Remote Twinning Holy Lantern with Mai

Here is another remote twinning coordinate post. After my first remote twinning with Akari, I wanted to twin with more people! I Remote twinning is a fun way to connect with other lolitas globally. Sadly, there are not that many gothic lolitas in my local community, so I never really got to twin with anyone in-person. Plus the remote twinning happened in quarantine, so in-person twinning wouldn’t feasible anyway. For my second twinning, I twinned with Mai (@maymistea), a lolita from Australia!

Mai wears a mix of gothic, classic, and sweet lolita which is just a little bit of everything. We only had one dress in common being Angelic’ Pretty’s Holy Lantern zipper JSK. We also had some matching accessories such as the Sheglit Restraint Leather Corset, Antique BeasT cat/bat headdress, and Moi meme Moitie Altar over the knee socks. We styled Holy Lantern in a gothic lolita way rather than the sweet lolita way.

Since we each owned a different colorway, I own black x black and she owns red, we decided to do inverse color twinning. I paired my black Holy Lantern with the only red blouse I own. In hindsight, I don’t think the cut of the Atelier Boz blouse quite worked well with the roundness of the Angelic Pretty dress, so I wouldn’t wear this combo out of the house. I used a Prisila half wig to mimic her natural shoulder-length hair. She also put on glasses to pull off my signature! Keep scrolling to see my solo shots.

Outfit Rundown

  • Head: Antique BeasT Cat/Bat Headdress
  • Dress: Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern JSK
  • Top: Atelier Boz Justin Blouse
  • Socks: Moi meme Moitie Altar OTKs
  • Shoes: Yosuke USA Storm Pumps
  • Accessories: Sheglit Restraint Leather Corset, Alice and the Pirates EDEN’s Gate Lock Necklace, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Emblem B-mark Ring, Atelier Pierrot mini cage skirt, Melikestea Cotton Candy Petticoat

Now for some minor photography banter. For these photos, I busted out some cheap softboxes I bought years ago since it was gloomy outside. I still am not sure if I like how the artificial light fills, but I guess it works in a pinch. The downside to this set-up is the lights take forever to assemble and they bulbs make the room incredibly hot since I always have to take at least 40 photos to get a good outfit shot. I’ve been thinking of some other lighting solutions when I can’t rely on natural light, but I always go deep down into the review reading hole when it comes to photography equipment therefore making me indecisive. Ah well, I’m not in a rush to buy more gear, but my gear wishlist continues growing larger over time. Photography equipment is more expensive than lolita, so I must be careful!

Here’s one more collage pic for good measure. Thank her for collaging the pictures together!

Follow Mai on Instagram @maymistea for her coords and cute pets. She also has a beautiful blog featuring her wardrobe posts and meetup reports. Thank you for twinning with me, Mai!

Who will be my next twinning partner? I had to take a break from twinning during summer since I was so busy. Since I’ll have more free time in fall and winter, I’m open to twinning with more people! If you’re interested, feel free to send me a message on Twitter, Instagram, my other social media, or even the contact form!

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