Eri Kitamura Blesses Us with Single arcadia † paroniria

CD covers for Eri Kitamura’s arcadia paroniria

Japanese voice actress Eri Kitamura‘s new single arcadia † paroniria is released today, September 27, 2017. The single comes in both a standard (left) and a limited edition (right). Is there a better way to promote a gothic metal track than to wear gothic lolita? I think not. 

Nun Lolita Outfit

For this single, Kitamura Eri is wearing two nun outfits, both from the gothic brand Sheglit. The main outfit features Sheglit’s Off-Shoulder Lace Cape Dress. Layered on top of the OP are a custom white lace yoke and a customized version of the Siegfried Bustle Corset with white trim. The blouse, headdress, gloves, and rosary are either one-offs or made by someone else. 

For the second outfit, she’s wearing the long version of the Holy Bustle OP with a custom rosary. The legwear for both outfits is offbrand white socks and black heels. 

She’s no stranger to gothic and lolita fashion. In the past, she’s been seen wearing Ghost Chest and corgi-corgi. Her previous release also had a very gothic vibe to it and featured vocalist Hakuei donning elements,H

Per typical Japanese marketing tactics, order the standard edition to get all three tracks. The limited edition only comes with two tracks, but does include a DVD with the whole music video plus its making of footage. The other two tracks are much lighter in terms of sound. Purchases come with a different bromide depending on the store you buy the CD from. 

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