The Oreo Atelier Pierrot Dress (4 Tier Mini Corset OP)

For the first day of Tokyo X 2023, I decided to wear OTT black and white gothic lolita. With this outfit I wanted to utilize some of the items I bought from the Atelier Pierrot and Haenuli booths at A-Kon 2023 which just took place a week before Tokyo X.

I bought two pieces from Atelier Pierrot in Dallas: the 4 Tier Mini Corset OP in black x white and the Short Length Thimble Gloves in black. When the stock photos came out for the 4 Tier Mini Corset OP were released, I wavered on purchasing it or not. I saw someone on Closet of Frills who had bought the black and white colorway describe the black and white colorway as “the Oreo dress” and it kind of sold me on it!

This dress was the first time Atelier Pierrot released this length. The 4 tier length was advertised as longer than the mini length, but shorter than their regular length. Since the regular length is too long for me, I tried it out. The 4 tier length hit exactly at the knees for me.

Black and white gothic lolita outfit featuring diamond bonnet, corset lace bustier dress, corset tights, and platform mary jane shoes - full body shot with arms held up.

Outfit Rundown

  • Dress
    • Atelier Pierrot 4 Tier Mini Corset OP
  • Top
    • Alice and the Pirates Lace Pullover
  • Leg
    • Haenuli x Mossbadger Mystic Wandering Tarot Tights
  • Shoes
    • Yosuke USA Platform Chunky Heel Pumps
  • Accessories
    • Enchantlic Enchantilly Diamond Check Half Bonnet
    • Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Princess Drop Headdress
    • Baroque lace bow clip
    • Moi meme Moitie Holy Cross Feather Choker
    • Atelier Pierrot Short Length Thimble Lace Gloves
    • Moi meme Moitie Cross Accessory Chain
    • Eyemirror x Underscore glasses
    • Melikestea petticoat

Haenuli also had a booth at that convention. She had some of the leftover stock from the Haenuli x Mossbadger collaboration, so I picked up the tights in the monochrome colorway. I’m fond of the lace-up design and thought it matched well with the dress’s bodice.

Since the event was indoors and blessed with A/C, I styled the items in a more OTT way. I focused on chunky monochrome color blocking. I liked the mismatch dress’s horizontal stripes and bonnet’s diamonds pattern since it reminded me of older style of Enchantlic Enchantilly when they used to focus on geometric designs.

For the second day of Tokyo X, I also wore black and white and you can see that coord on this post! For more of my outfits, see my outfit gallery~!

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