Oni-Con 2018 DISACODE Live in Concert

DISACODE performed on the main stage on Friday evening at Oni-Con 2018. DISACODE is a three member Japanese visual kei band consisting of frontwoman AKIRA on vocals, Shinnosuke on bass, and Marcy on drums. In general, their music style is rock with the occasional traditional Japanese sound mixed into the songs. On Saturday, they also modeled in Oni-Con’s fashion show.

Naturally with KERA model AKIRA as their leader, their stage wear is equally important and matches their sound. Their outfits, all coordinated by AKIRA, mixed traditional Japanese cuts with modern J-punk flair. AKIRA wore an Ozz On wa-themed cardigan and top paired with leather pants and platform boots. Marcy wore a Qutie Frash kimono jacket paired with solid black pants. Shinnosuke wore a floral and diamond pattern switching yukata paired with a striped hakama, both by the brand despair.

Music-wise, DISACODE has never had a large discography. The band has not released any new music since 2014 which is the same year AKIRA started her short-lived solo career.The setlist included their hit songs like Sakura x Kuroku x Kuraku, Tsubaki, ARCO∞IRIS, One Love, and TOY IN THE BOX. AKIRA is living the married life now, so band activities will probably continue to be slow.

Oni-Con 2019 will take place on November 8-10, 2019 at the Galveston Convention Center. Announcements are rolling out now, so follow them on Facebook and check their website for the latest news. Get your badges now as pre-registration will end on October 3!


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