BAND-MAID US Tour 2022 Houston Concert

BAND-MAID performed in Houston on their 2022 US tour, so of course I had to see them live! To fit the theme, I wore a maid lolita outfit for the concert.

BAND-MAID is a Japanese rock band with a maid themed visual concept, as their name suggests. Upon seeing the name, I was sold. What’s better than rock and cute girls? I first discovered them either on a YouTube binge or through Spotify recommendations; it’s been a few years, so I don’t exactly remember, but I’ve been hooked ever since. As soon as I saw Houston on the tour list, I immediately bought my ticket.

half body shot of maid lolita outfit.

For the maid theme, I wore this Vierge Vampur apron once again since it’s the only apron I own. I just received this black and white Baby, the Stars Shine Bright JSK in the mail which fit the maid aesthetic quite well. Since it’s October spooky season, I added a few gothic accessories like the bat wing headband and gauze blouse.

full body shot of maid lolita outfit.

Outfit Rundown

  • Headwear
    • Arda Wigs Miya Wig
    • Moi meme Moitie Holy Cross Headdress
    • Ugly Plants Spooky Bat Wing Headband
  • Top
    • Na+H Gauze Frill Blouse
  • Dress
    • Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Lace Frill JSK
  • Legwear
    • Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Ribbon Knee Socks
  • Shoes
    • Yosuke USA 30th Anniversary Platform Sneakers
  • Accessories
    • Moi meme Moitie Cross Accessory Chain
    • Vierge Vampur Meal Time Apron
    • Melikestea Cotton Candy Organza Petticoat

For the shoes, I opted for something comfortable since I was in standing room. These platform sneakers are my go-to concert shoes; I need the platforms’ height since I’m so short. Unfortunately, there were still a lot of tall guys in the front rows. Concerts are rough for short people.

The venue was House of Blues Houston in downtown. I arrived a little early hoping to get a good spot.

maid gothic lolita selfie.

Their performance was amazing! Previously, I had only listened to their music and never looked into the members, so seeing each of their personalities on stage was eyeopening. They played some of my favorite songs such as Daydreaming, DOMINATION, and Play. I uploaded my videos on my Twitter.

Bassist Misa had a fun little segment where she opened a beer can on stage. While I didn’t get them on video, the other members also had some MCs. Guitarist/vocalist Miku enchanted the audience with moe moe kyun chant. Vocalist Saiki and guitarist Kanami taught us some useful Japanese words.

The BAND-MAID girls are all really cute and energetic and their music really energizes me. I’ve got an extreme soft spot for all-female rock bands, so I was happy to see them rock out. I recommend catching their concert at the remaining tour stops if you have the chance! Thank you for the great show, BAND-MAID!

venue sign and stage for band-maid.

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