Final Fantasy XV Noctis, King of Fishing Cosplay

Previously, I posted a nighttime photoshoot of my Noctis cosplay. Here are some extra daytime photos as well!

“I am Noctis, Prince of Lucis and King of Fishing!”

One of the cutest traits of Noctis’s character is he’s a young guy with an old man hobby of fishing. If there’s a fishing mechanic in your video game, it automatically makes the game 50% better and Final Fantasy XV is no exception.

Oni-Con is located on the beach, so it was the perfect opportunity to bust out my fishing rod and take photos. The rock piers really reminded me of the Caem Shore fishing spot right next to Cape Caem in the game. I edited the colors of the photos to try and replicate some of Prompto’s filters!

Talk about backseat fishing.

Since the FFXV fishing experience is mostly staring at Noctis’s back, I posed that way. It was also incredibly sunny outside, so it saved me from having to squint into the sunlight.

Here are some extra selfies, too. The side of the Galveston Island Convention Center reminded me a little bit of the Altissian architecture.

Cosplay Credits

Noctis: Stephano (me)
Photos: Noeru, Stephano (me)
Editing: Stephano (me)


  • Wig: Airily Wigs wolf base wig in blueish gray color, cut and styled by me
  • Jacket: Roen x Final Fantasy XV Noctis Military Blouson
  • Shirt: Roen x Final Fantasy XV Noctis Skull Print C/S cutsew
  • Pants: unknown maker, found secondhand on eBay
  • Boots: Altercore 666 10-Eye Vegan Leather Boots, customized by me
  • Glove: offbrand faux leather glove, customized by me
  • Ring of the Lucii: Square Enix
  • Sword of the Father: 3-D print kit by TomodachiCoMX, assembled and painted by me

Wearing Noctis is a lot of fun and comfortable! This won’t be the last time you’ll see him. For night time Noctis photos, see my other cosplay post!

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