The Showroom was a pop-up boutique held on March 15-17, 2018 in a private location in central Houston featuring 3 indie brands: CREEPYYEHA, LOWLOW NYC, and GAUCHE. Initially, I wasn’t able to attend that weekend, but they opened up an extra day on Sunday which I was available to go. The promotional image showed a lot of red, so I decided to wear the few red pieces I own to match the theme. GAUCHE, formerly known as Shopnonhuman, is designed by Michele Yue, a local resident of Houston. The former was an jewelry brand, but now rebranded to include clothing.

LOWLOW NYC is designed by Vivan Loh. Vivian came all the way from New York City. Her t-shirts and pants looked extremely comfortable.

CREEPYYEHA is designed by Yeha Leung who is also from New York City. My first encounter with the CREEPYYEHA brand was during my Tumblr days, so I was happy to finally able to buy some of her pieces. Now that I’ve seen it in person, I can vouch the craftsmanship is extremely great quality!

With the three talented ladies! They are super chill, too. Thank you for letting me snap a few pictures!

Shout out to Ginger the very good dog.

I ended up buying a skirt and belt from CREEPYYEHA and a ring from GAUCHE. When my eyes landed on this skirt, I just knew I had to have it since it has pleats and is asymmetric. I think I was actually eyeing a similar asymmetric pleats skirt from Elements,H, but this one’s nicer and I was able to try it on; it fit! The skirt was designed by her partner Alejandro Lafontant. I walked out wearing it out of the shop since it matched my outfit so well. The belt is extremely comfortable, too!

I took a quick snap of the skirt after I got home. It pairs well with my Na+H leg warmers and boots that I never get to wear out. I’ve had these leg warmers for years, but this was the first time I actually wore them out and the pleather is flaking, so RIP leg warmers. Looking forward to wearing my new  accessories out soon!

GAUCHE: OHP | Facebook | Instagram

Michele Yue: Instagram

LOWLOW NYC: OHP | Facebook | Instagram

Vivan Loh: OHP | Instagram


Yeha Leung: Instagram

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