Na+H via Atelier Pierrot 2017 Lucky Pack Opening

Part of the celebration of a new year begins with New Year’s lucky bags or in Japanese fukubukuro. Normally, I don’t buy lucky packs unless I liked 75% of the new releases from a brand’s previous 2-4 seasons which applied to Na+H last year. I was feeling pretty lucky on this gamble. 

Atelier Pierrot announced lucky packs for Enchantlic Enchantilly, Na+H, MARBLE, Atelier Ruby, Gothic Holic, Pina Sweet Collection, Morun x Muuna Stoik, and Atelier Beatrice. They posted preview for the Na+H pack which they didn’t do for the other brands. The page is now gone, so I’ll just paste everything here. Google Translate says:

2017 Sale of Lucky Bag
Na+H lucky bags will be sold in Atelier Pierrot Osaka and Atelier Pierrot Harajuku stores!! 
The price of a lucky bag is 30,000 yen + tax。 The contents are equivalent to 60,000 to 75,000 yen!!
It’s a very affordable bag! I’ll preview some of the contents. 

* These [images] are the contents of some lucky bags, but does not necessarily include these. 
* Because these are limited quantity items, sale will end once they’re sold out. 
* Reservations are not available. 

2017年 初売り福袋 Na+H
福袋価格 30,000円+Tax

When I saw the first image in the preview, I decided to give it a shot because I’d actually been eyeing the Frame Cardigan on the webshop for about 6+ months. I really wanted that cardigan. Atelier Pierrot’s Harajuku location is located inside LaForet Harajuku, so the sales opened on January 1. Personally, I was not worried about it selling it out because let’s be real; Na+H is an expensive brand and tiny brand in sizing and quantity. It’s not a lolita brand, so it’s not really that popular in and out of Japan. 

 did offer several packs on their own website, but I decided to go with Atelier Pierrot since they offer free international shipping over a certain amount. Except my plan backfired because Pierrot never listed them online. I spent too much time waiting for them to list it, so the one on the Na+H site sold out. Grimy happened to be in Tokyo on the 13th for an anime food adventure, so I asked her to buy it as a joke because I thought they’d be sold out by now, but lo and behold, I got one.

Spoiler alert: I got the second set, so no cool cardigan for me. The Na+H website(s) absolutely suck(s) and they move URLs so often that it makes finding item names and details is a major pain. 

1. Tank OP with net overlay

Retail price: 29,000 yen excluding tax

There’s no stock photo, only a tweet about it. I believe these might have been made for the lucky pack and released separately in stores after. The most interesting feature of this OP is the corset lacing on the back. At first, I was disappointed when I pulled it out of the bag, but once I wore it, I realized I probably need it for the Texas summer.

2. Frill Dolman Cardigan 

Retail price: 18,000 yen (estimated, excluding tax)

Again, couldn’t find any information about this one, so it may be the same case as above. It’s very similar to something that was called “Frill Dolman Cardigan” released in 2016, but the sleeves are different. It’s made of a sweatshirt-like material. In the video, I actually put it on the mannequin backwards, but I think it looks just as good as forwards. 

The loop can be arranged various ways. It’s made of a stretchy tulle. I have other items with the same trim and I really enjoy it because it has a high frill volume while being lightweight.

3. Frame Neck Cast

Retail price: 9,800 yen excluding tax 

It’s weird that they call this a cast for some reason instead of a neck corset. Pretty happy I received this one instead of the one in the sample image. This one is more frilly which I like. It also fits my dog Latte, so we can share another accessory.

4. Studded Clutch Bag 

Retail price: N/A 

This doesn’t have an official name because Na+H only produces bags as novelties. It’s made of enamel making it very shiny and decorated with antique gold studs. I have no use for this since I don’t like clutches, so I will be selling it. If you’d like to claim it before I list it for sale, feel free to contact me!

The total value of my pack is 56,800 yen not including the bag. If I had to guess a value for the bag, it would probably be about 6,000 yen totaling 62,800 landing this pack on the minimum side of the price spectrum. As like most other gothic brands, the deal value of this lucky pack is not very high compared to sweet or classic brands; you really only save about 50% off. I would only recommend purchasing a Na+H lucky pack if you absolutely know you can fit their clothes and really like what they put out. It is a full coordinate though, so it is ready to wear. 

I made a video review before writing this post, so you can see the clothing details slightly better. 

Overall, for the amount paid I’m pretty apathetic about this lucky pack. It’s not what I wanted, but it could have been worse. I could have ended up with example #3 and it would have been very difficult to sell in the international community. The clutch bag really brought my mood down. Heck, I’d be way more satisfied with some 2,000 yen socks or something since I’m just not a bag person. Luckily, I did not have to pay shopping service or shipping fees this time, but if I had to pay extra fees, I would definitely reconsider my purchase. I’m still sad I didn’t get that Frame Cardigan, so I might just have to go buy it at retail price.

Did you buy any lucky packs year? Have any sweet deals or regrets? Share your experience in the comments!

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