Under the Big Top: Cirque du Soleil Alegria in Houston

Alegria by Cirque du Soleil is a fantastic acrobatic performance. The show is in Houston at Sam Houston Race Park November 13, 2021 – January 1, 2022. From the beltway, you can see the big blue and white circus tent that houses Alegria. The word alegria means “joy” or “happiness” in Spanish. I had the amazing opportunity to watch Alegria thanks to the Houston Insider program! And you bet it was a joyful experience.

outside of the Alegria circus tent


Parking is complimentary for VIP ticket holders.

For regular ticket holders, parking is $20. I recommend to arrive at least 30 minutes early, so you have time to get inside the parking gate and participate in the photo-ops before the show starts.


Concessions such as popcorn, candy, and fountain drinks are available for purchase. VIP ticket holders have access to appetizers before the show and during intermission.

Photography Policy

Photography during the show is allowed, but only on cell phones. I called in asking if cameras were allowed and customer service said “no professional camera are allowed.” Video recording is not allowed.

Mask Policy

There is no official mask policy for attendees, but I highly recommend wearing one since the seats are right up against each other. It’s a rather intimate venue, so yes, you can end up sitting next to strangers. At certain parts of the show, the cast members come into the audience and they always wear masks when they do.

The Alegria Experience

I watched the first showing of Alegria on November 12 which according to some of the crew members I overheard, it was the first live show since the pandemic started. The first show back on tour, so it was a big deal to them. Doors opened at 7 P.M. and the show started at 8 P.M.

inside the cirque tent

We arrived just at 8 which was just in time for the beginning of the show, but we ended up missing out on the photobooth. Walking into the big tent transports you into the immersive world of Alegria.

After picking up our tickets and popcorn, we were guided to our 2nd row seats. The view from the 2nd row was intense (in a good way)! It’s definitely a visually stimulating experience to watch that close. If you’re in the first 3 rows, there is one part where you get covered with a tarp for about a minute, so confetti doesn’t get blown straight into your face. You may also strain your neck when to see the airborne acrobatic acts.

I caught a lot of confetti

The stage was beautiful and continuously transformed throughout the entire show. There was always something moving, so it was quite difficult to decide what to take photos of!

Alegria’s stage

The performance included so many physical elements of Cirque. The costumes and makeup were colorful and bold incorporating many textures to stimulate the audience’s eyes. The performers displayed amazing feats of acrobatics, balance, and strength. The plot included the perfect balance of comedy and performance arts. Different performances included dancing, singing, fire show, tight rope, trapeze, and so much more packed into all 136 minutes.

various parts during Alegria

In the middle of the show, there is an intermission. It’s a great time to restock on snacks or head to the many restrooms.

The character designs are really interesting. Designs ranged from very fancy aristocratic clothes to almost primal clothing that incorporates elements of nature. One of the characters wears a big hoop skirt, so some of the concession workers thought we were in the show too since we were wearing petticoats.

My favorite part of the whole show was the overarching story of the two comic relief characters (top left on the image above). Their interactions are so silly, but show a journey of two comrades going through a hardship. (Spoiler: friends to lovers)

After the Show

At the end of the amazing performance, there is one final credits walkthrough of the whole cast. Make sure to stand up and cheer! It was funny to see some of the actors rip off their wigs when they came out because I definitely know the feeling of ripping a wig off after a convention.

We waited about 30 minutes after to avoid the flood of all the cars exiting. You can still take pictures outside, but they do turn off some of the lights after the show ends.

If you can’t get enough of Alegria, check out their YouTube for interesting behind the scenes videos! After Houston, the cirque will be traveling to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC in 2022.

Outfit Rundown

  • Head: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Cameron Headbow
  • Dress: Alice and the Pirates The Dream in a Midsummer Night JSK II
  • Top: Moi-meme-Moitie St. Peter’s Cross Original Lace Gathered Blouse
  • Leg: Moi-meme-Moitie St. Peter’s Cross Lace OTKs
  • Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Croisee Strap Shoes

I highly recommend watching Alegria if you have the chance. Thanks Visit Houston for this amazing experience!

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