Sheglit: Brand History, Style, Where to Buy

Sheglit is a gothic lolita and classic lolita fashion brand based in Tokyo, Japan. Sheglit’s brand concept is “a piece of clothing that expresses who you are.” Sheglit’s clothing has a unique artistic look to it by using elegant and delicate designs and silhouettes by combining different styles together such as mode and gothic or elegant and classical. They aim to create clothes that can be worn by many customers.

Sheglit logo.


Sheglit and MiDiom were both founded in 2014 by Tsubasa Kobayashi. Kobayashi previously worked as a designer for defunct brands BLACK PEACE NOW and GADGET GROW. After BLACK PEACE NOW closed in 2013, he received heartfelt messages from many customers. Several former BLACK PEACE NOW staff together launched their new brand Sheglit to succeed BLACK PEACE NOW’s image. One of the staff being Satomi Imai who was a designer for BLACK PEACE NOW and BLACK PEACE NOW FOR MEN. Imai became Sheglit’s designer.


Sheglit’s clothing can be worn casually or formally. Their designs fit into gothic, gothic lolita, and classic lolita aesthetics.

In the beginning, Sheglit’s designs mostly leaned into gothic style. Black and white were the main colors. Some of Sheglit’s early releases were similar to BLACK PEACE NOW’s signature pieces. In recent years, Sheglit has been releasing classic lolita designs in muted pastel colors. Most pieces are solid colored. Sometimes stripe and floral fabrics are used. Common motifs include Ulysses butterflies, crowns, and crosses.

Alternate Names

  • シェグリット


  • Tsubasa Kobayashi – Founder, PR, and Sales
  • Satomi Imai – Designer


Where to Buy Sheglit

In store

  • Sheglit and MiDiom Atelier Shop
    3 Chome-55-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0051, Japan [ Google Maps ]
  • Atelier Pierrot Harajuku
  • Atelier Pierrot Yokohama
  • Atelier Pierrot Osaka
  • KERA Shop Shinjuku
  • E.K.K.E. Gunma
  • Rock shop S.O.S Tochigi
  • B’BOP DROP Ibaraki
  • KIST Maria Sapporo
  • alchemist Fukushima
  • chou chou ange Nagoya
  • chou chou ange Hiroshima
  • CROSS Fukuyama
  • TyCHE Maria Fukuoka

Online Retailers


Sheglit has a sister brand called MiDiom and both brands are located in the same atelier.

The word “Sheglit” carries the designer’s wish that their customers who wear our clothes will always be glittering.

Sheglit has started exploring extended sizing due to the influence of Atelier Pierrot’s efforts towards plus size lolita pieces.

Sheglit’s most popular design in Japan is the Victorian Bustle OP.

They chose the Ulysses butterfly for their logo since it emits mysterious brilliance and beauty.

The brand’s motto is “Be yourself and continue to shine with dignity forever.”

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