sponge cake, truffle mousse entremet, shio koji truffle ice cream, and truffle caramel.

truffle bonsai dessert

I’m not much of a truffle person, so I usually pass on the event, but I’m glad I got to try it afterwards 😋. Jio actually messaged me saying that he sold out of 80% of the available stock on the first day! I went the second day, so I was able to secure one. Their second concept Money Cat is coming soon!

Pretty in Pink mocktail

🍹 March special: In celebration of Women’s History Month, Tobiuo has a special pink cocktail and mocktail available! Part of every sale will go to I’ll Have What She’s Having to help and uplift women in the restaurant industry. The mocktail consists of strawberries, coconut milk, coconut cream, club soda, and earl grey syrup. It was a refreshing drink that reminded me of the infamous pink drink.

Tobiuo Sushi and Bar
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd Suite H130
Katy, TX 77494

Jaquay’s Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles, the name says it all! Jaquay’s menu solely consists of chicken wings and waffles and they do it well! Wings were super crispy and the waffle has a drizzle of glaze on it, too.

syrup pour on chicken.
chicken and waffles (5 wings)

Jaquay’s is hidden away deep in Dickinson, TX. It’s one of the few black-owned restaurants in the southeast Houston suburbs.

Jaquay’s Chicken and Waffles
4312 St Goar St. Ste. A
Dickinson, TX 77539


This is the result of one person buying too much bread 🍞🧍‍♀️🥐. I can’t help it though because everything from Koffeteria always sounds interesting!

assorted bread on tiered tray.
Purple Queen, pistachio baklava croissant, brussel sprout + asparagus + smoked gouda swirl, spinach artichoke croissant

I’ve been eyeing the Purple Queen for awhile; it’s an ube kouign-amann 💜. It’s covered in my favorite kind of sprinkle, so I was pretty happy about eating it 😌. Actually my first ever kougin-amann I ever ate; I liked the layers. She is fabulous!

kougin amann cross section.
Purple Queen kouign-amann

Did you know? Koffeteria is one of Houston’s gay-owned businesses!

1110 Hutchins St. Suite 102
Houston, TX 77003

Oh K-Dog

Oh K-Dog is known for their Korean corn dogs, but did you know they also sell Korean egg toasts? Their egg toasts consist of fluffy scrambled eggs inside of a big bread bed. I like the one with avocado the best since the avocado adds an extra layer of creaminess. There’s an option to upgrade to garlic bread, but the standard bread is already good.

avocado egg toast side view.
avocado egg toast

Oh K-Dog Houston is located inside the Spring Branch Hmart food court on Blalock Rd.

Oh K-Dog (Houston)
1231 Broadway St.
Pearland, TX 77581
(located inside of HMart)

BAKFISH Coffee Haus

Pearland’s BAKFISH Brewing Company is a full-time craft brewery 🍺 and part-time coffee shop ☕. In the day time, BAKFISH Coffee Haus is open at the bar for your caffeine needs.

Their coffee flight allows you to choose and taste up to 4 flavors in one sitting. It’s perfect for indecisive customers to sample a little bit of everything. I tried Teddy Graham, hazelnut, amaretto, and coconut and all of them were good! Flights can be ordered as hot or iced.

coffee flight.

Coffee Haus hours are 7 AM-5 PM daily.

BAKFISH Brewing Company/BAKFISH Coffe Haus
1231 Broadway St.
Pearland, TX 77581

Traveler’s Table

Cherry blossom season is here! Every year, it is my goal to find the rare sakura flavored foods in Houston. I recently found out Traveler’s Table added a cheesecake to their dessert menu. On the plate rests a Japanese style cherry blossom souffle cheesecake topped with macerated bing cherries and powdered sugar surrounded by a bed of vanilla custard. When it comes out to the table, it’s drizzled in a cherry syrup. Overall, it has a strong cherry flavor rather than floral flavor due to the syrup. I’d recommend this dessert for two people since the cheesecake is thick; I solo’d it, but you must consider I have a massive sweet tooth!

Japanese sakura cheesecake.
Japanese sakura cheesecake

As I was taking photos, the manager watched me meticulously arrange my shots. He was impressed at my dedication, I suppose, and brought me a dish I didn’t order.

beef cheek ravioli

This dish is their beef cheek ravioli. The raviolis contains a beef demi-glace and topped with a porcini mushroom soubise and parmigiano reggiano. Usually I wouldn’t order something like this, but they said it’s one of their most popular dishes! Glad I was able to try it because it’s really rich and delicious. Thank you to the manager!

Traveler’s Table
520 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77006

Margaux’s Oyster Bar

If you’re looking to eat oysters, Margaux’s Oyster Bar is the pearl 🦪! Located inside Bravery Chef Hall, these guys really know their stuff. I asked for a recommendation for several types of east coast oysters and they delivered!

assorted east coast oysters.
east coast oysters (4 kinds)

The team at Margaux’s aren’t afraid to play around with unorthodox toppings either! The dressed oyster special of that day was coffee mousse, mandarin orange, honey, and Korean mint. I’ll Definitely be going back when I get the oysters cravings again.

Margaux’s Oyster Bar
409 Travis St. Ste. A
Houston, TX 77002
(located inside of Bravery Chef Hall)

Bao Shi Yi Bun House

Bao Shi Yi serves a quick and convenient Chinese breakfast all day! They have 4 locations around Houston and each one has a slightly different menu. I visited the Medical Center location for this lunch and this location has a more fast casual vibe to it. Their noodles and dumplings are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

noodles being lifted out of bowl.
braised beef noodles

This location is slightly smaller than the Kirby location and is more grab-and-go oriented with everything served in to-go containers. Next time I will pass on the soup dumplings because the skin is too thick for my preference.

Bao Shi Yi (Texas Medical Center)
2328 W Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030

Xela Coffee Roasters

Kirby and the Forgotten Land was released recently! To celebrate, I sought out this Kirby themed coffee by Xela Coffee Roasters after seeing it on an IG story. It took me a few visits to get my hands on it; Kirby’s a popular lil’ guy! Inside the bottle is a delicious blend of double shot espresso, demerara sugar, Vietnamese cinnamon, and oat milk. It’s so smooth I inhaled it. Kirby would swallow it right up!

bottle of coffee.
Kirby’s Stardust coffee bottle

Walk up to the window at Xela Coffee Roasters to order and they’ll serve your order through a box. There is a small patio in the back for seating; there is no indoor seating.

Xela Coffee Roasters
4409 Canal St.
Houston, TX 77011

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