Get the Look: Nana Osaki’s Frilly Red Dress

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NANA by Ai Yazawa is renowned for two things: one, having a gut-wrenching story and two, being a punk fashion paradise. The Nana series started publication in 2000 and crushed the hearts of many readers throughout the 00’s. During the manga’s run, the first live action movie premiered in 2005 along with a sequel in 2006. The Nana anime aired from 2006-07. Most people focus on the copious amounts Vivienne Westwood pieces featured throughout the series, but there are a few other key pieces from other brands that are stunning. One of them is the frilly red dress.

The Frilly Red Dress

In a flashback, Nana Osaki, one of the two Nana main characters, spots the red dress inside the window of Happy Berry, a fictional clothing brand in the Yazawa universe. The dress features a high neck collar with frills running down the bodice and a tiered skirt attached, long sleeves, and a hidden back zipper. Using the money she earned from a part-time job, she purchases the frilly red dress as a Christmas present to herself.

Nana manga panel vs anime screenshot: Nana O. looks at the red dress through shop window.
The red dress depicted in the manga and anime.

Nana’s red dress is also significant to her connection with her main love interest Ren Honjo. The first time Nana Osaki sees Ren play at a concert, she happens to be wearing her frilly red dress. She also wears the dress again on the day Ren leaves for Tokyo in the first volume of the manga. Since Nana wears it the first time and the last time she sees Ren before moving to Tokyo, the dress became a bookend for the first phase of their relationship.

Sexy Dynamite London

Nana played by Mika Nakashima for live action movie.
Nana Osaki played by Mika Nakashima

For the live action adaptation, Japanese punk fashion brand SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON produced the official version of Nana’s frilly red dress. SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON is a brand that takes inspiration from gothic, rock, and punk music and is known for its homage to Vivienne Westwood.

The official name of this dress is the Frill One Piece. SDL released the original version of the Frill One Piece Dress in the 2005. Back in that era, it was rather difficult to buy from Japan. The piece also had a very limited single size. These two factor contribute to a scarcity in the overseas market. At the time, not many English speaking Nana fans were able to get Nana’s red dress. Because of this, there are not a lot of this piece on the second hand market to this day. But, fear not.

Frill OP by Sexy Dynamite London stock photo.

Fortunately, you can actually still buy this dress! Starting from 2020, the brand has re-released this dress yearly, usually around the A/W season. The re-released versions introduced multiple sizes, from Japanese size XS to XL, and is released in two colors: red and black. It is made out of 100% cotton broadcloth and costs 25,080 yen (approx. $200 USD). Pre-orders for the 2023 version are up on their webshop now! If you’re in Japan, you can also pick one up at the KERA Shop Shinjuku store.

The Frill OP is just one of many SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON pieces featured in Nana.

Nana Osaki fashion spread featuring clothing by Sexy Dynamite London, Vivienne Westwood, and Hellcat Punks from KERA MANIAX magazine.
Pieces from SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON, Hellcat Punks, and Vivienne Westwood seen in the Nana manga (via KERA Maniax)

Unfortunately, neither SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON nor KERA Shop ship internationally, so you will have to use a shopping service to purchase it.

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frilly red dress collage from Nana the anime, movie, and manga.

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