Araya Artisan Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Good evening, today’s post is a meetup recap; it’s been a really long time since I had attended a meetup outside of a convention! Nowadays I’m swamped with work, however I am always down for a food-centric meetup. K decided to host a wine and chocolate pairing one night back in March, so I decided to show up! I’ve had wine a few times, but it was never quite enjoyable for me as is most alcohol, but I am always wanting to expand the horizons of my palate since I want to enjoy all kinds of foods.

The meetup was held at Araya Artisan Chocolate, a local Houston family-owned business. I’ve never had their chocolate, but I had seen their name pop up a few times while browsing Yelp. The tasting is held after the store was closed, so we had the shop to ourselves and the presenters. I realized I quite like smaller meets these days since everyone can talk to each other without branching off into groups. 

snacks, chocolates, and cacao bean

I was actually late because I went to the wrong location, but I caught up quickly. We were given 6 different types of wine, 6 different flavors of chocolates, snacks, and a sheet of paper for notes. I was a bad student and didn’t really take any notes. A cacao bean was passed around to hold; it was heavier than I thought it would be! 

Actually, I only got to taste 5 chocolates. I had gone to the restroom and when I came back to my seat I had one missing? What a sad night for me. 


In conclusion, I am still not an avid wine fanatic, but I definitely enjoyed the experience. There was a mini lecture and slideshow explaining the process of making chocolates and wines. Though I drank a little too fast, so I don’t remember much of it. 

Originally, I did want to wear a chocolate theme, but not in the typical Angelic Pretty style. I failed to come up with something in time, so the coordinate I ended up wearing features the Gathered Chiffon JSK in wine x gold x black to match with the wine theme. I’ve been wanting to pair this colorway of Gathered Chiffon with the Chat Noire Hat for a long time; it just took awhile because I never had the appropriate time to wear a giant pirate hat outside. Therefore, my theme was wine pirate lolita. Not 100% percent satisfied with wearing this coordinate since it looked better in my head, but can’t be perfect all every time! 

Some detail shots of other people: 

Metamorphose Crown Label Teddy Chocolatier print
Alice and the Pirates gloves and Elizabeth Bride of Death
Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat
Blazers and button up are always nice, too!

In finale, a group shot and the traditional shoe shot:

I had fun catching up with old friends and meeting new people. It was probably the chillest meetup I had ever attended (alcohol may have helped). I probably won’t see anyone until autumn, so until next time!


Call me crazy, though I’ve always been a fan of piling layers on myself, I keep wanting to stack dresses on top of each other after I received an overwhelming amount of good feedback on coord #13. Just another way for me to suffer in the Houston humidity. Good news though, I finally found these shoes in my correct size! The ones I wore in coord #1 were too small after learning that the hard way. 

Really, I need to learn my lesson and remember to take an outfit shot before the meet not after it. I somehow managed to get this picture in at midnight as I rolled into my house. Things are disheveled, but I suppose it adds to the drunken pirate theme! 

Outfit Rundown

  • Hat: Alice and the Pirates Chat Noire Silk Hat
  • OP: Alice and the Pirates x Hizaki Collaboration One Piece
  • JSK: Alice and the Pirates Gathered Chiffon Jumperskirt – Shinjuku Limited Colorway
  • Collar: Alice and the Pirates Captain Grace’s Frill Blouse
  • Necklace: Voodooodolly The Knight’s Repose Necklace – Sword
  • Socks: Alice and the Pirates Diamond Lame OTKs
  • Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa Temptation Pumps

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