EVENT SNAPS | Okashicon 2019 Marina Magica J-Fashion Mixer

I took a day trip to Okashicon! I had such a great time at last year’s J-fashion mixer that I wanted to go again. The second Okashicon took place July 19-21, 2019 at the Courtyard by Marriott in Pflugerville, TX. Okashicon places a high priority on fashion programming. This year’s featured fashion guests included Japanese model Kimura U and her new brand Pista and Chio, Japanese brand NUE ZZZ by Jun Arai (ex-galaxxxy), and three American indie brands: Miss Octopie, Minty Mix, and Precious Bbyz. In addition to the brands, Kei Club magazine and its founders Callie and Kit were also guests.

The Booth

My first stop was the dealer’s room! The FAKE STAR booth held Pista and Chio, Nuezzz, and Atelier PIERROT. Kimura U brought both Pista and Chio goods and some of her clothing from her first brand Kokokim. The Miss Octopie booth was really colorful, too!

The Fashion Mixer

The J-fashion mixer started at noon. The theme was “Marina Magica,” so the room was decorated with oceanic motifs and an underwater backdrop where attendees could take photos. As a big foodie, one of my favorite parts of Okashicon’s party is the maid cafe prepares custom mocktails to match the theme! Kimura U came on stage with much enthusiasm with a short speech to get the crowd pumped. The hosts raffled several items off. For the big prizes, Miss Octopie and Kimura U walked around the room and chose their favorite coordinate.

Somehow I ended up sitting at the guest table, but I didn’t sit there for long since I got up to take these pictures. Matching with the theme, sailor and mermaid motifs were abundant. Most attendees wore outfits filled with blue, pink, and purple. Okashicon attendees are always so colorful that I always feel out of place wearing black!

If you didn’t get tagged in the caption, leave a comment below with your handle and I’ll add it. That’s it for this report. Until next time, Austin!

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