Kittykaya Lolita Fashion Show at A-Kon

Kittykaya is an independent artist creating cute and comfy designs based on kawaii culture. Her designs feature her own original artwork and each design is custom-made for the customer. Five models wearing colorful designs represented Kittkaya at the A-Kon 2022 J-fashion show.

Look 1

The first model wore a pink and sax gradient JSK featuring a rabbit and celestial theme. The rabbits on the print jump around the moon, stars, and clouds. The model wore a matching headbow along with white accents throughout the blouse, wrist cuffs, and socks.

Kittykaya model wearing pink and blue dress with rabbit, clouds, moon, and stars theme print - full body 1.

Model: ?

Look 2

Model two wore an oversized graphic T-shirt paired with a gradient pink and purple lolita skirt. Both of the items had a space motif featuring planets, stars, spaceships, and a few other interstellar formations. This look was a great show of casual lolita.

Model: ?

Look 3

The third model wore a nautical print ensemble. the theme of the JSK featured parts of a ship such as anchors, compass, steering wheel, and a crew of sailors who happen to be a panda and duck. Paired with a sailor collar blouse, it really tied in the sailor lolita theme.

Kittykaya model 3 wearing blue sailor themed lolita dress with nautical animal theme - full body 2.

Model: ilikesparklydresses_

Look 4

The fourth model wore a pink and white sweet lolita coordinate.

Kittykaya model 4 wearing pink lolita dress with tea cup theme and polka dot fabric - full body 2.

Model: jrockqueen

Look 5

Kittykaya model 5 wearing mint green lolita dress with pink accents holding usakumya - full body 4.

Model: frilledcriminal

Kittykaya is creating custom bespoke print lolita dresses. The fabrics are lightweight and sizing is custom making each piece extremely comfortable! Though custom slots are limited, you can always check her shop for other original kawaii art merch such as acrylic charms and buttons.

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Kittykaya was the third featured brand at A-Kon’s Japanese street fashion show at the 2022 convention. See the runway looks from the other brands:

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