AnimeFest Luxiem Live Q&A Panel Report

Texas anime convention AnimeFest featured English vtuber group Luxiem as guests of honor for their 2022 event. AnimeFest is a non-profit anime convention held in downtown Dallas, TX on July 29-August 1. At the end of April, AnimeFest announced Luxiem as headlining guests for their event. Luxiem is Nijisanji EN’s fifth wave of streamers consisting of 5 members: Vox Akuma, Luca Kaneshiro, Ike Eveland, Mysta Rias, and Shu Yamino. Luxiem debuted in December 2021 and have quickly grown popular worldwide.

At the con, attendees were able to pick up their tickets on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. The panel was scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

In the panel room, approximately 500 fans came to watch the members of Luxiem together. The Luxiem members were projected onto two screens, one on each side of the room. A moving camera pointed into the audience, so Luxiem could see and hear attendees, too! This was the first time Luxiem were featured as guests in the anime convention scene. Australian vtuber Jezebel, another guest for the AnimeFest convention, MC’d the panel and read out the pre-submitted fan questions.

Luxiem official promo image.


  1. Who’s better at tongue twisters?
  2. How are you feeling right now considering you’re at AnimeFest, doing a panel with a live audience, and getting the live feedback?
  3. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you’ve joined Luxiem?
  4. Best yeehaws and Australian accents
  5. Have you visited Texas before?
  6. What was your first thought when you guys realized the convention was gonna be in Texas?
  7. If you could make an appearance in any anime, what would you choose?
  8. Would Luxiem survive a zombie apocolypse?
  9. Would Luxiem survive on an island?
  10. If you were to re-record “Hope in the Dark” whose lines would you like to steal and sing instead?
  11. What moment made you laugh hardest during a stream or Luxiem collab?
  12. Would you rather have 5 Ikes or 5 year old Ike?
  13. What dish would you make for everyone else? And would you think they would eat it?
  14. On a scale of 1-10, how much fun was this panel?

“Hang Out with Luxiem” Q&A Panel

(Transcript has been edited for easier readability. Full audio available on player.)

Vox: I can see you. 

Mysta: Oh, is the show starting?

Vox: …Among Us?

Jezebel: Is it time everyone?

Mysta: Is it time?

Vox: It’s showtime now.

Audience: [enthusiastic screaming]

Vox: Wait, wait, wait, let me do it, let me do it, let me do it. Let me do it. Ok guys the show is about to begin. It’s showtime now. [audience cheering] Baba Booey. Let’s go.

Jezebel: Welcome everyone to AnimeFest2022 and the Luxiem panel!

Audience: [cheering]

Jezebel: We have with us today, Ike,

Ike: Hello everyone. Oh my god. 

Mysta: Ok that’s-

Jezebel: Mysta,

Mysta: Ah ahh ahh! Woooh yeah! 

Shu: Oh yeah the orange glow sticks!

Jezebel: Vox,

Vox: Hey.

Jezebel: Luca,

Luca: Hi. Oh my god. Holy moly. Geez. Hello to you too.

Jezebel: Shu,

Vox: Holy-

Mysta: It’s getting louder by each one.

Shu: Hello.

Jezebel: That’s right, that’s right. I hope everyone’s excited! We have some fun questions for Luxiem today. As you guys can hear, make sure you’re nice and loud. Like they were saying, if there’s lots of bad jokes make sure to groan very long. 

[Vox and audience start groaning]

Luca: Don’t do it.

Ike: Enough with the groaning! Enough groaning!  

Jezebel: Should we start with an easy question or a harder question audience? What do you think?

Audience: Hard!

Luca: A hard one?

Ike: Really?

Vox: Hard questions.

Jezebel: Alright, alright, alright. Oh sorry, his introduction did not get heard. And also Vox. It must have been the delay, so sorry.

Vox: Hey, that’s alright.

Audience watching Luxiem members on projected screen.

Who’s better at tongue twisters? And let’s hear some oh that’s a good one. 

Ike: That’s a good one.

Mysta: Tongue twisters?

Jezebel: Yes.

Mysta: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Ike: I don’t even know about any tongue twisters. Like, I think Shu might be the one because I know that you know some Japanese ones.

Shu: Japanese ones? That one’s- That would probably be- I don’t even remember, Ike. Okay, I’m probably not good at this.

Ike: Nevermind. Maybe make adjustments for that one?

Shu: There’s like the “kaeru pyoko pyoko mi,” but that one’s kind of long.

Audience: Do it!

Ike: Yeah, the thing about Japanese is that they’re so long! The only one that I know is like “nama mugi, nama gome, nama tamago.”

Shu: Ok. Ok ok! Ok Ike! 

Audience: Betty Botter!

Mysta: Uh-

Ike: Mysta? Come on.

Luca: Why are they yelling it?

Jezebel: No pressure or anything guys.

Mysta: I’m trying to find it, but it’s like the “Betty bottle of bottom mother…”

Vox: Ok wait I know I can do this one, hold on, hold on, “Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said the butter’s bitter,” fuck, “but a bit of better butter will make my batter better.” Damn it, damn it, it’s a different one. 

Mysta: Uh.

Vox: Baba Booey.

Mysta: [tries again] FUCK. Sorry. Fudge, fudge, fudge. I didn’t swear, I didn’t swear.

Vox: Ok, I’ll do one more [attempts tongue twister successfully]

Luca: Why so long? 

Shu: Anyone topping that? Anyone topping that?

Ike: Eminem has been real quiet ever since Vox debuted.

Luca: I can’t even describe it. “Betty Botter bought some butter.”

Mysta: Oh wait, what’s that one? She sells uh…

Luca: She sells by the seashore.

Shu: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Luca: That’s enough guys, that’s enough.

Jezebel: That’s funny.

Shu: One of the Japanese ones: “kaeru pyoko pyoko mi pyoko pyoko awasete pyoko pyoko mu pyoko pyoko.”

Luxiem: Woah, sheesh!

Jezebel: What do you think everyone? Think you’re good?

Ike: Let’s go!

Shu: We can get the crowd to decide who did the best, right?

Jezebel: Yeah, let’s do that!

Luca: I was just selling seashells.

Ike: Oh my-

Mysta: I did terribly.

Jezebel: Who wants to go first for who we cheer for? Are we going to pick a willing victim?

Ike: I guess I can step forward. Okay, just how did I do? 

Audience: [cheering]

Jezebel: Who thinks Mysta did the best? Oh sorry, Ike. 

Audience and Vox: [cheering]

Jezebel: Thank you Vox

Vox: You’re welcome. 

Mysta: I mean, I don’t even want to know how well I did.

Ike: How did Mysta do?

Audience: [cheering]

Mysta: You’re a bunch of liars! You’re all liars! You’re gaslighting me! Don’t even! Don’t even!

Shu: Who thinks I did better?

Audience: [cheering]

Shu: Wait, how am I even almost equal to Mysta?

Ike: You sound surprisingly upset about this. Well, how did Luca do?

Audience: [cheering]

Luca: Wooo yeah!

Ike: And lastly, how did Milord do? 

Audience: [loudest cheering]

Ike: I think we have a winner.

Vox: Aw you’re too kind.

Jezebel: The audience volume fry [from the mics] is indication enough.

Ike: The more fry there is the better we did. 

Vox: You have to wait until the mic breaks completely and then as soon as someone needs to replace the mic, we have a winner. 

Shu: Wait Mysta-

Mysta: I really wish I had light sticks. Oh wait, don’t even remind me.

Shu: Mysta, your webcam mic. Good thing your webcam mic is not the thing we’re using today. It would be like *muffled webcam mic noises*.

Ike: The hills are alive with the sound of *muffled webcam mic noises*

How are you feeling right now considering you’re at AnimeFest, doing a panel with a live audience, and getting the live feedback?

Audience watching Luxiem members on projected screen taken from back of room.

Ike: I’m overjoyed.

Shu: Yeah.

Luca: Me too.

Mysta: It’s very surreal.

Shu: Actual live interaction: real.

Luca: Real!

Vox: Real!

Ike: Like an actual zatsudan.

Mysta: Yeah I mean you stare at-

Shu: Luca, My Little Pony! [he saw a cosplayer in the audience]

Ike: Wait. What? Luca, who’s your my little pony oshi?

Luca: I just know the rainbow dashy one. 

Ike: Dashy?! Did you just say “rainbow dashy?”

Luca: I don’t know! 

Mysta: No, no, no, no no no.

Ike: Aww he has a pet name for his oshi.

Shu: Being able to see all y’all like actually live and like being able to interact like it’s very different from streaming. 

Mysta: Yeah!

Vox: Mhm.

Shu: Because like oh I can see you! I see y’all, I see y’all, I see y’all.

Mysta: It’s so different from like your chat because you know, after streaming for long hours you kind of just see it as like you know, the words on the screen, but now we can see like the people behind the words, it’s so much more real. 

Luca: They can yell at you.

Mysta: Yeah, they can yell.

Ike: Oh my god. Can you imagine this crowd backseating us? 

Luca: Ikey Wikey.

Ike: Ikey Wikey kawaii.

Audience: Ikey Wikey Kawaii!

Shu: I love those fans. [he saw fans holding uchiwa in the audience]

Ike: If I can remember I think that chant came from I think just me oversleeping.

[Lights in the panel room darkened.]

Mysta: “Black Out!”

Ike: I’ll cast a spell, can’t delete me, black out.”

Vox: *movie announcer voice* Please turn off your phones and get ready for the show to start. Nevermind, nothing’s happening. *train conductor voice* Catch the train at the platform edge.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you’ve joined Luxiem?

Shu: The biggest change?

Luca: Biggest change?

Mysta: Uh, I talk to people now! *laughs* That is part of the job.

Shu: Yeah, now we’re talking to people over the audience?

Mysta: Yeah.

Ike: That is a difficult one.

Mysta: Yeah, it’s almost like I’m actually talking to someone in real life. 

Ike: What do you mean almost?

Luca: Almost?

Mysta: I mean, I’m not, like, you know, I can’t like touch them!

Ike: So the off collab meant nothing?!

Luca: You touched me!

Mysta: No, I don’t mean you guys!

Shu: Wait woah, you touched Mysta? You touched Mysta?

Mysta: Yeah, he did!

Luca: Woah. Wait what are you talking about?

Shu: Woah, woah, touching people real?

Mysta: You gotta stop saying stuff like this. You said this in the Dead by Daylight collab too. 

Luca: What? Like what do you mean?

Mysta: You were talking about my nakedness [in the Dead by Daylight collab]. Yeah you saw me. Like what do you mean? One of you took out the cake and was like “woah you saw me.”

Luca: Like what do you mean? I didn’t mean it like that. What are you talking about dude.

Ike: What happened during this collab?

Vox: Listen no matter how weird or sus we might get, I’m the one who shared a bed with Luca. 

Shu: And the crowd goes wild for that!

Mysta: Can I say something? Listen, you and Luca. I didn’t get to see ‘cuz you guys closed the door! So I didn’t get to see.

Shu: Whoaaaaaa.

Vox: I’m gonna be honest. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but it was literally to the point where I imagine what happened was Luca just woke up in the middle of the night after having already gone to sleep, turned over, saw me there because there were no other beds available. Saw me and I just went back to sleep. 

Mysta: Did you guys sleep, like, head-to-toe? Or did you mostly go head-to-head?

Luca: We both slept head-to-head.

Vox: We both, we both. We both used the pillow. You know, you like, yeah. 

Luca: Stinky.

Mysta: Stinky?! 

Vox: Stinky!

Shu: Who’s stinky? Who’s stinky?

[Attendee in audience showed fanart up to the camera.]

Ike: There’s ears, so I think it’s Mysta.

Mysta: Vox.

Vox: There’s a Shu in the corner.

Shu: Yeah, but that’s Mysta right?

Luca: Yes it is.

Mysta: Wait, why am I stinky?! WHAT.

Vox: You’re a smelly boy!!!! *fake sneeze*

Ike: You smell.

Audience: [cheering]

Mysta: We got one! We got one!

Shu: We got one.

Vox: I’ve never been so happy to smell in my life.

Ike: For me, I developed a hatred for pigeons; that’s new to me.

Mysta: Pigeons?

Ike: Well yeah, in the off collab. Oh my god, UK pigeons are so loud! 

Luca: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Vox: *cooh cooh cooh*

Ike: Ok, Luca, you were on a different floor. That’s why you never heard them.

Shu: Wait, you smell?

Vox: When Luca woke up it was like [sings Peer Gynt – Suite No. 1, Op. 46 – I. Morning Mood]. Meanwhile, at 5 AM Ike is woken up with *loud pigeon cooing.*

Ike:  That’s not even an over exaggeration. That’s been exactly how it sounded.

Vox: Procreating. New birds were being born outside of his window.

Ike: I went to punch the window several times to chase them away and they just kept coming back. 

Luca: They kept coming back.

Mysta: That’s so mean. They’re just living life. 

Ike: Yeah and I’m trying to live mine!

Vox: Yeah he’s livin’ his life too and he can’t sleep!

Shu: Wait, I hear a fair share of birds when I wake up. Like they’re just chirpin’. It doesn’t really mind me. Where you live, are there just not birds that are loud?

Mysta: Ike was in the bad end, to be fair.

Ike: To be fair, I was below ground level, which makes it even weirder because like my window was underneath a metal staircase or something and that’s where they decided to just go at it. Like I don’t know if they were fighting or something else that I can’t mention on here, but they were loud! 

Vox: What? Uh huh. *starts groaning*

Mysta: Alright.

Shu: Oh my gosh.

Luca: Wait, what was the question?

Jezebel: The question was, “What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you joined Luxiem?”

Shu: Oh, we went on a tangent there. 

Ike: Yeah.

Vox: A little bit.

Shu: The biggest change? Well, being able to see people at a convention and you’re on the panel side, and not the audience. 

Mysta: Yeah.

Ike: Being on the other side of this is weird.

Shu: Yeah. 

Mysta: It’s weird seeing myself in the audience. Look at the hats, I see the hats!

Vox: [imitating Mr. Krabs voice] Hey aye Spongebob me boy kill those pigeons for me? 

Shu: Yeah seeing cosplays of yourself is so interesting. Like, you’re seeing y’all in the seats and being like “oh wait that’s me.”

Mysta: Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Ike: Wait, Luca, did you ever answer what is a change? I don’t think you did. 

Luca: Yeah, well, obviously it’s just been the biggest change is how big we’ve gotten and how many fans actually support us. It’s very surreal. I love you all. Yeah. But thank you. Thank you everyone! 

Ike: Awwww and that’s a big scary mafia boss.

Shu: Woah mean, mean, rude. Yeah, the crazy part is that I know this room is pretty big, but we get more viewers like during our streams, right?

Mysta: Yeah.

Ike: Wow, flex on us, why don’t you?

Shu: No, like, there’s this whole crowd, but like we have even been bigger online crowds, if you think about it?

Mysta: Yeah, like, imagine sitting everyone in the room that watches us.

Luca: Yeah. When you put it like that…

Vox: Do me a favor, guys. I mean, all of us have at one point, had more than 10,000 viewers.  Go ahead and Google 10,000 to capacity stadium and look at how big that is. And you’ll realize how real everything is becoming. It’s pretty ridiculous. 

Shu: Real. 

Luca: Yeah.

[The rightside projector turns off and audience starts screaming.

Mysta: What just happened? 

Vox: Whoa, I don’t know what I did. [Vox groans]

Ike: Stop that.

Speaking of making sounds, let’s hear your best yeehaw everyone.

Luca: Wait, what?

Vox: Your best what?

Jezebel: “Yeehaw.”

Luxiem: [multiple yeehaws]

Vox: I mean, somewhere in the world there is a yeehaw.

Mysta: Howdy pardner, yeehaw!

Shu: Is that your attempt at an American accent?

Mysta: Yeah I can’t do one.

Ike: I shouldn’t be laughing. I cannot do any sort of accent other than what I already have. 

Jezebel: This one might be a little bit troubling because the next question is about Australian accents. 

Ike, Mysta, Shu: Oh no.

Vox: Aye cor blimey mate. If you think of an Australian accent, we might have to say some words we’re not allowed to say on live television. So, you know, there might be a little bit of trouble. We’ll do our best, I’m sure. 

Luca: Haha, what?

Shu: Yeehaw. 

Mysta: What? Do Australians say yeehaw? 

Shu: No, I just didn’t drop one. 

Mysta: What do Australians say?

Shu: “Pog.”

Vox: G’day mate. Put some shrimp on the barbie.

[Right side projector is still down.]

Shu: Oh, the projector exploded.

Ike: Wow.

Vox: Oh my goodness, what?

Luca: What?

Jezebel: Y’all were so loud, you exploded the projector guys!

Shu: Pog.

Mysta: What? 

Ike: Pog!

Mysta: How does that even work?

Jezebel: I know you’re excited. Keep breaking the equipment! Do it.

Mysta: Wait, what?

Vox: Show us what you’re made of!

Shu: Sorry I can’t Shupport right now, no Shupport right now.

Jezebel: They actually broke the projector. They could see on the other screen, but one of them is dead.

Ike:  That’s kind of amazing. I’ve heard of people like breaking glasses with their voices, but AnimeFest just broke a projector.

Shu: Wait, with our voices?

Jezebel: Yeah, they were all screaming!

Luca: Oh…

Shu: Oh my god.

Jezebel: This is the power of Luxiem.

Mysta: Is the Shupport here?

Luca: Break the other one!

Shu: Go Shupport team!

Mysta: Go Shupport team! Go Shupport team!

Shu: Yeah, go out there and um yeah yeah…

Vox: Yeah yeah. Fantastic.

Mysta: Do Australians say “crikey?”

Jezebel: No they don’t.

Vox: Crikey mate. Listen, listen, Mysta, they do say crikey. I’m gonna give you a setup alright. You know what I’m about to say? So when I say this, you’re gonna follow up, ok? “Are you really Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter?”

Ike: What?

Luca: What?

Mysta: What?

Vox: You don’t know that? Oh no!

Luca: How do you not know that?

Mysta: I know what you’re talking about, but I don’t remember. 

Vox: Don’t finish it just say, just say the line, come on.

Mysta: Oh. “Crikey, sure am.”

Vox: Yeahhh! There we go.

Ike: I’ve never heard of that before.

Mysta: Is it because we’re missing out on some very yabai stuff from there?

Shu: Yay, we’re back!

Mysta: Right side? 

Ike: [singing KING – Kanaria ft. Gumi] Left side, right side…

Jezebel: We got a yeehaw from everyone and we got a bit sidetracked. 

Luxiem: [all yeehaw again]

Jezebel: I love the impressions, but what about the rest? Can you say “yeah, nah?”

Luca: Yeah, nah.

Ike: Yeah, nah?

Shu: Yeah, nah?

Luca: Listen, you gotta.

Mysta: Yeah naur? 

Shu: Yeah, nah.

Ike: You havin’ a swing there? Go on scuff up, mate.

Mysta: Okay.

Ike: That’s my best attempt.

Shu: [imitating Australian accent] We are out in your wild habitat. We are looking at a wild Luxiem out in the wild.

Mysta:  I don’t know about that one. 

Vox: There was certainly an attempt. I did enjoy it, but I don’t know how accurate it was.

Shu: [still in Australian accent] Ike Eveland, Mysta Rias, Vox Akuma, Luca Kaneshiro.

Ike: In the middle of the bushes… you see wild eeeyyyy.

Shu: Ey I’m walking away eyyy.

Luca: Is that a New York accent?

Shu: New York? [imitating New York accent] Eyyyy, I’m walking over here. Where’s my pizza?

Vox: I cook a da pizza. It’s driving me crazy. [seeing a baby in the audience] It’s DaBaby!

Mysta: Now I really can’t swear.

Jezebel: I’m just making some changes on the projector, but you know, it’s the typical vtuber scuff. So don’t worry about it too much. You’ll see some settings, but don’t worry. You see nothing.

Mysta: Let’s go vtuber scuff!

Shu: My immersion.

So guys, have you visited Texas before?

Ike: I have not.

Shu: Texas. I have once, but it was only for a transfer flight. I went there- Oh, baba booey-

Vox: Baba Booey [in GoXLR].

Shu: -but yeah, all I remember was it being really hot. 

Mysta: Yeah, I heard America’s hot.

What was your first thought when you guys realized the convention was gonna be in Texas?

Jezebel: Unless it was just gonna be hot, which is fair enough. 

Luca: Oh yeah, I feel very jealous.

Shu: How cold is it in Australia right now?

Luca: Barbecue ribs and all that stuff. I’m jealous.

Ike: I just thought to myself ‘man I don’t even have a cowboy hat. What am I gonna do?’

Luca: I have one kind of. [Luca puts on his model’s hat] Ok, let me take that off really quick.

Ike: Now where’s your steed? 

Luca: My steed?

Ike: Is that Augustus?

Shu: There’s a cowboy hat.

Mysta: I can put sunglasses on for the heat. [Mysta puts on his model’s glasses]

Shu: Eyyyy.

Luca: Oh my god you can. I forgot. What.

Mysta: Yeah, yeah. I never wear them.

Ike: I mean, with this weather you might as well. [Ike takes off his model’s mantle]

Audience: [cheerful explosion]

Shu: I think you’re cheering for the projector working, right? Let’s go!

Audience: TSKR!

Vox: I’d probably admit to.

Shu: Feel the heat.

Ike: Oh yeah, because of the flames [behind Shu].

Vox: Eyyy I’m walkin’ here! What’s the deal big guy? Bada bing bada boom eyyy.

Shu: I hope y’all are hydrated!

Mysta: Stay hydrated please!

Luca: Is it actually hot over there?

Audience: Yes!

Cosplay and Lolita

Mysta: It must be really hot. Some of you guys have really complex cosplays, so please make sure you’re staying hydrated. 

Ike: I have so much respect for cosplay. It’s such an undertaking. Shout out to everybody who decided to dress up!

Mysta: I mean, you and me, Ike, I think we both like cosplaying right? 

Ike: Yeah, we do. 

Mysta: I think you sent me some before. 

Ike: Oh, are you talking about the lolita outfit? 

Mysta: Yeah.

Shu: Eyo?

Mysta: Yeah, yeah.

Shu: Thanks for the invite?

Ike: We’ll get you a dress too.

Luca: I never saw this, what the hell?

Ike: Wait, you haven’t seen it?

Luca: No.

Shu: I’ve heard you talk about it. Yeah, I’ve only heard you talk about it.

Ike: What? Ok, hold on.

Shu: Ohhh.

Mysta: Are you really gonna send it?

Shu: My DMs are open!

Mysta: Alright.

Ike: No, that’s not the one.

Shu: Wait, you have multiple?

Jezebel: While you are looking for a maid outfit…

left side of panel room audience.

If you could make an appearance in any anime, what would you choose?

Jezebel: Maid outfit or otherwise.

Ike: An appearance in an anime? Or?

Jezebel: Yeah, like it could be a cameo or y’know. Imagine if there was a Luxiem anime!

Mysta: Keijo.

Vox: Mysta-

Luca: Keijo.

Mysta: Yeah I’d love to be in Keijo, sure. I can participate you know!

Luca: With what?

Mysta: What do you mean with what? With my ass!

Luca: Oh, I can see it now.

Mysta : What, woah, ok.

Shu: I might want to show up in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Luca: That’s actually pretty cool.

Shu: That’s canon, y’know. Actually show up and actually use sorcery. Intended design, y’know!

Luca: Make him the next main villain!

Shu: Villain?!

Luca: What, you don’t wanna be a villain?

Shu: No, I’m gonna die to Gojo, he’s too OP.

Ike: For me, I guess it’d only be appropriate that I showed up in something like Bungou Stray Dogs.

Mysta : I didn’t think about that.

Shu: Ooh that would be- I don’t even know what most of the anime is about, but I think you’ll fit in!

Mysta: You didn’t watch it?

Shu: No I haven’t. Only one episode I think.

Ike: Unbased.

Shu: Sorry. But yeah as the resident Bungou

Ike: The resident Bungou?

Shu: Yeah that’s what you are, literally.

Ike: I know, I know! When you add “resident” in front of something, it just becomes funny. I don’t know why.

Mysta: Resident sleeper.

Ike: Yeah exactly, resident sleeper. Oh Shu, Shu, Shu, I found it!

Shu: Ah oh oh-

Ike: Ok.

Shu: *screams* Wait, you deleted that too quick!

Ike: What do you mean “too quick?!”

Mysta: They can’t see it. Everyone’s going to get jealous!

Jezebel: Yeah, the audience is gonna be jealous.

Shu: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Mysta: Actually, I kind of wish – this is going to sound so cringe – but I wish I could be like, you know, in a romance comedy. Maybe because I read so many of them but I don’t know. I think it’d be fun. 

Ike: It’s okay Mysta. I feel like-

Audience: No maidens!

Mysta: I just want maidens. Yeah, okay, okay, whatever. Whatever dude.

Ike: I don’t even care if I get any maidens if I’m in a romance anime. I just want to see love up close, it’s so precious. 

Mysta: Please, give me love, please.

Ike: There’s plenty around here, Mysta.

Luca: Don’t worry Mysta, we love you.

Mysta: Aww, thanks man.

Luca: For me though, I think a fantasy anime would be very, just me waving a big sword, would be pretty cool.

Mysta: I can imagine you in Konosuba. I can imagine you as a character.

Luca: Please put me in there! Please, please.

Shu: You know, your name will be “Pog.”

Mysta: What is this though? What is that? Oh, why are we getting bullied? 

Ike: Sir Pog a Lot of the Lux.

Shu: Of the Lux.

Mysta: What about you, Vox? AMONG US I SEE!

Vox: Among Us, Among Us! [Vox plays The Rock eyebrow raise sound from his GoXLR]

Mysta: I saw the Among Us!

Shu: Sorry, there was an Among Us out there [outside in the hallway]!

Vox: I mean, I definitely think for me. I don’t know. I feel like if Fullmetal Alchemist had an eighth Homunculus, it’d probably be me.

Mysta: Oh yeah?

Vox: I dunno. I just feel like I fit the theme, y’know. He’s kind of strong and in some dark alleyway and be like, “hey, hey, do you want to be immortal?”

Luca: Which one would you be?

Vox: Which one would I be? I mean, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to say. Hmm. I feel, I don’t know. Hmm. Probably- hnmmm. I like Greed. I think he’s hot.

[Audience member holds up an “I heart Lucy” sign.]

Mysta: I heart Lucy. 

Ike: Lucy? It’s a shame Lucy couldn’t be here.

Shu: She’s here! [seeing Lucy cosplayer]

Ike: Incredible.

Mysta: I didn’t see her get in.

Ike: Wherever Luca goes, Lucy is sure to follow.

Mysta: Ok, ok.

Luca: Oh wait, there’s Lucy, c’mon guys!

Shu: Lucy cosplay?

Luca: Aw, so cute!

Jezebel: I noticed none of you picked apocalyptic type series…

What if there was a zombie apocalypse? And you had to pair up with someone, who would you pick and why? And do you think you’d survive? 

Ike: Shu.

Jezebel: There was no hesitation there.

Vox: I pick Mysta, it would be funny!

Mysta: What’s so funny? We’d both die!

Vox: Yeah, but it would be funny.

Ike: Run foxy boy, run.

Shu: Who would be cooking though?

Luca: Listen, if you want to survive, you’ve gotta go with me.

Mysta: No, because only you would survive. You’re like the main character- there’s no cooking.

Ike: I’m pretty sure he would survive on accident.

Mysta: Yeah, exactly. I’d die and you would survive. [saw something in audience] Aw, oh thank you. I love my Mystakes, mwah!

Shu: Yayyy. Wait, so we had to pair up?

Jezebel: Yes, pick someone in Luxiem. Then how well do you think you’d survive?

Shu: I feel like all 5 of us would somehow just survive though.

Ike: You have a lot of faith in us.

Mysta: You really have a lot of faith in me. I dunno about that one. 

Shu: I mean, you survived after that cooking video, so I’m sure you’ll survive okay. 

Vox: Ooh too soon.

Mysta’s Questionable Chicken

Ike: That’s funny. Also Mysta, that cooking video. That chicken was remarkably pink. Are you ok?

Mysta: What? Yeah, it tasted fine.

Luca: Surprised you didn’t die.

Vox: It didn’t look fine.

Shu: No, you’re infection-proof. No salmonella.

Ike: It was like salmonella and rice.

Mysta: Salmon?

Ike: Salmonella.

Luca: Guys, did you know salmonella is not a cheese?

Mysta: Is that like salmon and butter?

Audience: Nooo!

Ike: I’m not having this conversation with you.

Shu: It’s not a cheese.

Mysta: Salmon and nutella? Wait, why do you look so? Why why why? Oh no, is this what Mystakes are like every single day?

Audience: Yes!

Ike: Yes every single day.

Shu: POV you’re Ike.

Ike: I hate it here.

Vox: There’s a lot of people in maid outfits.

Mysta: Oh, hell yeah!

Ike: I think we’re still on the zombie apocalypse. I feel like all of us have minimal chances of surviving, bar Luca.

I guess then would it be different than being stranded on an island? So, no abilities. Someone has to be a leader, and you guys have all 5 of you. Do you think you’ll think you’ll get off the island or at least survive on it? 

Shu: Is that a potato [in the audience]?

Jezebel: That is a potato. 

Luca: Why do you have a potato? I mean the island is pretty habitable? So, I think we can. 

Mysta: I guess it depends on the island, right? 

Jezebel: Not the forest then.

Ike: It depends on the island itself. If it’s very rich in greenery then there might be a shot. If we’re stranded on a pile of sand with some rum hidden underground, then no. 

Mysta: If it’s like Minecraft Skyblock but IRL then I don’t think we’d survive. 

Shu: Skyblock irl.

Mysta: I dunno.

Ike: Who would take the lead though in calling the shots? Personally, I would nominate Mysta.

Mysta: What? Why me? What do you mean?

Ike: Think about it. There’s been several times where you have dragged us all together and organized really incredible things! Like the game shows and whatnot. You have the potential to lead, dude. 

Vox: Yeah.

Luca: Yeah. Just tell us what to do. Like, “Oh you go find coconuts. You make a bed. Make fire, Vox.”

Shu: Yeah, set the spawn point.

Vox: Me make fire. Me make bed.

Shu: Oh, I can make the fire for you already! [referring to his model’s fire]

Ike: Yeah, but there’s no value to that.

Vox: I’d be the camp chef. I would make delicious meals.

Mysta: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh Ike, we could kind of transform this question. What would everyone’s role be? So Vox would be the chef right?

Vox: [imitating Italian accent] I cook a da pizza.

Mysta: I could kind of imagine Shu as being a good organizer. 

Luca: I feel like Shu would make that water filter work. 

Mysta: Oh, yeah. Yeah!

Vox:  I’m imagining a scene, like sort of from a film, where we all have been doing our jobs around camp and then we go to the shore of the island and Shu was just building a raft. We’re like, “Shu! How’s the raft going?” He’d say, “Yeah, it’s almost done!” And he tried to let it go to see how it works and the entire thing falls apart and he’d say “Oh!” and he just kind of laughs and then moves on.

Ike: I volunteer to be the resident fisher.

Luca: Fisher?

Ike: Yeah, a fisher.  

Vox: Fisherman Ike, I love that. 

Ike: Yeah, I reached max level of fishing in NieR Replicant and that was not easy. Leave it to me!

Shu: Are you the real deal? 

Luca: Is that [the max level] hard to get?

Ike: I mean, if you know anything about the fishing mechanics in that game, then yes.

Luca: I’ve never played it.

Ike: I recommend it, if you want to suffer.

Mysta: If you want to hook it, it’s scary.

Luca: But how is it?

Mysta: Because you have to get those little like disgusting worms and they’re like wiggly, like ugh. I don’t know, it’s kinda scary innit?

Audience: Innit?

Luca: It’s just a worm, y’know. It’s not gonna do anything

Mysta: You’d have to touch it. 

Shu: You’re stranded on the island. What’s scarier: you being stranded or touching worms?

Ike: You can’t be picky when you’re on an island, Mysta. You can’t just turn to nature and be like, “uh excuse me, is there gluten in this?”

Shu: I just imagine Luca, just like, running on water, and just finding land.

Ike: On water?

Mysta: On water.

Luca: Just run. Just go to a different island.

Shu: We found it, we found it! Civilization we go! And we’ll just go. 

Ike: So, the roles. We currently have a fisherman, leader, chef, handyman, and Christ.

Shu: Exactly.

Vox: I mean, what is more important than something to believe in? 

Ike: I believe in Luca.

Jezebel: I’m just gonna say, someone who could turn water into wine sounds good.

Ike: Hey yo! 

Vox: Hey, we might all die from dehydration, but at least we’ll be having a good time. 

Mysta: Wait, wine? Is wine not hydrating?

Vox: Nooo.

Mysta: Alcohol has water in it?

Vox: No. Alcohol actively dehydrates you. Did you not know this?

Luca: Makes you pee.

Mysta: I dunno.

Ike: That’s why were believing in Luca.

Luca: Makes you pee. No more water. Pog.

Vox: It’s actually true. Makes you pee. No more water. I mean, once you pee, the water is gone and then you have to find more water. Life is just a cycle.

Shu: Oh, what if you filter it? 

Mysta: Filter your pee?

Vox: And drink it? Ok, we’re gonna get gross?

Ike: [sighs once]

Mysta: I don’t like this conversation guys.

Jezebel: I feel like we should choose a different topic for the island survival thing.

Vox: No! For the island survival thing, I don’t know whose law it is, but there is an amount of sentences in a conversation about an island scenario that gets you gradually closer to mentioning drinking your own piss and it’s not my fault. It’s just science, okay?

Shu: Survival.

Jezebel: Maybe a safer question for the next one, please.

If you were to re-record “Hope in the Dark” whose lines would you like to steal and sing instead?

Ike: I would like anything other than “you are tempted by my smell.”

Vox: I’ll take it! I love it. I’ll take it!

Luca: We’ll take that!

Mysta: Can we all take the “you are tempted by my smell,” but we do each word like one by one?

Shu: So one of us would be like “like” and someone would says “a” and then…

Luca: “bee”

Ike: Wait, we can actually do that if we all just recorded that line and I’ll just splice everything together, so every syllable is a different person.

Shu: Imagine, imagine.

Ike: Let’s see, what would I want? I think I would want the “lonely lady, shall be dance.” I really like that. 

Mysta: [singing] “through the night, party time”

Vox: Get’em Mysta!

Shu: You know what line I haven’t done? 

Vox: “Party time!”

Ike: Yeah, Shu?

Shu: I want to steal one of your “*growl* gonna be the hope in the dark” one day. Yeah. I wanna steal one of those.

Ike: Yeah, by all means. You got the growl for it. 

Vox: I agree. If I could have anything it would be one of Ike’s “HRRNHGHS” The growls in Hope in the Dark were an evil harbinger for the amount of times he would go “beaannnsss.”

Ike: Beeeanns.

Vox: Very good. Very, very nice.

Luca: I think, the one I’d go with Mysta’s line “dou shiyou mo naku boku no soba ni itai?

Shu: Ooh yeah, yeah.

Luca: Very pog, very fun line. How about you, Mysta?

Mysta: Yeah, I think I’ll go with Ike’s bee line. It’s iconic.

Shu: “You are tempted.”

Mysta: Ike-onic.

Shu: Eyyy.

Ike: You smell.

Shu: I’ll bee here all week.

Vox: [plays The Rock eyebrow raise sound from GoXLR again]

Jezebel: Looks like we have time for one more question.

right side left side of panel room audience.

What moment made you laugh hardest during a stream or Luxiem collab?

Shu: Oh for me-

Vox: Ike, Ike, will you be my ass?

Ike: That was offstream though.

Shu: Okay. I think mine has to be…Luca, when we played Super Bunny Man. 

Luca: That made me laugh a lot too!

Shu: That stream was so funny. Like, the way you were lagging so hard that you became literally Monkey D. Luffy but Bunny Man!

Luca: It was such a fun stream.

Ike: I think I know. I think the hardest, at least that I remember as the hardest, I’ve laughed on stream, was when me and Shu were doing the lyric writing for the anime opening and I turned the melody into wigglecore and it started going *slide whistle wiggle noises.* I was dying pretty hard at that!

Luca: Mine had to be when we were playing Prop Night and Vox just comes in and tries to kill us. Like Ike rolled past him and he goes blind and starts running into the wall.

Vox: I was so mad. Obviously, I don’t know why my assumption was that I have to get hit by the blinding! ‘Oh, he must have run out the door and ran away’ and you just stayed there on the back of me, just walking right past.

Mysta: That was a fun thriller.

Luca: Oh my god! That’s great!

Ike: What about you, Mysta?

Mysta: I think mine was one that happened recently. Like, I laughed harder because I don’t normally laugh quite hard, but was playing Ao Oni. There’s this one scene where there’s a jail with loads of different demons in it and one of them looked like xQc. I laughed so hard.

Vox: [imitating xQc]

Shu: Nooo! I can’t unsee that!

Mysta: Oh, you know what I’m talking about?

Ike: Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Shu: I can’t unsee that anymore. Oh my gosh, no.

Vox: Wait, I’m googling it: “ao oni xqc demon”

Ike: Vox, when we played that you thought that the oni was shaking the jail bars that it looked like a certain someone. 

Vox: Oh, I see it.

Ike: Maybe don’t say it, but- 

Vox: Yeah, for me, I think the hardest I’ve laughed on stream or, at least the happiest that I’ve been while laughing, was on one of my Sims streams. I was making the Sims for every single member of Nijisanji when we were only waves one through five. I was trying to remove the door so that I could keep every one of them trapped in one building. I had this just mental image of Fulgur trying to open the door and there being nothing on the other side. And if you guys have seen Monsters Inc., there’s a scene where they get trapped in the Himalayas and Sully opens the door and there’s nothing on the other side. It’s an empty door frame he’s slamming it saying, “No, no, no!” I just imagine Fulgur doing that inside that crowded apartment. I don’t know why that broke me more than anything else. It was still at a point where I was in a semi-rivalry with Fulgur, before I learned to love him. That really got me. I had a lot of fun just imagining him trying to escape.

Mysta: Awww. We love you too guys, muah muah.

Vox: We love you so much.

Jezebel: I feel like this will be a very interesting answer.

Would you rather have 5 Ikes or 5 year old Ike?

Mysta: 5 Ikes. There’s more Ikes to go around? Hell yeah.

Vox: Can you imagine? Like guys, guys, cast your minds back to December 2021. The Nijisanji EN Twitter account teases “all according to keikaku a new wave is coming.” And the debut trailer comes up. Luxiem: first character novelist “I didn’t sign up for this.” Second character: novelist “I didn’t sign up for this.”  Third character: novelist “I didn’t sign up for this.”  And all 5 of them are Ike Eveland. Not just a wave of 1 Ike, but a wave of all 5 Ikes and all 5 Ikes each have their debuts that is exactly the same. I would love it. 

Shu: “I smell” times 5.

Mysta : They harmonize with each other. 

Luca:  No, you smell. No, you smell.

Vox: [imitating Ike] You smell.

Ike: I think the world is worse off with just one of me, so I don’t think we need 5.

Vox: No. Nooooooo.

Shu: Nooo.

Mysta: We need 5 more.

Vox: I could do with at least 2 but I mean we can compromise.

Shu: I think we should compromise. Yes, yes.

Ike: Also, why me? Why me, why am I being singled out?

Jezebel: I don’t know. That’s simply what the question was.

Shu: [spotted uchiwa in audience] Ah “you smell no hito!” 

Ike: Noooo.

Shu: Oh my god. That’s definitely going to get popularized.

Ike: Thank you Nagao-senpai, for introducing me not as Ike Eveland, not as an EN member, but “you smell no hito.” 

Shu: That video’s my most viewed video on my channel.

Ike: Yeah, the “you smell” thing?

Shu: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “You smell.”

Ike: Smell times 5.

Ike: Oh my god, that’s a lot of smell.

Shu: It would pretty unanimous with the 5 Ikes.

[Attendee holds a can of Ike’s favorite flavor of Rockstar up to camera, opens and drinks it.]

Mysta: They have a Rockstar!

Vox: It’s a Rockstar! At long last.

Ike: EyYOOOOO! How dare you, how dare you mock me in my time of need!

Shu: Can opening? Oh my god???

Ike: Oh my god! I’m so saaaad.

Luca: You always have some. Why don’t you just have one right now?

Ike: Is it just me or can we not hear the audience anymore?

Vox: They have sadly faded into the background and we will hear in the coming days of their death.

Ike: I didn’t hear when they broke the microphone. 

Shu: Oh, imagine.

Vox: [sings Ave Maria – Franz Schubert]

What dish would you make for everyone else? And would you think they would eat it?

Ike: Well, caviar toast for Vox.

Mysta: I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy. That is horrible.

Vox: If you give caviar toast to me I’m gonna smack it out of your hand. I will smack it out of your hand, put on a funny Italian accent, and be like “you better bring this to me on the day of my daughter’s wedding and then I will [makes throwing sound]”

Ike: Anyway. I don’t know really. I just feel like I would make Swedish meatballs for everybody. 

Vox: I like that idea, sign me up.

Mysta: Yeah, yeah. I kind of feel like I have to make rice for you guys. 

Audience: Nooo!

Luca: Rice?

Mysta: It has to be done y’know. Well actually, I made rice for you, Vox. Oh yeah, Luca, you ate it too.

Vox: Yeah, yeah, Mysta, you did make rice for me and it was really wet. It was not good. 

Mysta: That’s good rice! Rice is supposed to be wet.

Vox: It’s not good, Mysta! You made some gross rice.

Luca: No, no, no. It’s not supposed to be wet, Mysta.

Mysta: What, it’s supposed to be dry?

Luca: Yes, it’s supposed to be dry.

Vox: Those of you in the audience, what does Uncle Roger say? “If your rice is dry, you f***’d up. If your rice is wet, you definitely f***’d up.”

Ike: Nice save there.

Mysta: He might say that.

Vox: I was really close [to cursing].

Jezebel: You caught yourself; you did well. It looks like they [audience] can hear us again now.

Vox: Yeahhhhhh.

Luca: Wait, so Mysta, you eat your rice wet? Do you eat your rice wet?

Mysta: Yeah, why? Of course I do. 

Luca: ‘Til now, you still do that?

Mysta: I mean, like, if I use the rice cooker now, it doesn’t really go as wet as I want it to; it goes more dry. 

Ike: Why would you want it more…

Luca: Well yeah…

Mysta: If it’s wet you can get it in your mouth easier. 

Audience: [screaming in horror]

Mysta: Ok listen! I didn’t mean it like that.

Jezebel: This isnt that kind of panel.

Luca: Wet rice…

Vox: Mysta, as true as that is, it’s not necessarily good rice if it slips into you easier, ok? If the rice is old-

Ike: What is the phrasing here?!

Vox: [cackles] Listen, if it’s wet and gross, chances are it’s not good rice. You need the right amount of water and you need a lid! If you don’t have a rice cooker and you need to use the saucepan, you need a lid Mysta. At the very least some tin foil, come on!

Mysta: I tried using a lid recently. I tried and it like, started overflowing with bubbles and stuff. I dunno, I just took it off.

Vox: Did you- Mysta, Mysta, Mysta, stop. Stop. Did you- Mysta, Mysta, right. Look at me, look at me, look at me. Did you turn the heat back down when you put the lid on? 

Mysta: What? Turn it down for what?

Luca: What do you mean you turn it down?

Vox: TURN DOWN FOR WHAT [reference to the song]. No, but Mysta, ok Mysta, just take this to the future. When you cook rice, you put it on a high heat, to boil it. And when it is boiling, you put the lid on and reduce its heat to as low as it will go. You steam it ok?

Luca: Wait, what? What are you talking about?

Vox: You see, that’s ok. Yes you put the lid on until it steams, ok? It’s a lot easier if you use a rice cooker, but if you have a pot you need to do it on a high heat until it boils and then you put the lid on and you simmer. It’s not that hard. 

Shu: Luca-

Luca: I just put it in and put the water in-

Mysta: Oh no, we got into a battle.

Ike: Luca, what was that?

Luca: I put rice in the rice cooker, then water, then click one button. It’s done in 20 minutes.

Vox: See, this is the thing, guys, if you have a rice cooker-

Luca: What are you talking about boiling it and putting lids on?

Vox: I’m trying to help this poor man without a rice cooker make rice. He needs to eat. 

Ike: Shu, what would you make?

Shu: Well, now I want to make rice for Mysta.

Mysta: Oh yeah, please!

Shu: We’ll have a rice rice-off. We’ll all make him rice.

Ike: Rice-off? 

Shu: What if we all cooked rice for each other and we try to guess who’s rice is whose?

Mysta: That is a good idea. When we do a Luxiem off collab we have to!

Luca: There’s a rule, ok. It’s usually like one pinky finger.

Shu: Like the water amount?

Luca:  Yeah, the water amount.

Ike: Oh.

Luca: Yeah, you didn’t know about that?

Ike: I was really confused. Like, what are you gonna do with that? Are you gonna load in the rice with the pinky finger? That’s contagious.

Luca: It’s how much water you should put in.

Ike: Ok, guys, that makes sense.

Luca: Yeah. Plain old rice, nice.

Jezebel: Last question. I feel like it would be a good way to end your very, very loud panel and very happy audience.

On a scale of 1-10, how much (fun) have you gotten, you guys?

Audience: [applause]

Vox: I dont know, a solid seven? I’m loving this panel but I don’t know; I’m loving this panel, but it’s a little bit late. I’m kinda ready to go to bed. I’m just kind of feeling really good. I had a good day.

Jezebel: Did you enjoy your first panel?

Luca: Pog.

Shu: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Vox: Oh yes.

Mysta: 10/10.

Luca: Guys listen, it was very nice to see everyone. Thank you. Thanks to everyone who came!

Audience: We pog you!

Ike: Yeah, thank you!

Shu: Thank you. Oh shoot, let’s go! Yeah.

Mysta: Yeah, I think I’d rate this as a 10/10 experience. My heart has been like pounding out on my chest because it makes me very socially scared. But yeah, thank you for supporting us, truly.

Vox: Yeah, thank you guys!

Luca: Thank you. Yeah, we really appreciate it. 

[Photographer takes a group photo of audience with Luxiem behind them. Audience stands.]

Mysta: Wait, why am I standing??

Vox: And away they go.

Shu: Wow, look at all the cosplays you get to see!

Mysta: Oh yeahh.

Shu: Cool cosplays woooo!

Luxiem: Wooo! Sheeeeesh. Cheese!

[Photo taken.]

Shu: Yay.

Vox: Good job everyone!

Luca: Nice, nice, nice.

Mysta: Woo yeah.

Jezebel: Thank you Luxiem for coming to AnimeFest!

Ike: Thank you for having us!

Vox: Get your selfies in!

Ike: Get your selfies!

Mysta: Yeah, get your selfies in! I’ll pose for you guys! [Mysta winks]

Shu: Is that a sheesh pose?

Luca: Nice sunglasses buddy.

Audience: We love you!

Mysta: I’m not sure what you guys said, but I’m sure it was positive. Bye guys enjoy the rest of your con alright? Enjoy the con! Also, Ganyu cosplay, I like that!

Ike: That’s an adorable bag, I’ll tell Nina-senpai!


Photography: Stephano, Grimy
Transcription: Stephano, Noeru

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