New Weekend Brunch at The Upside Pub

The Upside Pub now offers a casual weekend brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays. Located in the Garden Oaks area of Houston, this pub’s food offerings are sure to satisfy those morning cravings. Brunch hours start at 11:30 and lasts until 3:00. Their social media team invited me to try out some of the new items!

two picture collage of Stephano smiling at brunch spread on table.

I’m not in the Garden Oaks area very often, so it was my first visit to The Upside Pub. They were part of the list in my 100 restaurant challenge. The pub is located in a corner of the Garden Oaks Center strip center. There is bar seating, indoor, and outdoor seating. Indoors, there is a small area in the front with some bean bags and a low mini table; this area could be good children to play around!

overhead shot of avocado, toast, migas, burger and fries, and french toast.
Brunch is served!

On the day I walked in, I saw a Denver Broncos paraphernalia decorating the bar area. The manager did mention it may get loud because there is a group of dedicated Broncos fans that come in regularly to watch the games. It was a warm and friendly environment for both people enjoying the game and not watching game.

The Brunch Menu

They have 6 new savory and sweet options for their brunch menu.

  • Pancake Puppies
  • Pub-ocado Toast
  • Tex-Mex Pub Migas
  • Frosted Flake French Toast
  • Hangover Burger
  • Big Ole’ Breakfast Burrito

For brunch drinking, the new menu includes:

  • Pitchers of mimosas
  • Pitchers of craft beers
  • Cold brew coffee (non-alcoholic or cocktail) 

We ended up tasting 4 of the entrees and 1 cocktail. First up was a brunch classic, the avocado toast, officially called Pub-acado Toast on the menu. The guacamole, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, shaved parmesan, and olive oil sit on top of toasted Kraftsmen Baking sourdough bread. It had perfect amount of flavor and texture on this bread. I especially liked the salty kick the parmesan adds to the eggs and tomatoes.

closeup of avocado toast with boiled eggs, tomatoes, and shaved parmesan cheese.
Pub-acado Toast

Second, we tried the Frosted Flake French Toast. It seemed unique since I had never seen a crusted French toast before. It uses the same Kraftsmen sourdough bread mentioned above, covered in egg batter and crushed Frosted Flakes. Since the cereal was ground so finely, not much of the flavor came through, but it did add a slight crunch. If the grounds were a bit coarser, than I think it’d be perfect. No French toast is complete without a side of maple syrup.

2 photo collage of Frosted Flakes french toast and syrup.
Frosted Flake French Toast

We were going to stop at two, but the manager insisted we should try these next two dishes as well! She was right. Her favorite dish is the Tex-Mex Pub Migas. These migas consist of scrambled eggs, caramelized onions and peppers, grape tomatoes, queso and jack cheese, pickled jalapeños, tortilla strips, and a side of housemade salsa. This is a great option if you’re looking for something savory.

closeup of migas and tortillas.
Tex-Mex Pub Migas

Lastly, we had the Hangover Burger. The description seemed quite intimidating with all of its ingredients: toasted potato bun, smash burger patty, scrambled eggs, bacon, white American cheese, hashbrowns, and peppercorn aioli. Normally I wouldn’t order something as heavy as a burger in the morning, but the manager also recommended it since it’s a popular choice. Once I bit into it, I couldn’t stop eating it! It may seem like a lot, but it was pretty manageable since the patty is really thin.

2 photo collage of breakfast hamburger.
Hangover Burger

We also tried the cold brew cocktail which consisted of their in-house cold brew and a shot of William Price Coffee Liqueur. It is a drink that will definitely wake you up.

Overall, The Upside Pub is a fantastic choice for your next brunch destination. The casual and friendly vibes are welcoming to those of all ages including children. The pricing is also very affordable, so if you come in with a large party, it won’t break the bank. The staff were also incredibly friendly and made the vibes very cozy. I highly recommend a visit!

Visit The Upside Pub

The Upside Pub
3402 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018 [open in Google Maps]

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