Vox Akuma Birthday Dinner + Outfit

Happy birthday to vtuber Vox Akuma (4/25) of Nijisanji EN’s Luxiem!

Noeru invited me to celebrate Vox’s birthday by eating a dinner full of Italian food. Recently I’ve been going down the vtuber hole and I completely blame her for it.

We met up at Coltivare and had a good time. Vox’s favorite food is pizza, I was told.

Vox with pizza
Italian food for days

Vox Akuma Fandom Coord

For the dinner, we all wore Vox-inspired outfits!

Vox is a demon who wears a white suit, red shirt, and a cape. He has long black hair and wears one red tassel earring. His outfit has several red and black accents.

Luckily, I had white jacket, pants, and cape already in my closet. It’s easy for me to makeshift fandom outfits for characters who wear suits since I own a lot of jackets. Since his last name is Akuma, I wore my demon horns. Noeru also made me a tassel earring as a party favor!

white, red, black outfit inspired by Vox Akuma
Vox Akuma inspired outfit

Outfit Details

  • Head: MALICIOUS.X Blood Devil Horn A, handmade tassel earring, Eyemirror x Underscore Thorn Glasses
  • Top: Atelier Boz Eternity Roland Jacket, Atelier Boz Justin Blouse, Alice and the Pirates Captain Chris Train Mantle
  • Bottom: Express Columnist Pants, Alice and the Pirates Buckle Belt
  • Shoes: New Rock Western Shoe M-7956

Fandom outfits are my favorite theme since it means I get to weeb out to the full potential. For Luxiem, I hope to do Shu Yamino-inspired outfit next!

See more of my past fandom inspired outfits: Ignis (FFXV), Majima (Yakuza), and Miyuki (Ace of Diamond)!

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