Luxiem Ike Eveland Themed Birthday Party + Outfit

We are back on our vtuber train ride. For Noeru‘s birthday, she had an Ike Eveland themed birthday party. Her’s and Ike’s birthdays are very close to each other, so we celebrated both at the party!

Ike is the third Luxiem member I’ve made a fandom outfit (or closet cosplay) to wear. The first Luxiem coordinate was Vox inspired and the second was Shu inspired.

Swedish Food Taste Test

Ike lives in Sweden, so he often mentions Swedish foods on his streams. Noeru bought a bunch of different treats for us to try. Some of these have to be imported since you can’t purchase them in the U.S. such as the Svennes Caviar and this particular flavor of Rockstar energy drink.

While we can’t find Svennes in the States, Americans can buy Kalles brand caviar; I bought mine from IKEA. Personally, I did not taste that much of a difference between the two brands, but Ike swears the Svennes brand is less salty. Not pictured, but my favorite were some chocolates. My least favorite was the European Rockstar; it tasted like cough syrup.

Ike Eveland Outfit

He wears mostly white with blue, black, and gold accents across his whole outfit. The base of his design is a black pintucks blouse, long white coat cape, slacks, and heels. Accessories include multiple brooches, an aiguillette, several belts, a scarf, and glasses chain.

Most of the outfit was put together with stuff I already owned in my closet. When I first saw Ike’s design, it reminded me of this long white ouji jacket I picked up at Closet Child when I visited Japan. I happen to keep some white main pieces around for whenever I feel like wearing shiro lolita or shiro ouji. The crystal brooch by Puvithel also had a similar vibe as his brooch and aiguillette. I handmade the blue capelet with tassel accents in a few hours.

Outfit Details

  • Head:
    • Eyemirror x underscore Thorn Glasses
    • Phantom Jewelry commissioned glasses chain
  • Tops:
    • Alice and the Pirates Rachel Blouse
    • Alice and the Pirates Albert Jacket
    • handmade capelet
  • Bottom:
    • Express Columnist Pants
  • Shoes:
    • Fluevog Cubist Cupcake Boots
  • Accessories:
    • Na+H Elegant Punk Studded Choker
    • Alice and the Pirates Buckle Belt
    • Apatico Bandolier Harness
    • Puvithel Crystal Heart Brooch

I’m pretty happy with how it came out, but I want to fix and add a few things. One, I would have chosen a slimmer heel, but the shoes I planned on wearing broke after I wore them for my Shu inspired outfit. Two, more belts! Lastly, I would add more gold for details to simulate his pins and fabric design. Hope to achieve one of these improvements since I plan to bring this outfit to Anime Fest at the end of July!

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