My Moi-meme-Moitie Flatlay Contest Entry

Recently, Moi meme Moitie hosted a flatlay coordinate contest on their Instagram. This is the first time a Japanese lolita brand hosted a contest through Instagram rather than their website, Twitter, or Facebook. In total, 32 entries competed and voting commenced on Instagram stories in a tournament style. The contest ran smoothly and requirements were clear. Submissions had to be a flatlay photo featuring a Moi meme Moitie main piece (JSK, OP, or skirt) along with two other Moitie accessories. Not allowing worn or mannequin photos created a mask of anonymity to prevent it from turning into a popularity contest.

Normally, I loathe taking flatlay photos of both clothing and food because it requires a lot of patience and movement. Unfortunately, the spirit of competition fuels me and the allure of a prize, so I entered. I took a punk lolita approach since I figured most people would be styling in the typical Moitie elegant gothic lolita style. At first, I was more interested in creating an EGA look, but I believe they specifically mentioned a skirt or dress. None of my EGA items can support a skirt underneath, so I scrapped the idea.

gothic lolita outfit
Moi meme Moitie outfit flatlay

Outfit Rundown

  • Top: Moi meme Moitie Falling Cross Print Gauze Cutsew
  • Skirt: Moi meme Moitie Asymmetry Corset Skirt, Sheglit Foliage Skirt
  • Socks: Moi meme Moitie Silent Moon OTKs, Moi meme Moitie Holy Cross Lace-Up OTKs
  • Shoes: An-tai-na Multi Strap Platform Shoes
  • Accessories; Moi meme Moitie Corset-like Shoulder Belt, Moi meme Moitie Coffin Bolo Tie, Killstar Luna Necklace, Moi meme Moitie Holy Cross Headdress, Moi meme Moitie Holy Cross Choker, h.NAOTO headdress

Making the Coord

I chose to build my floordinate around Moitie’s Asymmetry Corset Skirt as my main piece. Despite owning it for a few years, I have not coordinated it yet, so this was a good opportunity to play with it. It’s one of Moitie’s most textured pieces with its multiple tulle layers, so I emphasized it with a tulle Sheglit skirt underneath. The tulle on the skirt is unfinished, so I chose the Falling Cross Gauze Cutsew because it also has unfinished edges for a distressed look. At this point I would have been done, but I was afraid the average lolita would not recognize this as Moitie. I decided to add some of their iconic lace accents to attempt to make it more obvious. There was no specific reason for adding the belt; I just like leather.

In the end, I made it to second place! Thank you for those who liked and voted for my coord. Could you recognize it was mine? While there was only a prize for first place, I gained some pride points. It’s been really interesting to see Moitie go from almost zero social media presence under the old company to a fully-engaged social media presence under the new Tanaqro management. I find it very interesting that this contest was targeted towards their overseas audience by hosting it on Instagram since they did not even mention it on Twitter which is more geared towards their Japanese audience. They did mention a possibility of more contests in the future, so keep your eyes out on their Instagram (@moimememoitie_official) for the latest updates.

Do you want to see more floordinates? Let me know and I’ll consider making more!

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