Attack on Titan Themed Cafe: Tavern at Wall Rose

Welcome to the Tavern at Wall Rose: The Rumbling edition! The Tavern at Wall Rose, inspired by the Shingeki no Kyojin series, returns to Popfancy Dessert Bar for a limited time July 8-24, 2022 in Houston, TX.

The Tavern at Wall Rose first popped up in 2021, but now it’s back in celebration of Attack on Titan’s final anime season. The Rumbling edition, named after the opening song by J-rock band SiM, brings an improved interior, new German tavern menu, photo ops, and cosplay contest.

This fan cafe is hosted by the same team who’ve done the Sailor Moon and Genshin Impact cafes I covered previously!

Inside the Tavern at Wall Rose

The cafe interior transformed into a tavern! Inside guests will find a merchandise shop filled with cosplay and merchandise. Right above the shop looms a threatening Colossal Titan. There are some cosplay displays featuring Eren Yaeger’s, Levi Ackerman’s, and Mikasa Ackerman’s costumes.

Tavern Menu

The cafe menu takes inspiration from a German tavern. It has a mix of fun snacks, drinks, and dessert all named after characters and plot points from the anime.

assortment of tavern foods on table.

The menu has four savory options. First we have the Shiganshina Twist, a set of two pretzels. Second is The Kennyyyyyy! which is hot dog with German bratwurst and sauerkraut on a mini baguette.

pretzel and hot dog being held by cosplayer.
Shiganshina Twist, The Kennyyyyyy!

If you want to share with a group, then The Colossal Platter (charcuterie board) is perfect for splitting. The Calaneth District Dumplings also come as a set of 4 potato pierogies.

pierogies and charcuterie board held by cosplayer.
Calaneth District Dumplings, The Colossal Platter

Grab a drink while you dine! The most on theme drinks are the Sparkling Titan Serums which are sparkling lemon tonics that come with a syringe flavor shot. Just be careful not transform into a Titan on the spot.

Last but not least, Popfancy’s specialty is dessert. The Potato Girl Croissant, a chocolate dipped croissant filled with taro, was named after Sasha Braus; it also has a taro chocolate drizzle. The Jaws of War is a vanilla ice cream sandwich between two honeysuckle Stroopwafels with caramel popcorn and caramel drizzle.

In total, there are four sundaes to choose from all of which have a cool smoky effect. Here’s two of them. The chocolate based one is called Toasted Armin S’mores. It has a chocolate ice cream base and it’s topped with chocolate drizzle, graham cracker, and toasted marshmallow. The next one is called Gabi’s Bullet which has a cookies and cream base, Oreo “gunpowder” crumble, bloody berry drizzle, and chocolate bullet.

Visit the Tavern at Wall Rose

Ready to go? Gear up and reserve a fastpass! I highly recommend signing up for the virtual queue if you plan to go on a weekend since the lines can get long.

Popfancy Dessert Bar
9393 Bellaire Blvd. Ste A6
Houston, TX 77036
[open in Google Maps]

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I wore one of the Survey Corps uniform jackets for the occasion. How do I look? My hairdresser always joked that I had the Levi hairstyle (although it was actually inspired by Yakuza’s Majima). Thanks to Snap2 and Popfancy for inviting me!

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