Video Game Fashion: FFXV Ignis Inspired Outfit + Birthday Picnic

Happy birthday to Ignis Scientia (2/7)!

Final Fantasy XV completely took over my life. To celebrate Ignis’s birthday, I had a picnic and wore an Ignis-inspired outfit to match! Ignis is my favorite character from FF15, no doubt. I’m weak to megane characters plus he can cook. Man is a treasure.

Fandom Fashion

Another reason I love FFXV so much is that black clothing is an important aspect of the game’s world. As a goth, I was sold.

“In the Kingdom of Lucis where our heroes reside, the color black has historically been treated as a special color. Because of this, the attire of the royal family and those in occupations closely tied to them are unified by having black as a base coloring,”

Hajime Tabata

Ignis wears a suit with a purple coeurl (leopard) print dress shirt for his default outfit. Out of the four Chocobros, his style is the easiest to work into my regular style since I like the elegance of jackets and dress shirts. I already owned a lot of straight cut jackets since I wear ouji. They come in handy since I like characters in formal attire (see my Majima inspired outfit).

“That’s it! I’ve come up with a new recipeh!”

I started collecting a bunch of purple leopard print stuff because of him. One night a few months ago, I randomly came across this leopard blouse by SEX POT on Japanese Mercari for dirt cheap. It was an incredibly lucky find since I didn’t even know they made a shirt like this and it was perfect for Ignis’s look.

The jacket and the skirt I already owned, but never thought to pair them together. Since the skirt has a high waist and A-line shape, I thought it was very elegant. The skirt also has faux leather accent pieces which I balanced with the faux leather headbow. Ignis’s outfit has a few leather accents as well. The necklace is the acutal Roen piece he wears in-game and the gloves are cosplay gloves. I picked up the tights at the NUDE SOX by Dangerous Nude closing sale. I was slightly worried they wouldn’t be purple enough judging from the stock photo, but it worked.

Some super subtle details: I wore fork and spoon earrings since the Japanese fandom uses the fork and spoon emoji to represent Ignis. I also incorporated some official merch into the hair accessories. They were a little hard to photograph since they were so small. For a final pinch of salt, I paired it with this tongue purse since I want to try his recipes!

They always have Ignis looking down.

Outfit Rundown

  • Head: Na+H leather headbow, Alice and the Pirates A/P Grosgrain Comb, Square Enix Ignis buttons
  • Top: BLACK PEACE NOW tailcoat, SEX POT ReVeNGe Black Studs Chain Leopard Shirt
  • Bottom: Metamorphose Solid High Waist Skirt, Classical Puppets A-line Petticoat
  • Leg: NUDE SOX Black Panther Tights
  • Shoes: Fleuvog Cubist Cupcake Boots
  • Accessories: Roen Black Skull Pendant Necklace, MALICIOUS.X Tongue Shoulder Handbag, offbrand gloves, Q-pot. Fork Pierced Earring + Spoon Pieced Earring

Hair and Makeup

For makeup, I went with more browns since Ignis has a very neutral color pallet.

For the hair, I used this blonde Cyperous hime wig since it had the closest color to his hair; although it’s a bit too blonde, but that’s fine. He has swept up bangs, so the hime bump kind of works to represent that.

Ignis’s Birthday Picnic

I had a picnic to celebrate Ignis’s birthday! It was actually Noeru‘s idea to have a picnic. She brought other husbandos though.

One of Ignis’s favorite dishes is chiffon cake, so I attempted to bake one using Just One Cookbook’s chiffon cake recipe. Although the crust of mine came out ugly, it tasted delicious! I opted for salt onigiri since onigiri is a beginner recipe in FFXV. I bought a black coffee as well since he likes drinking canned black coffee.

Square Enix released these goofy printable birthday masks for fans to use a few years ago. Of course, I had to print one of these cursed boys out for my celebration.

Even though we planned for weeks, it was stupid bright that day, so we didn’t actually get that many photos. Plus we were hungry lol.

Sadly I don’t have time to cosplay every character I love, but with fandom fashion it’s easy to show your love in an every day situation! Check out the rest of my blog for more of my outfits!

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