Final Fantasy XV Noctis Cosplay with Yinyue Photography at Oni-Con

Walk tall, my son.

-Regis Lucis Caelum

I cosplayed Final Fantasy XV’s hero Noctic Lucis Caelum at Oni-Con 2021!

I started my adventure in Final Fantasy XV in September 2020 and ever since I’ve been obsessed! It’s my favorite Final Fantasy game so far and I’ve spent about 120 hours on it (and still growing). Without going too much in detail, I love my emo son Noct. He’s really relatable and I have always liked his outfit(s) since the game was announced. The boy means a lot to me, so I was finally happy to cosplay him. It’s also my first Final Fantasy cosplay ever which was a goal of mine since I was a wee teenager.

These photos were taken by the talented Yinyue Photography aka Jacqui. She’s a local Houston photographer whom I’ve been wanting to shoot with for ages. I really enjoy her cosplay photography since she really has a cinematic style of editing and composition!

The word noctis itself means night, so I was interested in getting some night photos. We walked around the Galveston Island Convention Center and the neighboring Hilton Galveston Island Resort for the photos. Since this was my first cosplay with a prop weapon, I didn’t really know how to pose with it, but she was so good at giving me directions.

Assembling the cosplay was definitely a challenge. Although most of it is bought, I did a lot of modifications on the sword, boots, glove. I also styled the wig myself using Airily Wigs’s new blueish black color. The sword itself with its own adventure. I bought a 3-D print kit off an Etsy maker which almost didn’t arrive in time and had no instructions. It was incredibly frustrating to figure out, but this 3-D printed prop guide saved my life. In the end, the struggle was worth it.

I totally recommend booking Jacqui for your fashion and cosplay photography needs if you’re in Texas!

Cosplay Credits

  • Wig: Airily Wigs wolf base wig in blueish gray color, cut and styled by me
  • Jacket: Roen x Final Fantasy XV Noctis Military Blouson
  • Shirt: Roen x Final Fantasy XV Noctis Skull Print C/S cutsew
  • Pants: unknown maker, found secondhand on eBay
  • Boots: Altercore 666 10-Eye Vegan Leather Boots, customized by me
  • Glove: offbrand faux leather glove, customized by me
  • Ring of the Lucii: Square Enix
  • Sword of the Father: 3-D print kit by TomodachiCoMX, assembled and painted by me

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There are more photos of this Noctis cosplay in day time. See my fishing post!

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