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SEX POT ReVeNGe is a Japanese gothic and punk brand from Tokyo, Japan. The brand’s rock image is popular amongst fans of Harajuku alternative fashion and visual kei music and often appeared in KERA and CURE magazines. The brand name is often shortened to SEX POT. They currently has two shops in Japan; one in Tokyo and one in Osaka. In 2020, the brand celebrated its 20th anniversary.

SEX POT ReVeNGe Harajuku shop front from my Japan trip, 2019


SEX POT ReVeNGe’s Tokyo shop was located in a basement off of Takeshita Street for 12 years. In August 2020, the Takeshita Street location closed. On August 28, 2020, the Tokyo shop opened their new location called the SEX POT Tokyo Secret Room in an area closer to Akihabara. Reservations can be made through LINE and are recommended on Fridays and Saturdays.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to speak with Tokyo shop director and brand model Kroy (クロイ) when she attended Oni-Con. She attended the con as the brand representative and walked in the fashion show. Since there isn’t much information about SEX POT in English available, I asked about the brand’s history and a little about Kroy herself.

How was SEX POT ReVeNGe formed?

Kroy: The president started the company selling T-shirts on the streets outdoors. He was making and selling T-shirts one-by-one. He was selling these T-shirts in a place that didn’t even have a roof. While he was thinking about how he wanted a roof, he was able to slowly move to a place that had a roof. As the T-shirts suddenly became more popular, the brand grew he was able to make more types of designs and he was able to start hiring staff.

Originally, I was just sales staff but as I was given the chance to model and appear in magazines, and from there the president asked me to become the face for SEX POT. As I got more popular, I was allowed to start designing and customizing pieces. Now I’m also able to work as a producer for the shops, like planning events for the shop.


What is the origin and meaning of the brand name SEX POT ReVeNGe?

Kroy: The president decided that the brand would have a “bitch” image*, so he chose the phrase Sexpot. The “Revenge” part refers to the idea of coming back to get revenge as a challenge. The idea was that girls could be themselves in the brand and not feel confined by societal norms. 

*Translator note: In Japanese, the word “bitch” has the implication of being slutty.

What are Kroy’s inspirations?

Kroy: My inspiration comes from looking around at the shops around me and my daily life. As I mentioned during the Q&A panel, some of my customization design inspiration also just comes forward like “UWAH!” while I’m working on them. It does come with a lot of feelings.

How has the brand changed over the years?

Kroy: From the beginning, it was more…garish? For example, the color palette was more loud like bright purples. But recently, we’ve been going for darker designs. 

We’re not forgetting our punk origins, but the times have changed so we wanted to design clothes that reflected that change so people could wear them easily. 

examples of SEX POT’s older colorful designs

Did you have any favorite trends?

Kroy: Actually, I really like the style of clothes you’re wearing now! I like the black and white with colorful colors. Blue is really my color so I like incorporating it. I also like things that are different and have a bit of a fantasy image. I really love it!

What is your favorite music to listen to during the design process? 

Kroy: Actually, when I’m designing I listen to classical music. Haha. It’s difficult to listen to music with lyrics, so it’s easier to focus with classical music. 

Oni-Con 2018 Japanese Fashion Show Sex Pot Revenge
Kroy in the Oni-Con fashion show 2018

Would you like to share a message with the SEX POT ReVeNGEe fans in the world?

Kroy: Saying just one thing is not enough. It’s difficult to say just one thing but I think I’d like to say “thank you” for all of the passion we’ve seen from all over the world. I hope that I can see more and more people who are interested in our clothes. It makes me so happy to hear that we can share our passion for our designs with people all over the world, it makes me feel like we’re connected. I’m so happy!

In Japan, people are so worried about what people will think when they step outside. “Does this suit me?” “Will someone say something?” “What will happen?” 

But abroad, I hear more things like “it’s fine, it’s fine!” and “that outfit looks so fun!” I wish people were more accepting like that in Japan. 

It seems like everyone holds each other dear. 

Kroy modeling 2019 A/W collection (via SEX POT Twitter)

After working with SEX POT for so many years, Kroy’s final day working at the Tokyo shop will be November 30, 2021.

The popularity of SEX POT in the west aligned with the emo and visual kei boom in the late 2000’s. Fans often discovered SEX POT through their favorite visual kei bands since the brand often collaborated with big visual kei artists. Some past musician collaborations included the bands An Cafe, D, DIAURA, Sick2, GOTHAROCKA, and many more. SEX POT’s clothing is mostly unisex making it popular across all genders. The brand often used popular androgynous models such as AKIRA (Disacode), Ayaka Suigiura, and Kroy herself.

How to buy SEX POT ReVeNGe clothing

The official Japanese webshop does not ship overseas, but you may use a shopping service or forwarding service to buy from it. If you are located outside of Japan, you can purchase SEX POT ReVeNGe clothing through these official distributors:


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Thank you to Oni-Con for arranging this interview.

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  1. Loved this interview, thanks a ton for putting this up. I had no idea Kroy was leaving, ugh, so sad. I own quite a few SEXPOT clothes and I always get compliments, even when I don’t think I am wearing anything special. Many of their items fit a variety of bodies because they are loose, so I would encourage people to try them out regardless of size.

    • Really agree that Sex Pot is super comfy! I’m sad she left too, but I totally understand since she’s been with them for forever. She started livestreaming under a different handle on Twitter if you’re still interested in following her! It’s @vanisiabot


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