Oni-Con 2017 Sakurako Hoshina International Debut Live Concert!

KERA model and musician Sakurako Hoshina held her first international live show at Oni-Con 2017. After she participated in the fashion show, Sakurako went from modeling outfits from both KawaiiHolic and Royal Princess Alice to diving straight into rehearsal. She definitely had an eventful day.

It’s not uncommon for KERA models to dabble in music. At the time, Sakurako was new to the music scene and only had one PV on her Youtube channel. To my surprise, I learned that another KERA model Oni (ex-GANGLION) writes all of her music. I really liked GANGLION before they broke up (R.I.P.) and was lucky enough to see them in 2014, so I was glad to hear that Oni was still making music.

For the concert, Sakurako changed into a wa lolita coordinate featuring the Nostalgic Candy Bar Ribbon Shirred JSK and 3/4 Sleeve Chiffon Blouse by Metamorphose. The accessories are from Metamorphose as well. Unlike the official release, her JSK has a cute ribbon embellishment along the hem. The headdress is also a custom item.

Sakurako played 5 of her original songs. The majority of her songs can be categorized as pop-rock. She even played 2 anisong covers of Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon and A Cruel Angel’s Thesis from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Sakurako held her second concert last weekend at Animex 2018 which reminded me to finish up the rest of my Oni-Con photos. Also, keep your eyes out for my interview with her once I find a translator. Sakurako also wrote a KERA article about her experience. I am ooking forward to her kawaii music career.

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