Atelier Pierrot & Vallée Lys S/S ’23 Fashion Show at A-Kon

Atelier Pierrot, a gothic lolita fashion brand from Japan, showed their spring and summer 2023 collection at A-Kon 32. This year’s fashion show collection featured elegant and luxurious pieces from their main line along with some classic lolita-leaning pieces from their sister brand Vallée Lys.

A-Kon held the fashion show at The Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas hotel on Friday night. FAKE STAR USA brought Atelier Pierrot with their CEO/designer Ashizawa Yuko and international manager Connie as guests.

The runway featured a diverse selection of 13 models of various sizes. Atelier Pierrot generally has been plus size friendly before since their items generally use a lot of shirring. Recently, Atelier Pierrot began extending their size range to be even more inclusive. This was the first fashion show where their plus size pieces were modeled in-person!

Model #1: Atelier Pierrot Bustle Corset JSK

International brand manager and model Connie opened the catwalk in a purple gothic lolita coordinate featuring the 2023 version of the Bustle Corset JSK, Double Lace Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse, and Antique Gold Frame Pumps. This JSK is made of a shantung with a luxurious sheen.

Model: Connie/mysterious_condiments

Model #2: Vallée Lys Ageratum Tulle JSK

The second model wore a wine and black lolita coordinate featuring the Ageratum Tulle JSK, Double Lace Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse (2022), Ladder Lace Choker, Lace Ribbon Headdress (2022), and Blooming Rose Short Corset. The soft outer layer of tulle adds a touch of delicacy to the outfit.

Model: cookinglolita

Model #3: Atelier Pierrot Long Bustle JSK

Third was a black and white gothic coordinate reminiscent of old school gothic. Both the Long Bustle JSK (2023) and Double Lace Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse (2022) are iconic Atelier Pierrot items. Accessories for this outfit include the Romanesque Headdress, Ladder Lace Choker, and Lace Gloves.


Model #4: Atelier Pierrot Royal Crown Corset Skirt

The fourth model wore a more classic lolita coordinate featuring a the printed Royal Crown Corset Skirt in navy and matching Royal Crown Tights. The top is the Douceur Cutsew and the hair accessory is the Lace Ribbon Headdress, both in black.


Model #5: Vallée Lys Sweet Alyssum Series Irregular Skirt

Outfit 5 featured another top and skirt lolita outfit with a white and navy color combination. This featured Atelier Pierrot’s Double Lace Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse, Blooming Rose Short Corset, Sweet Alyssum Series Irregular Skirt, Lace Ribbon Headdress, and Ladder Lace Choker.


Model #6: Atelier Pierrot Blooming Rose Fishtail JSK

Look number 6 was a white and soft pink classic lolita outfit. The Blooming Rose Fishtail JSK (2023) has a shorter skirt length than normal and a longer length in back for a high low look. It was paired with the Douceur Cutsew, Lace Ribbon Headdress, and Antique Gold Frame Pumps for an almost shiro lolita look.


Model #7: Atelier Pierrot Royal Crown Vest JSK

Classic lolita model #7 wore a different cut and colorway of the Royal Crown print: the halter vest style JSK in green. Items included in this look are Royal Crown Vest JSK, Calmato Blouse, Lace Ribbon Headdress, and Royal Crown Tights.

Model: whimsydoll

Model #8: Atelier Pierrot 4 Tier Mini Corset OP

The eighth look featured a black and purple gothic lolita outfit. The above-knee skirt length and off-shoulder give the look a nod towards a mature ero lolita look. Featured items in this look are 4 Tier Mini Corset OP, Double Lace Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse, Ladder Lace Choker, Rose Lace Headband, and Antique Gold Frame Pumps.

Model: meikiyoko

Model #9: Atelier Pierrot Midnight Reverie Gauze JSK

This JSK is one of the newest items from Atelier Pierrot. The model came out wearing an all black kuro gothic lolita coordinate styled in an old school way. The JSK is made from gauze that intentionally gives the JSK a distressed feeling. Featured items in this look are the Romanesque Headdress, Double Lace Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse, Midnight Reverie Gauze JSK, Ladder Lace Choker, and Lace OTKs.

Model: planch3tt3s

Model #10: Atelier Pierrot Haunted Doll OP

Another of Pierrot’s latest items is the the Haunted Doll Dress. The light grey and white combination gives a very elegant and airy feel. This is on of the first grey items Atelier Pierrot has ever made.

Model: tamaheaven.exe

Model #11: Vallée Lys Mellow Melody OP

This upcoming OP is a solid dress with a black lace overlay that the wearer can adjust the bustle up or down. The model is wearing with the Blooming Rose Short Corset, Lace Gloves, and Romanesque Headdress. The black and navy combination is a staple gothic lolita color combo.

Model: bitterlainey

Model #12: Atelier Pierrot Midnight Reverie Irregular JSK

The 12th model wore an all black gothic lolita outfit featuring another new item, the Midnight Reverie Irregular JSK. This JSK has a front zip and jagged hem making it perfect for gothic layering. The other featured items are the Louie Jabot Blouse with very voluminous princess sleeves and Rose Lace Headband.


Model #13: Atelier Pierrot Plus Size Bustle Corset JSK

For the finale, Atelier Pierrot showed off their iconic JSK in a new extended sizing! This red and black vampire princess look is accessorized with the Rose Lace Headband, Double Lace Shirring Princess Sleeve Blouse, and Ladder Lace Choker.

The plus size release of this JSK has 3 new sizes with the largest size going up to 136 cm bust and 125 cm waist. A nice feature about these releases is that the bodice lengths and skirt lengths are also longer for a more flattering fit; the hem circumference also increases per size. Note, this is a sample piece and the corset lacing ribbon in the back is longer on the actual product. The made-to-order reservation period for the plus size release is open through July 21, 2023.

Model: slicedtara

Atelier Pierrot’s CEO and designer Ashizawa Yuko enjoyed the crowd’s energetic and positive responses for the collection!

Atelier Pierrot designer standing on stage.
Ashizawa Yuko, CEO of Atelier Pierrot

Also check out Atelier Pierrot’s exclusive brand interview with us! Join Yuko-san and Connie in an exclusive interview about Atelier Pierrot’s business, international approach, and new extended size range.

After the show, I took some photos in natural light to better show off the details of each look. Thanks to A-Kon, Atelier Pierrot, and FAKE STAR for allowing me to photograph the fashion show!

Atelier Pierrot was one of the three brands for A-Kon 2023’s fashion show! Check out my report for the other two brands, Haenuli and Star Crossed Lovelies (gallery coming soon)!

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