Stephano is a blogger and photographer in Houston, TX. She is a Japanese pop culture otaku with a huge appetite. Stephano first started blogging about her alternative fashion style inspired by Harajuku street fashion. She draws inspiration for her dark fantasy gothic style from lolita fashion, ouji fashion, androgynous style, and visual kei. Follow her adventures in Houston and beyond!

Birthday: 10/27
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 155 cm

Stephano.me hosts multiple projects by Stephano including Eating with Stephano and Buttcape.

Eating with Stephano

Eating with Stephano is a Houston food blogger with a passion for learning about the world through food’s relation to culture. Stephano wants to showcase the proud and wonderful city of Houston to the world.

Growing up as a Vietnamese American in Houston, she has always understood the city’s diversity and how that has shaped her palate. Houston is a city that’s deverse cultural scene as until recently, has been over looked in favor of cultural hotspots such as New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. As a proud Houstonian, Stephano’s mission to to share with the world the cuisine of America’s most diverse city.


Buttcape is a Houston, TX based Gothic and Lolita fashion blogger. She began blogging in 2013 as a way to contribute to the larger online fashion community.

Since beginning her blog, Buttcape’s ouji fashion posts have become the most popular resource for those looking to start their ouji adventure.

In her free time, she contributes to Lolibrary and frequents the online lolita communities.

More recently, Buttcape has taken to working as a guest at anime conventions, acting as behind the scenes press, and organizing events.

Stephano has been featured on:
OutSmart Magazine