GHOST GiRL GOODS Fashion Show at A-Kon

Bright, colorful, and full of spunk, GHOST GiRL GOODS was the first brand to walk the runway at A-Kon’s 2022 Japanese fashion show. Designer Alexia, aka the GHOST GiRL, brought 9 different looks to display on the runway. GHOST GiRL GOODS’s clothing and accessories mixes dance and kawaii culture into its designs.

To start things off, the MCs Hello Batty and Alexia showed off a surprise special model: a clothes hanger in the shape of Deku from My Hero Academia. He wore the GGG Simple Tees and GHOSTOWN PARADE Daytime Zip Tee also seen in look 4 below.


The first model wore the special collaboration HYPER GiRL T-shirt and HYPER GiRL Beanie made in collaboration with Harajuku punk streewear brand HYPERCORE. Read more about their collaboration on the GGG blog!

model wearing graphic t-shirt standing with hand on hip.
Model: levvyta

Look 2

The second model wore the vibrant multicolor GHOSTOWN PARADE PARTY TiME Big Collar Sweater featuring an allover ghost print. The sweater was paired with the matching GHOSTOWN PARADE PARTY TiME Thigh High Socks.

model wearing colorful jacket smiling with hands in pockets.
Model: the_mad_queen_

Look 3 & 4

The third and fourth look are a pair! They wore matching black and white sets featuring the GGG Simple Tees and GHOSTOWN PARADE Daytime/Nighttime Zip Tee (Interchangeable). An amazing feature of the outer piece is that it can be split down the middle zipper and interchanged!

two models wearing matching outfits crouching over.
Models: MELANCHOLIAAH!, odayakajigoku

Look 5

Fifth in line, the model wore a pastel fairy kei-like coordinate. This ensemble features many items from the Pompoji series including Pompoji’s Kawaii Magic Tee, Pompoji’s Bubblegum Ball Necklace, Pompoji’s Cotton Candy Skirt, and NEW GENERATION KAWAII Rosette – Pompoji. The rainbow tulle suspender skirt was incredibly cute.

model wearing pink shirt and tulle skirt holding suspenders on skirt.
Model: meltystrawby

Look 6

For the sixth look, the model wore a bold combination of a sheer mesh dress on top of big bold stripes. The under layer pieces were the GHOST GiRL Printed Tee and GHOST GiRL Printed Tights. The necklace was GHOST GiRL’s Sparkle Necklace.

model wearing blue mesh dress smiling and posing full body 2.
Model: giraffeyismee

Look 7

The seventh look was an all pink look consisting of three pieces. The shirt was their LOVERS Tee paired with Pompoji’s Cotton Candy Skirt as a bottom. Layered on top was their Mesh Dress.

model wearing pink t-shirt and mesh skirt posing.
model: larasuzannne

Look 8

The eight look was a comfy and casual piece. The main piece was their ともだち (tomodachi) Sweater Dress. It has a hood! The model also carried the cute Chibi GHOST GiRL Plushie.

model wearing hoodie dress posing on stage.
Model: ana.kirakira

Look 9

Lastly, the final model was designer Alexia herself! Her energy as she skipped around the stage was so upbeat. This outfit also featured the Mesh Dress on top of the Ice Cream Friends Tank Top in black and white. For accessories, she wore the GHOST GiRL’s Shadow Necklace and the HYPERCORE collaboration HYPER GiRL Beanie.

ghost girl goods designer posing on stage.
Model: Alexia/ghostgirlgoods

Ghost Girl Goods designer posing in front of models.


GHOST GiRL GOODS is an indie fashion brand based in Canada. The brand takes inspiration from Japanese street fashion and fuses it with hip hop and pop music influences. They also retail for and collaborated with Harajuku kawaii brands HYPER CORE, 6%dokidoki, and NUEZZZ.

Check out the GGG A-Kon report for more photos!

Stay tuned for more photos of the next brands in the show which include My Violet, Kittykaya Designs, Night Whisper, Baroque, and Angelic Pretty.

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