Croff’d: Houston’s First Croffle Concept Review

Meet the croffle: a fusion of croissant and waffle! Croffles are made by pressing croissant dough in a waffle press. With the croffle, you get the best of both worlds. As you first bite down, you’ll feel the nice flaky crust and pillowy interior.

Houston’s first croffle concept Croff’d is located on the ground floor of the Railway Heights Market. The team behind the concept is the same team from Proper Rose Garden, a tea room in Katy. While you can order the fruity croffles at Proper Rose Garden, the Croff’d menu expands vastly on the croffle options providing many choices.

blogger Stephano holding a knife and fork up in anticipation to eat. in front half of photo, four croffles sit on two trays.
I’m ready to chow!

Croff’d Menu

Croff’d serves both savory and sweet flavors such as:


prosciutto and arugula
smoked salmon
mama’s chicken salad


firecracker (strawberry + blueberry)
toasted almond
Cinnamon Toast Crunch

They also have various beverages, mostly teas, available.

Trying the Croffles

I ordered the prosciutto & arugula croffle, mama’s chicken salad croffle, firecracker croffle, and white grape croffle. As a huge fan of both croissants and waffles, I was hyped to try a croffle for the first time. The croffle itself was so light! It’s crunchier than a traditional waffle and still has the layers of a croissant.

First I tried the chicken salad croffle. It is the only croffle on the menu that is folded over like a bun. The chicken salad enveloped in lettuce really had a nice creamy texture. Second, I ate the prosciutto and arugula croffle. It’s a refreshing combination! The fruit croffles all come with whipped cream. The texture of these are slightly more dense since there is a little sugar coating on the croffles’ surface. The white grapes were big, round, and juicy while the firecracker’s strawberries and blueberries were perfect as well. They recommended adding a Nutella drizzle to the firecracker; it was a good choice!

These croffles were incredibly delicious! If you have the stomach capacity, I definitely recommend trying at least one savory and one sweet option. If you have a small appetite, one will probably suffice. Croff’d is now my favorite stall inside Railway Heights. If you ever visit Railway Heights, make sure to order a croffle!

Thank you Croff’d for inviting me to media day!

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Croff’d (inside Railway Heights Market)
8200 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007
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