Oni-Con 2017 Things That Go Bump in the Night Tea Party Report

Oni-Con 2017’s lolita tea party was titled “Things That Go Bump in the Night.” Oni-Con usually takes place on Halloween weekend, so a spooky themed tea party is a perfect fit for the season. Featured brands included Royal Princess Alice, designer and manager Aito, KawaiiHolic, designer and KERA model Kimura U, and Puvithel!


Skulls, spiders, and plenty of witches, oh my! The decor was on point with the theme.

The dim lighting enhanced the gothic aesthetic. That made photography difficult, so unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures.

Each attendee received a goodie bag. There were more items inside, but I carelessly forgot to take my bag home!

Event Outfits

There were a ton of prizes donated by various indie brands for the raffle. Aito-san and Kimura U both drew a shikishi signboard featuring their original characters.

Royal Princess Alices‘s Okitsune-sama print was the crowd favorite of the party; five is a crowd. This print is a collaboration between Royal Princess Alice and watercolor illustrator Tama and was also featured in the fashion show. Tama’s vivid watercolor style is a perfect match for wa lolita.

Puvithel wore her original Slaughterhouse 413 print. The story of this print is about a girl who wandered into a butcher shop and fell into a meat grinder. The names of the colorways, Pallid (white) and Bruised (black), even match the theme. It’s really a unique take on guro lolita! Both colorways were also featured in the fashion show. I won another Crystal Heart Brooch from Puvithel from the raffle, so now I own three of them!

The guest traveled table to table interacting with every attendee. The designers had such positive energies. It was very easy to communicate with them even with the small language barrier.

Personally, I loved themed parties because creativity reaches peak levels. I love seeing the handmade and personalized pieces. That’s it for my photos, so here’s a few group photos of my table. Skeleton-kun was our MVP.

Oni-Con 2018 Announcements

Oni-Con has already started announcing their line-up for the 2018 event. This year Oni-Con will take place on November 9-11, 2018. So far, Lovely Lor, AKIRA, and DISACODE have been announced. I’ll look forward to seeing which brands will be featured.

Oni-Con also revamped their website for this year; it’s super sleek now. You may recognize who’s photo is used for the header. Hint: it’s by yours truly!

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