Atelier Pierrot and Kyowa Lace Kawaii Lace Flyer

I picked up this flier at the Atelier Pierrot booth during A-Kon. Pierrot was selling several designs at the con, but I didn’t buy any since I don’t have the skills to make handmade items. This is the same lace Pierrot uses on some of their products. The samples were very gorgeous, so they’re a perfect addition to any lolita seamstress’s collection. The flyer did get wrinkled in my suitcase, so apologies if you can see through the haste editing job. 

Brand: Atelier Pierrot
Model: Connie
Featured items: Kyowa lace

Your clothes made of lace from Japan would be more beautiful. How about designing one today? You can see the details of the laces from the following link: Atelier Pierrot webshop 
(note: the link in the image is broken, this is the correct one)

Made in Japan
1. Experience: Our craftsmen have about 40 years of experience.
2. Uniformity: Uniform pattern.
3. Security and Safety: Good of Inspection System.
4. Quickly: We pack and ship items ensuring safety and care from Japan as soon as possible.

KIRA KIRA means shiny and sparkly in Japanese.

KIRA KIRA thread (original thread made by Kyowa Lace Co.). It’s like the color of brass instruments. It’s a soft sparkle look.

KIRA KIRA Chemical Lace, Chemical Lace, Tulle Lace, KIRAKIRA Black Lace (Coming soon!)

You can easily make your own items (clothes, goods, accessories) from lace by sticking or sewing it on.

Kyowa Lace Co.
Products: Lace (ALL Laces made in Japan)
Place: Asakusabashi, Tokyo
Established in 1950
Instagram: kyowalace

Atelier PierrotOHP | Webshop | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
Kyowa Lace Co.OHP | Instagram

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