Indian Sweets Afternoon Tea House in Yotsuya, Tokyo

Enjoy an afternoon tea filled with Indian sweets in Tokyo! Mithai + The Indian Tea House is an Indian food restaurant operated by Eat Well Co. LTD. that focuses on Indian sweets. The restaurant is a place where lovers of Indian sweets can enjoy these treats in the busy Tokyo metropolis. Mithai means “sweets.” Their menu includes popular Indian sweets like gulab jamun, gujiya, and kaju barfi. This Indian tea house serves a popular and unique Mumbai Afternoon Tea Set.

Mithai Indian Tea House
Mithai The Indian Tea House in Tokyo

Mithai + The Indian Tea House Mumbai Afternoon Tea Set

The Mumbai Afternoon Tea Set is one of the more unique menu items at Mithai + The Indian Tea House. The set comes with 3 sweets of your choice along with pinni, cocktail samosas, paneer pakora, masala nuts, papadum, three sauces, and bottomless masala chai tea.

Mithai Afternoon Tea Menu
Mithai Afternoon Tea Menu
Ordering Checklist
ordering checklist

When you sit down at the restaurant, they leave a small clipboard with a list of sweets on it. For every person in your party, you get three sweets. The restaurant frequently updates their menus with seasonal sweets as well. Since it was fall when I went, I grabbed their seasonal sweet potato based shakar kandi ladoo, the classic rasmalai, and the silver foiled kaju barfi.

Indian Afternoon Tea Set
afternoon tea food

Savory Tier

The top tier is for the savory food: cocktail samosas, paneer pakora, masala nuts, and papadum. Everything on that tier was delicious, but I was extremely enamored with the masala nuts. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the simple things in life.

cocktail samosas
paneer pakora
paneer pakora

Sweet Tier

The sweets themselves were all very delicious. I am not an expert on Indian sweets. So, I researched a little bit to understand what they were and how they were made.

Indian Afternoon Tea Set
set with chai

Rasmalai is a cheese made in a similar way as ricotta. It is served in milk and topped with pistachios. The rasmalai was my favorite sweet because it had a nice texture and it was really good to mix in with the drier and more sugar forward sweets.

Indian Afternoon Tea Sweets Rasmalai Kaju barfi
rasmalai, kaju barfi

Kaju barfi is a classic fried flour Indian sweet with silver foil. The seasonal sweet potato shakar kandi ladoo was a sweet potato base topped with coconut and nuts. All of these sweets were delicious and all of my friends really enjoyed their choices as well so it seems like no matter your choice, you cannot go wrong!

Indian Afternoon Tea Set

The tea was very also very good! The chai was a nice light spice and not too milk heavy. The restaurant puts sugar packets on the table for those who want a sweetened chai. The cups are palm-sized, so make sure to take advantage of the endless refills.

This set is one of the cheapest afternoon tea sets in all of Tokyo. One serving is 1,870 yen. This is especially a great deal because, unlike most afternoon tea services, this restaurant offers afternoon tea for solo diners.

How to Enjoy Indian Afternoon Tea in Tokyo

If you would like to try Mithai + The Indian Tea House’s Mumbai Afternoon Tea Set, the restaurant strongly recommends making a reservation. The restaurant accepts afternoon tea reservations only by phone. Their staff speak English and Japanese, so do not hesitate to call to make your reservation!

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