Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Cafe @ Popfancy Houston

Popfancy Dessert Bar will be hosting an official Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania themed cafe February 15-March 19, 2023 in partnership with Marvel Studios. The Ant-Man themed cafe will feature decor and fun-sized foods and drinks inspired by the upcoming movie.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be released in theaters on February 17, 2023 as the 31st movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Cafe Experience

Popfancy is known for their ever-rotating themed cafes with elaborate decor. In the past, they’ve hosted fan cafes inspired by different facets of pop culture such as anime, video games, and K-pop.

The inside of the cafe decorated with the futuristic theme of the Pym Technologies Headquarters.

Attendance to the cafe is free! Fans of all ages are welcome to come. Walk-ins are wecomed, however guests may purchase an optional fastpass via Popfancy’s website. A fastpass will take you straight to the front door if there is a line. It’s especially helpful on weekends since it does get very busy.

Ant-Man Cafe Menu

The cafe will serve both sweet and savory food options along with fun drinks. Many of the foods play on size as a reference to Ant-Man’s ability to shrink and grow using Pym Particles. Click on each picture to see what each food is!

Whole spread of plates of food (mini tacos, mochi waffles, chicken and waffles) and three drinks.
Luis’s Micro Street Tacosm Hive Mochi Waffles, Kang’s Kiwi Lime Soda, Jimmy’s Micro Hot Chicken n’ Waffles


I tried two of the savory options. First is Jimmy’s Micro Hot Chicken n’ Waffles, a basket of mini breakfast waffles and hot honey chicken strips accompanied with maple syrup and micro Tabasco sauce. The chicken isn’t too spicy and the sweetness of the waffles pairs well with the slight heat. Second is Luis’s Micro Street Tacos, three mini beef street tacos decorated with pico de gallo and lettuce and micro Cholula sauce. Both are so cute with the mini sauce bottles!


Popfancy is a dessert bar, so you must get dessert. I always recommend ordering their signature mochi waffles. For this theme, the waffles are shaped like beehives as a nod to the insect motif and you can choose from four different flavors (strawberry parfait, chocolate lover, cereal monster, cookies and cream). They also have four “Pym Tech Mega-Minis” ice cream sundaes to choose from and all of them feature huge toppings. I tried the Oversized Oreo which is an Oreo lover’s dream. It consists of blue cookies and cream ice cream with Coco Puffs cereal topped with chocolate sauce, a jumbo Oreo cookie, and several micro Oreos. The contrast between the huge Oreo and mini Oreos is a visual delight.

Onto drinkable desserts, we tried three of them. The red drink is the Walloping Watermelon which is a watermelon lemonade with a scoop of strawberry kiwi sorbet. It’s topped with a huge watermelon slice and decorative ant. What’s an Ant-Man theme without ants?

Another interactive drink is the blue Pym Potion which is a blue raspberry and cream cheese foam slushie. Inject the drink with the cherry syrup and it’ll enable your body to grow (theoretically). For the ability to shrink, you’ll want to order the red Pym Potion instead.

Third was Kang’s Kiwi Lime Soda. This was one out of the four sodas and will come with popcorn when the cafe officially starts for a complete Quantumania movie experience.

Cafe Timeline

The cafe will run February 15-March 19 and is open daily from 1 PM-10 PM. It’s least crowded Monday-Thursday. On weekends, it can get crowded, so make sure to take advantage of the virtual queue and fastpass option. On February 24, they’ll also host a special Marvel trivia night. Tickets for trivia night must be purchased separately through the event page.

Thanks to Snap2 and Popfancy for inviting me once again. This Ant-Man cafe is a f-ANT-astic experience for any Marvel fans!

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