Baroque Lolita Fashion Show at A-Kon

Baroque is an indie lolita brand from Korea that A-Kon invited to participate in their 2022 Japanese fashion track. Baroque’s designer Mana Kim was also in attendance at the convention. They were once a company that produced antique dresses kissed by darkness, mixing muted tones with a classic style. Now, over a decade later, they have continued to dream up new visions, focusing on both dark, dramatic pieces and original prints. No longer limited to antique sensibilities, they offer a variety of styles.

For this runway, Baroque selected many classic lolita sets in neutral colors. They also debuted a few upcoming releases such as a sweet print and solid dress with luxurious lace. Rin Rin Doll from Japan was a featured model.

Look 1 Bisque Doll

The first model came out wearing Baroque’s Bisque Doll OP and matching bonnet. The OP features a heart neckline, short puff sleeves, and tea length skirt with a back bustle. This white version is the “Toile de jouy” colorway with a blue print.

Model: misspinkstazi

Look 2 Bisque Doll

The second model wore a solid version of the same dress as the first model. This black “noir” colorway of the Bisque Doll OP was made out what appears to be shantung. It also had the same heart neckline, short puff sleeves, and tea length skirt with a back bustle features.

Model: x_haro_x

Look 3 Baroque x Sakizo Collaboration Repose of Queen

For the third look, the model came out wearing one of Baroque’s collaboration prints with Japanese illustrator Sakizo. The print, titled “Repose of Queen,” was released in 2020 and features illustration of a bedroom of a queen. The model is wearing the OP cut and matching bonnet in ivory.

Model: krystalmoonrocks

Look 4 Venezia Masquerade

The fourth look debuted a new upcoming design. The print, to be named “Venizia Masquerade,” features Venitian architecture and arts in a watercolor-like style. The OP was accessorized with the tiered sleeve version of their Odette Bloom Blouse and long lace underskirt. Venizia Masquerade will be coming soon.

Model: ltracks

Look 5 Baroque x Seolkee Collaboration Creamy Sweets Cafe

Featured guest model RinRin Doll wore an OP and apron from another upcoming print series. This sweet dessert print, named “Creamy Sweets Cafe,” is a collaboration with Korean illustrator Seolkee. This style of sweet print was out of the norm for Baroque’s mostly classic prints; Baroque’s designer is always trying something new!

RinRin also modeled for Angelic Pretty later on in the fashion show.

lolita model Rin Rin Doll wearing pink dessert print apron dress walking towards audience.
Model: RinRin Doll

Look 6 Baroque x Seolkee Collaboration Creamy Sweets Cafe

This sixth model was also wearing the same Seolkee collaboration Creamy Sweets Cafe printed OP as Rin Rin, but in the white colorway. The model wore large lace wrist cuffs and maid style headband for accessories. The cute desserts stand out more on this colorway!

lolita model wearing white and pink dessert print dress posing with hand next to face and legs crossed.

Look 7 Rose Noir

The seventh model came out wearing the Rose Noir OP in the midi length and black colorway with the matching hat. The midi OP had the bustle down, but it can be raised up as well (see next look). The Rose Noir series is currently up for reservation.

lolita model wearing all black classic dress posing looking at audience.
Model: egl_eugenia

Look 8 Rose Noir

The eight model wore the long variation of the Rose Noir OP in dusty rose. The long OP had the bustle raised up and worn with the Rose Noir underskirt and Rose Noir hat. When worn with a large hoop skirt, the skirt swayed with a very dramatic poof.

lolita model wearing extravagant pink gown and hat posing with back towards audience.
Model: sirahcos/sirahmodeling

Look 9 Baroque x Sakizo Collaboration Secret Garden

The ninth look featured another collaboration print with Sakizo. The “Secret Garden” print, Baroque’s third Sakizo collaboration, illustrates a walk in a rose garden with plenty of florals, golden gate, and fountain. The model’s cut was the princess sleeve OP in pink and matching hat.

lolita model wearing cream princess lace dress and bonnet turning away.
Model: isa_tayani

Look 10 Sakura Saku

For the grand finale, the team dimmed the lights for this special dress. This luxurious over the top pink OP consisted of many different layers of lace with LED lights underneath for a sparkling appearance. Originally, this dress was a commission for one of their customers in Korea. The customer allowed Baroque to borrow it for the fashion show. Baroque opened reservations for only 3 more of these dresses which will ship out at the end of the year.

lolita model wearing lacy pink dress with LED lights in dark posing.

About Baroque

Baroque is a lolita fashion indie brand based in Korea. Started in 2003 by designer Mana Kim, they are one of the oldest Korean indie brands. They started out with mostly gothic and classic styles, but now offer a mixed variety of styles from dark and dramatic to original prints.

Baroque graced the runway as the sixth brand showcased in A-Kon’s J-fashion show. See the runway looks from the other brands:

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