Afternoon Tea Elegant Gothic Lolita Outfit ft. Sheglit Finsternis Dress

When Sheglit first opened, I fell in love with their elegant, gothic, and asymmetrical designs. These are elements which I enjoyed from the designer’s previous brand BLACK PEACE NOW. I own many of their pieces and their Finsternis Dress OP is one of my favorite pieces!

Summer is a busy time for me, so I’m working on clearing my backlog of old coordinates I haven’t posted. I wore this outfit in July 2020 to visit the then newly opened Proper Rose Garden in Katy, TX with my friend Yusuke.

Sheglit Finsternis Dress OP

The Finsternis Dress OP is a solid black jumperskirt with a tiered high low skirt. I bought it when it first released in 2017.

I enjoy high low cuts since they are basically dress buttcapes, but they don’t appear in lolita fashion often. Gothic lolita brands such as Sheglit, Atelier Pierrot, and h.NAOTO released the most high low dresses that I can think of, but not that often. The cascading ruffles drape elegantly and elongates my legs nicely.

all black gothic lolita outfit with Sheglit Finsternis Dress, Sheglit Arcturus Tuck Blouse, Alice and the Pirates See Through transparent Rose OTK socks, and platform shoes inside Proper Rose Garden
Sheglit gothic lolita coordinate

Outfit Rundown

All pieces worn in this outfit:

  • Head: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Antoine Bouquet Head Bow, Na+H Carnivorous Plant Headpiece
  • Dress: Sheglit Finsternis Dress OP
  • Top: Sheglit Arcturus Tuck Blouse
  • Bottom: MeLikesTea Cotton Candy Organza Petticoat
  • Leg: Alice and the Pirates A/P See Through Ivy Rose OTKs
  • Shoes: Metamorphose Heel Strap Enamel Platform Shoes
  • Accessories: Moi meme Moitie Coffin Lace Choker, Eyemirror x Underscore Thorn Glasses, Alice and the Pirates A/P Logo Ring

To coordinate the dress, I added many lace elements to the overall outfit since the Sheglit dress has floral lace on the bodice which isn’t very apparent in its stock photos. I stuck with a monochrome black color scheme, aka kuro lolita, to emphasize the overall silhouette.

gothic lolita afternoon tea at Proper Rose Garden
head shot with the afternoon tea

I opted for a bangless hairstyle since Houston’s summer is brutal. My real hair was probably overgrown, so I was probably trying to hide it. The main hair piece is a Prisila half wig with two Prisila VO-60 rope wigs.

As for the afternoon tea, the rose milk tea was very good! I posted the food photos last year on my Eating with Stephano Instagram (@eatingwithstephano) since Proper Rose Garden officially opened on August 6, 2020.

One old outfit post down, many more to go. To see more of my alternative fashion style, check out My Outfits!

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