Barbie-Inspired Dreamhouse Boutique Cafe @ Popfancy

Popfancy is back with a super pink Barbie-inspired fan cafe celebrating the release of the Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie! The Barbie-inspired Dreamhouse Boutique Cafe will run July 28-August 20, 2023.

Popfancy Dessert Bar is a dessert shop in Houston, TX known for their extravagantly designed themed cafes. Popfancy takes inspirations from many facets of pop culture such as anime, movies, music, and video games.


Step into Barbieland where everything is pink!

When you walk in, several of Barbie’s outfits hang on the pink walls.

Pink wall with Barbie's roller skating outfit hung.

On the other side, you’ll see a poolside photo-op.

Barbie-inspired poolside photo-op wall. Wall has pink tile and fake pool decor.

Towards the back, there’s a doll box for guests to stand inside.

Barbie doll box photo-op wall.

The decoration team fill the cafe with many other great details. I highly recommend seeing all of the details in-person!

Neon sign that reads "On Wednesdays we wear pink."


What’s a themed cafe without the themed foods?

For savory, we tried the Girl Boss, a dish made of Barbie-Q meatballs and a light pesto pasta salad.

Two meatball skewers on bed of pesto bowtie pasta salad.
Barbie-Q meatballs

The Dreamhouse Drip is a duo of decorated croissants. The green one is matcha chocolate dipped with chopped pistachios and the purple one is ube chocolate dipped with sliced almonds.

We also had the Mermaid Tales sundae with an ice cream flavor of your choice; we chose acai berry oatmeal. This sundae includes strawberry, mango, blueberries, berry sauce, chocolate mermaid tail, and a decorate Barbie heel. And yes, you do get to keep the ice cream bowl.

Mermaid themed Ice cream sundae with berry acai oat ice cream, mangoes, chocolate mermaid tail, and whipped cream in ceramic ice-cream cone shaped bowl.
Mermaid Tales sundae

Finishing off with some refreshing drinks, we ordered the strawberry Poolside Chiller and Hot Doll Summer. The Poolside Chiller can be ordered strawberry or pineapple and come in a respective fruit cup. Hot Doll Summer is a hibiscus sweet tea and lemonade with mango and dragon fruit chunks. It also came with an inflatable flamingo cup holder.

Visit the Dreamhouse Boutique Cafe

All Popfancy themed cafes are free events and open to all ages! You only need to purchase food and drinks. Popfancy is open daily 1-10 PM in the Bellaire Food Street strip center.

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday) are best for avoiding crowds. On weekends, fastpass reservations are highly recommended. Fastpasses are available through Popfancy’s website.

Dressing up is highly encouraged, so put on your best pink outfit and visit this pink boutique! And remember: You are Kenough!

Disclaimer: This is a fan cafe. It is not affiliated with Mattel.

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  1. The name “Barbie-Q meatballs” is just too good, haha. Even though I’m usually suspicious of over-colored food, everything does look delicious! I’m really curious about the matcha croissant, it’s not only pretty but the ingredients description sounds great. And you look lovely, of course.


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