A Big List of Visual Kei Fashion Brands

What is Visual Kei?

Visual kei (v-kei or VK) is a movement in Japanese music where bands places emphasis on both music and looks. Inspired by Western punk, glam rock, and hair metal genres of the 1970s and 1980s, Japanese bands adopted elements from these trends to incorporate into their stage styles. These visual kei bands inspired many fans to dress in alternative fashion leading a rise in Japan’s gothic and punk fashion scene starting in the 90s.

Fashion of Visual Kei

Visual kei is not a fashion style but a wide variety of styles combined with big hair and dramatic makeup. When most people think of the overall visual kei aesthetic, typically they think of a band with a dark color palette and each member is rocking big hair and bold makeup. The hair and makeup carries the look, but clothes can also help boost the overall vibe.

Most of what visual kei bands wear are custom made for the bands as stage costumes. However, there are several Japanese gothic and punk fashion brands that have connections to the visual kei industry and produce clothing for daily wear. Some of these brands are founded by visual kei musicians themselves, while others often collaborate with current musicians to design pieces that fit the band’s particular aesthetic.

Japanese Visual Kei Clothing Brands

Mana-sama standing in front of 4 clothed mannequins.


Started by famed visual kei guitarist Mana of Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois, Moi-meme-Moitie is a Japanese gothic and lolita brand. The brand was founded in 1999 and has had a dedicated fanbase ever since.

The brand is split into 2 lines:

  • Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL) – their gothic lolita fashion line.
  • Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) – their aristocratic line with more masculine pieces.

Notable artist collaborations: Psyhco Le Cemu, JILUKA, Kaya

Dir en Grey member Shinya modeling for h.naoto.


h.NAOTO by designer Hirooka Naoto is an avant garde brand leaning towards gothic and punk styles. Started in 2000, the brand has many different sub-lines each with its own unique theme. These sub-lines tend to come and go but some notable sub-lines are:

  • h.ANARCHY – punk
  • h.NAOTO BLOOD – gothic
  • h.NAOTO STEAM – steampunk
  • FRILL – lolita

Notable artist collaborations: Hyde, GACKT, Shinya (Dir en Grey)

collage of 10 different punk outfits from Sex Pot Revenge.


SEX POT ReVeNGe has been making bold clothing with a blend of punk, rock, and gothic styles since 2003. Their edgy and innovative designs can be dressed up for glamour or dressed down for casual looks. Many of the clothes are made in unisex sizing.

When you think of 2000s visual kei, SEX POT always comes to mind. Early SEX POT was extremely garish with bright colors clashing with black. Current designs are rather monochrome.

Notable artist collaborations: Sick2, AKIRA, theVICIOUS, D

The Japanese webshop does not ship overseas, so a shopping service is required. You can also buy their clothing from CDJapan which does ship internationally.

Two models Midori Fukasawa and Akira walking down runway in matching red and black lolita and ouji sets.

Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates is the sister brand to one of the biggest lolita fashion brands, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Both brands often used visual kei bandmen as models in magazine spreads and fashion shows. Alice and the Pirates’s designs encompass lolita and ouji fashion inspired by gothic, nautical, and punk elements.

Designs from 2005-2010 had typically more pirate and punk elements such as chains and asymmetry. Their previous color pallet was mostly black and white, where as now they use a lot more color.

Notable artist collaborations: Versailles, Kaya, Kamijo

Both the Japan shop and USA shop will ship worldwide.

model wearing asymmetric plaid shirt and leather pants by CIVARIZE.


CIVARIZE is a “brand for people who continue to express their own identity” despite mainstream fashion trends changing with time. The cuts are simple for day-to-day wear, but play with different textures. Sizing is for men, but some pieces can be unisex.

Its sister brands Reflem and Travas Tokyo also have cute, dark yamikawaii aesthetic aimed towards women.

Noteable artist collaborations: DIAURA, Nightmare, DADAROMA

CIVARIZE’s shops do not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

two mannequins dressed in Roland Jacket outfits, one in masculine style and one in feminine style.

Atelier BOZ

Atelier BOZ‘s concept is making classical and elegant attire reminiscent of of medieval Europe. This brand is popular with those looking for more elegant styles. Men’s sizing is available.

The brand almost closed permanently in 2021, but is now sold through Alpstola.

Noteable collaborations: NoGoD, Vampire Rose, Exist Trace

model in leopard print and plaid punk outfit standing in front of Hellcatpunks sign.


HELLCATPUNKS fashion brand takes inspiration from the 1970s London fashion scene, including punk rocker styles like bondage pants, and resizes them into a more modern style. Plaid and leopard print are some of the brand’s iconic patterns alongside with cat motifs.

Modern HELLCATPUNKS became extremely toned down, so look for older pieces if you are looking for a bolder look.

Hellcatpunks’s shop does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

model wearing Ozz Croce outfit of whtie blouse, black jacket and skirt pants.

Ozz On Japan

Ozz On is a gothic and punk brand consisting of several different sub-lines.

  • Ozz Croce: Crosses, dragons, phoenixes, skulls, rosees, and spiders are all motifs of Ozz Croce. It incorporates powerful fantasy motifs into the clothes with a cool and edgy style.
  • Ozz Oneste: Inspired by the beauty of traditional Japanese and Chinese patterns. This line is heavily inspired by east Asian motifs such as kimono, hanfu, bright colors, and elegance.
  • Rozen Klavier: Take Ozz’s unique style and combine it with nostalgic and feminine fashion for sophisticated women. The modern designs have an austere and mature essence to them.
  • Ozz Conte: A unisex brand that mixes cutting edge designs with traditional patterns.
  • Ozz Angelo: This line takes the most inspiration from classical European designs. Most of the non-wa lolita pieces come from this sub-brand.

Ozz On does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

million dollar orchestra designer Takeru modeling clothing.

Million Dollar Orchestra

Started by visual kei vocalist Takeru (Sleepyhead, ex-SUG) in 2010, Million Dollar Orchestra reflects his street gothic style.

Million Dollar Orchestra does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

collage of three punk outfits by Deorart. first outfit has long white shirt paired with long black cardigan and wide black pants. second outfit has red button up shirt with zipper pants. third outfit has white graphic t-shirt and black jodhpurs pants.


Deorart is a casual gothic and punk brand made for people to enjoy concerts in their own style. Their main looks often feature loose layers and minimal accessories for the ultimate comfort.

Deorart’s webshop does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

Deorart items can also be purchased through CDJapan which offers international shipping.

vocalist Kaya wearing a kimono by despair.


despair focuses on making modern gothic and gothic lolita clothing combining it with traditional wa elements from Japanese kimono. They incorporate nobility, elegance, and beauty into their designs.

despair makes kimono, wa lolita, hakama, and casual pieces incorporating kimono patterns.

Notable artist collaborations: Kaya, DISACODE

despair items can also be purchased through CDJapan which offers international shipping.

KINGLYMASK androgynous model wearing big and baggy black outfit.


KINGLY MASK was born in Harajuku in 2003. With the theme of “excitement in your heart always,” the clothes bring you happiness just by wearing them. Constantly challenging new styles as a fusion of music and street fashion, the brand is a strong presence driving the fashion scene of Harajuku.

Notable artist collaborations: Golden Bomber, GOTHAROCKA, Kra, Chisa (ACME, ex-DIV)

KINGLY MASK does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

model spreading out big baggy black hoodie featuring black bird print.


Originally started as a casual brand, it shifted its image to gothic and lolita style in the Heisei era. ALGONQUINS gained popularity by putting ads in magazines targeted towards young people such as KERA and having visual kei bands wear their clothing as costumes. The brand had a high profile in the gothic & lolita scene.

ALGONQUINS filed for bankruptcy in 2016, but made a comeback in 2021.

ALGONQUINS does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

punk mdodel wearing cold shoulder long sleeve button up blouse, red plaid skirt, fishnet stockings, and platform boots.


ACDC RAG started off in the streets of Harajuku in the 1980’s. Their brand concept is “No Borders” meaning no matter where you’re from, your gender or age, there are no rules on how to wear your clothes.

ACDC Rag has a low price point that is friendly for beginners to trying to find their style.

visual kei musician Mia wearing wide black cardigan, black t-shirt, and ripped black skinny jeans for Wrouge.


Wrouge pursues a timeless rock style for their brand image. The brand makes plenty of comfortable and unisex clothing. Its sister brands JURY BLACK offers a similar rock style for casual men.

Notable artist collaborations: MiA (ex-Mejibray), Arlequin, Lyacon

Wrouge does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

Chisa from visual kei band ACME wearing a button down shirt with bear print on one side with baggy zipper punk pants.


Amilige is the cute-leaning sister brand to Wrouge and JURY BLACK. Their “sickly cute” concept plays heavily on yami kawaii and menhera motifs. Amilige’s designs are mostly aimed at women, but the shirts are baggy enough for men.

Notable artist collaborations: Chisa (ACME, ex-DIV)

Amilige does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

Harajuku model wearing cool sunglasses, varsity jacket, oversized hoodie, and printed over knee socks in front of colorful background.


HYPER CORE was founded by the Japanese artist Hisacy. Most of the designs the brand produces are based on his original illustrations inspired by tattoos and rock music. Before starting HYPER CORE, Hisacy’s job as an illustrator included work for Japanese magazines, album covers, apparel designs, and other clients – much of it music-related.

Notable artist collaborations: Yoshiki (X Japan), hide, DaizyStripper

HYPER CORE does not ship internationally, so a shopping service is required.

Some HYPER CORE items can be bought through FAKE STAR which offers international shipping.

Other Gothic and Punk Brands

Defunct Brands

Even though these brands no longer exist, you can still find their pieces secondhand.

  • Putumayo
  • Stigmata
  • Ghost of Harlem
  • TutuHa/Glavil
  • Glad News
  • Suppurate System

Visual Kei Accessories and Shoes



Final Notes

On a final note, brand name items are not necessary in order to fit into the visual kei aesthetic. The most important thing is the overall styling. It’s a balance between the hair, makeup, and outfit.

Buy what you like! Don’t feel pressured to stick to these brands only. Part of visual kei stemmed from punk rock, so feel free to incorporate DIY fashion into the looks. Visual kei also has roots in goth music, so many Western goth brands also work well for trying to get a visual kei look.

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