Fluffy Tori Kawaii Fashion Show at A-Kon

Fluffy Tori is a kawaii and lolita fashion indie brand in Europe. They were one of the brands featured at A-Kon 2022’s fashion show.

Look 1 Marshmallow

The first model wore a colorful cropped jersey jacket with a printed short skirt. The model wore the Marshmallow Off-Shoulder Top & Skirt Set.

Model: team.charming

Look 2 Sweet to the Bone

Model two wore an off-shoulder chiffon dress featuring the brand’s “Sweet to the Bone” print. The print was inspired by Dia de los Muertos and features dancing skeletons.

Model: ?

Look 3 Fluffy Birds and Splashy Birds

Model three wore the kawaii Fluffy Birds Swimsuit Dress paired with their Splashy Birds Transparent Holo Tote Bag. The swimsuit is plus size friendly.

Model: meowitsmartha

Look 4 + 5 Sweet Chocolate Journey

The fourth and fifth model wore different colorways of the Sweet Chocolate Journey lolita print. This sweet lolita print features a room full of sweets on a gradient background inspired by Willy Wonka and Disney’s Sugar Rush.

Model: ?

Model: ruevirgoartist

Look 6 + 7 Princess Layer

The Princess Layer series features classic lolita pieces made of layers of beautiful lace. The pieces (Princess Layer Cutsew, Princess Layer Skirt, and Princess Layer Wrist Cuffs) can be layered in multiple ways to create a variety of looks.

Model: ?

Model: michanmiller

Brand owner Joelle aka Fluffy Kawaii Jo was also in attendance wearing the Sweet Chocolate Journey print.

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