Luxiem and Noctyx Rainbow Ita Nails

I didn’t choose the weaboo lifestyle, it chose me.

My latest craze is vtubers (virtual youtuber), particularly those of Nijisanji EN thanks to the bad influence my friend Noeru. Nijisanji EN has two waves of male vtubers: Luxiem and Noctyx. Each wave just happen to contain 5 members, so I decided to go the colorful route and put all 10 of the boys on my fingers.

Ita nails are something I’ve admired for years, but I don’t often actually have my nails done. The first time I commissioned a nail artist from the Akihabara nail salon Colors Yellow for a single nail a few years ago when they were tabling at a con. This set is my second time wearing ita nails.

colorful anime inspired ita nails
Noctyx and Luxiem ita nails

The motivation was my cousin Hal who almost always has some kind of cool nails on. I saw her with an Ensemble Stars!! set on, so I asked her how for help. We did it!

The order of the boys was based on who I tend to watch the most. On my left hand are the members of Luxiem. Starting from the thumb, there’s Shu Yamino, Ike Eveland, Luca Kaneshiro, Vox Akuma, and Mysta Rias. Shu Yamino is my oshi, so I put him on my thumb, so I can look at him the most! On the right hand starting from the thumb are Uki Violeta, Alban Knox, Sonny Brisko, Fulgur Ovid, and Yugo Asuma. I find the dynamic between Shu and Uki (NijiPurple) quite entertaining.


Normally, I would use my natural nails, but I unfortunately had some breakage right before the day. This set involved some acrylic tips. The rhinestones were an impulse decision which I thought was fitting! Shu and Uki’s purples are actually two different purples since I thought the fuschia matched Uki’s design more.

Turns out that taking nail photos by yourself is quite difficult. My camera’s autofocus was struggling plus I couldn’t avoid the glare from the topcoat, so apologies if the pictures aren’t sharp.

I posted the set to Twitter first and it received over 700 likes! Ike liked it and Uki even retweeted it.

Overall, these nails took 3 hours to create. It was definitely a learning process and I would change a few steps for next time. Now that I somewhat know the technique, I need to start thinking of the next design!

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