Night Whisper Lolita Fashion Show at A-Kon

Coming in after Ghost Girl Goods and before Baroque, Night Whisper Lolita was the fifth brand on the runway of A-Kon’s 2022 fashion show.

Night Whisper Lolita is a Chinese lolita brand based in St. Charles, MO. The designer of Night Whisper Lolita believes lolita fashion should be accessible to people of all body types. They design sizes for plus size lolitas up to 7XL through their original designs and through collaborations with other Chinese lolita brands on Taobao such as Infanta and Magic Tea Party. They offer designs for sweet, classic, and gothic lolita and can even take custom orders.

Look 1 Pink Cherry Sweet Lolita

The first looks featured a sweet print featuring cherries and bows.

sweet lolita model wearing white blouse and pink skirt.
Model: jinbeees

Look 2 Sweet Summer Fragrance

The Sweet Summer Fragrance JSK is a chiffon printed tiered JSK with cotton lining. The print features, multi-colored tiers of perfume bottles, short sleeves, and peter pan collar.

sweet lolita model wearing blue and pink outfit standing and posing.
Model: rondreka

Look 3 Strawberry Baa Baa

Look 3 consisted of a pair of models wearing different colorways of Magic Tea Party’s Strawberry Baa Baa sweet print. The print features sheep, strawberries, and the brand’s name across the dress as a border print.

two sweet lolita models facing each other and holding hands.
Models: ?, ?

Look 4 Black and Gold OTT

The last third of the show shifted into showing gothic styles. This black OP features many layers of gold lace that contrast against the dark fabric.

black and gold gothic lolita model extending arms out.
Model: ?

Look 5 Gothic Skull Print

The showcases ended with a dramatic gothic print featuring skulls on a serving platter. The look was accompanied by a Night Whisper Lolita princess sleeve blouse and halo crown.

gothic model wearing floor length gown turned towards the side.
Model: ?

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Night Whisper Lolita graced the runway as the fifth brand showcased in A-Kon’s J-fashion show. See the runway looks from the other brands:

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