A Big List of Black-Owned Kawaii Brands

Now is an excellent time to support local black-owned businesses and black creators. While kawaii style is originally from Japan, the style has been on the global stage for the past 15+ years. Kawaii style includes lolita fashion, menhera, fairy kei, and generally colorful pastel styles. Now there are numerous overseas brands that were inspired by Japan’s unique fashion. Today I want to share with you some of the amazing black-owned kawaii brands! Here are 50+ black-owned kawaii brand you can support.

This majority of this list was curated referencing black creators. Please follow them as well!

If you prefer a darker alternative fashion, check out the Big List of Black-Owned Goth/Punk Brands!

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Adorned by Chi

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Adorned by Chi is an clothing and accessories brand designed for misfits and magical girls. They also produce original magical girl manga series. Adorned by Chi has been featured on Afropunk, Blavity, Nylon, The Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed.

GDBee Art

Website | Webshop | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

GDBee Art is a self-taught digital artist based in North Carolina. The majority of their works feature black subjects painted in beautiful vivid settings. Purchase their art through prints, apparel, books, and stationery.


Website | Webshop | Facebook | Instagram

Mossbadger is a gothic and lolita indie brand based in the U.S. Their prints are influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic.


Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Bisoulovely makes handcrafted magical girl themed jewelry. They have made designs based off popular anime such as Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Inuyasha.

Elegy Clothing

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Elegy Clothing is a gothic and lolita indie brand based in Cincinnati, OH. Elegy makes both lolita and ouji designs with original prints leaning towards gothic and classic styles.

Hard Decora

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hard Decora creates apparel and illustrations with aggressively cute designs. Based in Chicago, IL, their prints often feature weaponry motifs. 25% of the profits of their BLACK ALT FASHION FIST shirt and button will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Black Lives Matter, and Black Visions Collective!

Starpo Shop

Webshop | Facebook | Instagram

Starpo Shop is an apparel brand specializing in kawaii culture. Their items include shirts, prints, and acrylic charms.


Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

SugarySymbiote is an apparel brand focusing on guro and yamikawaii themes in pastel colors. Each artwork features black and brown women/non-men of color.


Webshop | Facebook | Instagram

Dollbe specializes in creating lolita fashion for all sizes. Their designs lean towards classic and sweet lolita with sizing going up to 6x. Dollbe is based in Los Angeles, CA.


Website | Webshop | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Magicalgirlme is creating cute handmade jewelry made for magical girls and boys. She also runs a fantastic blog and YouTube channel.

PlusHii Kawaii

Website | Webshop | Facebook | Instagram

Formerly known as Un-Re Designs, PlushHii Kawaii is creating plus-size friendly apparel and accessories. Their designs range from creepy to kawaii and everything in between.

Fantastic Grim Jewelry

Webshop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Fantastic Grim Jewelry creates jewelry based around fairy tales and fantasy. Their designs lean towards classic and gothic styles. They are located in the US.

Empire Noir

Webshop | Facebook | Instagram

Empire Noir is a gothic and lolita brand. Their designs are inspired by the Baroque period and also explores the regal and the macabre of African culture.

Starlight Deco Dream

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Starlight Deco Dream specializes in cute resin jewelry and accessories. Their designs are inspired by 80s pop fashion, pastel cute, and mahou kei. Starlight Deco Dream is based in Houston, TX.


Website | Facebook | Instagram

Milkribbon is an artist inspired by folkloric European myths, traditions and a modern Marie Antoinette attitude. This European indie brand makes prints, brooches, and other small accessories.

Lilith et Adalia

Webshop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Lilith et Adalia is a lifestyle brand created by a duo in New York City. They create one-of-a-kind pieces for in both adults’ and children’s sizes. Their gothic and classic lolita pieces are inspired by a mix of vintage, classic, whimsical, and elegant elements.


Webshop | Facebook | Instagram

Meltychocolatemoon makes handmade accessories and apparel inspired by anime tropes. They are based in Sweden.

Proper Gnar

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Proper Gnar is certainly one-of-a-kind in the kawaii scene. They make kawaii skateboards and streetwear. That’s gnarly!

A Lovely Rainbow Sparkle Party

Webshop | Instagram | Tumblr

A Lovely Rainbow Sparkly Party is a a digital artist. Their artwork is available on various surfaces such as T-shirts, hoodies, bags, stickers, and mugs.

Miss Candyholic

Webshop | Facebook | Instagram

Miss Candyholic is inspired by many cute elements of Japanese street fashion. They make kawaii clothing and accessories. Many of their items are animal-inspired.

Shoppe Gal

Webshop | Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Shoppe Gal is the clothing brand of tattoo artist and kawaii illustrator ipukekawaii. Their cute tattoo designs are available on leggings and shirts.

Kiyoko’s Closet by Ichigo Black

Webshop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Kiyoko’s Closet by Ichigo Black is run by a mother and daughter team on the east coast. Together they create creepy and cute designs ranging from lolita, steampunk, and cosplay.

Kawaii Kogals Creations

Webshop | Instagram

Kawaii Kogals Creations is an artist in Michigan. Their artwork is available on a various accessories such as leggings and home goods such as pillow cases, stickers, and mugs. One of their goals is to start fundraising for inner city families with children with special needs.

Tooth Decay Accessories

Facebook | Instagram

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Tooth Decay Accessories creates sweet accessories surely to give you cavities.

Silver Veirnon


Silver Veirnon is an artist creating colorful works with creepy cute vibes. Their work is available as stickers.


Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

TeeheartTee, based out of Los Angeles, CA, creates shiny decoden phone cases and press-on nails. Custom orders accepted.

Ivy Frozen Productions

Website | Webshop | Facebook

Ivy Frozen Productions has been creating garments since 2008. Their designs take inspiration from 40s, 50s, 60s, Victorian, Georgian, Rococo, and the Renaissance periods. Clothing is made-to-order and accept custom commissions as well.

Meowsa’s Magical World

Webshop | Instagram

Meowsa’s Magical World specializes in making a variety of skirts. They also take sewing commissions.

Coco Kuma Studios

Webshop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Coco Kuma Studios makes designs inspired by colorful J-fashion. Their shop is full of items in pastel pink and mint.


Website | Facebook | Instagram

VVednesdays is an artist currently based in San Antonio, TX. Their art is inspired by both happy and dark elements often featuring monster girls as the subjects. Art is available as prints, keychains, and apparel. They also create handmade bracelets.

Pupcakes & Cupcats

Webshop | Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram

Pupcakes + Cupcats combines two cute things together: animals and food! Their artwork is available on apparel and various home goods. They are based in Ashburn, VA.

Kie Design

Webshop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Kie Design creates fashion accessories such as berets, earrings, and detachable collars. Based out of Houston, TX, they also take custom orders.

CiAyeTea Bath and Body

Website | Facebook | Instagram

CiAyeTea Bath and Body makes small-batch, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly bath products. Products include bath bombs, bath litters, soaps, and scrubs inspired by anime and fairy kei.



Kumahime is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Their artwork cute girls and animals and is available in many formats from shirts, pillows, mugs, and other home goods.


Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Pixistix is a cosmetologist with the goal of “bringing more alternative hair options to the natural hair community one braid at a time.” They create colorful braided wigs and cute braid jewelry to match.

Bubble Cloud Boutique


Bubble Cloud Boutique makes small accessories that go well with sweet lolita and other cute styles. They are based in Raleigh, NC.


Webshop | Instagram | Facebook

MahouMonie crafts resin accessories with magic and love. Their products come in a variety of pastel colors.

Sugar Trampoline

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Sugar Trampoline is an independent clothing and accessories brand based in England. They started as a small jewelry brand and now have expanded to making garments such as bloomers and skirts. Bespoke orders are welcome.

Monster Envy

Webshop | Instagram | Facebook

Monser Envy is an alternative fashion indie brand and artist. Their designs range from goth to pastel and from printed garments to handmade creations.

Moshi Melon

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Moshi Melon is a small group artists from south Florida. They design cute characters featured on prints, enamel pins, acrylic charms, apparel, and more.

*Moshi Melon is partially black-owned. The art seen on their IG and website is created by Ellis who is Latina. The crafts are created by Panda who is indigenous and Afro-Latinx; the crafts are usually one-of-a-kind and sold at conventions, so they are not listed on the website.

Deco and Dice

Webshop | Facebook

Deco and Dice creates fake sweets, dice, and natural-themed jewelry. Their work can be found at the 3 Gear Studios store inside The Historic Savage Mill Mall (8600 Foundry Street , Savage MD 20763).

Space Pinata

Webshop | Instagram | Facebook

Space Pinata is a French indie brand creating “accessories for cute monsters.” Their accessories are neon colored often with subtle grotesque themes.

Karousel Kouture

Webshop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Karousel Kouture rotates through various styles such as kawaii and Y2K. If you like pink, this is the store for you. Their sizing ranges from XS-3XL.

Kid Taro

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Kid Taro, formerly known as Taro Sweet Design, is a multimedia artist specializing in resin and decoden. Their designs use a lot of nature and technology motifs in a colorful way.

Sweet Bitz

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Sweet Bitz creates printed apparel in cute, quirky, sweet, and nerdy designs. They have a good balance between colorful and dark designs.

House of Aris

Webshop | Instagram | Facebook

House of Aris creates what they call “slow fashion.” Started in 2018, this brand creates unique, bold, and avant garde clothing and accessories with an eye for patterns and textures. House of Aris is currently based in Vietnam.


Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Tumblr

Jadedisland is a kawaii writer and artist. Read her captivating words about the kawaii community through her eyes as a black femme creator. Hire Jadeisland for many writing services such as writing blog posts, conducting interviews, and consulting for creatives.

Moon Noodle Shop

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Moon Noodle Shop is creating for creators. They make silicone resin molds and glitter mixes in the cutest designs. Their molds are very popular within the resin community.

Magical Boys Club

Webshop | Instagram | Twitter

Magical Boys Club makes apparel and pins based on mahou shoujo and mahou shounen. They are a NYC-based designer.


Webshop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

TealTeacup is an enamel pin and sticker maker who loves anime and corgis. Their renditions of popular media such as Sailor Moon, Animal Crossing, and Studio Ghibli are so adorable!

Star Whisp

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Star Whisp makes polymer clay charms, acrylic charms, stickers, buttons, and more. They also make illustrations with watercolor, acrylic, and gouache. Their designs are inspired by good magic, life, and all things spooky-cute.

Harajuku Tattoo

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Harajuku Tattoo is Florida’s only black woman-owned inter-sectional kawaii tattoo shop. Their designs are inspired by anime, magical girls, and more. Find their studio at 9951 Atlantic Blvd. Suite 312, Jacksonville FL 32225.



Webshop | Instagram | Twitter

Iconografi sells anime and video game inspired accessories They make earrings (pierced and clip-on), acrylic charms, and stickers.

Chala Supplies

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Chala Supplies creates silicone molds and supplies for resin and decoden crafts. They have a ton of designs inspired by video games, sweets, and cute mascot characters.


Webshop | Twitter | Facebook

LABillustration is an Austin, TX-based illustrator creating art prints, enamel pins, and zipper pouches. They illustrate original works and create anime and video game fan products. 100% of their print sales will be donated to Black Visions Collective and BLM. All other proceeds will go back to other black-owned shops.

Pretty Mouse Co.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Pretty Mouse Co. is for those who like to be cute. They sell original design shirts and select accessories to match.

Bon Bon Magazine

Website | Instagram

Bon Bon Magazine is an independent magazine about J-fashion and kawaii culture. The content in the latest issue (vol. 2) is centered around black, brown, and olive skin tones and how minorities make a difference in the kawaii community.



UsagiTwins specializes in chokers and fanart buttons. Themes in their shop include yume kawaii, yami kawaii, and menhera.

Dragon Dandy

Webshop | Instagram

Dragon Dandy loves making hair accessories. Their shop makes a lot of hair bows.

Maeykoh Menhera

Webshop | Instagram

Maeykoh Menhera is a menhera and yumekawaii artist based in Washington, D.C. They sell shirts and pins with their menhera artwork. *Maekyoh Menhera is partially black-owned.

Kawaii Body and Bath


Kawaii Body and Bath creates handmade and cruelty-free bath products based on anime and all things kawaii. Their products include bath bombs, scrubs, and more.

In Control Clothing

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

In Control Clothing is an apparel shop based in Houston, TX. Their designs come in both pastel and dark colorways with inspirations from anime, vaporware, outer space, and much more.

Polka Dot Cute Shop

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Polka Dot Cute Shop is an artist creating apparel, buttons, home/office goods, and other trinkets. Their designs include a lot of chibi animals and foods.

Midnight Springs

Webshop | Instagram

Midnight Springs is an artist inspired by anime, menhera, and creepy cute motifs. Their art is available as enamel pins, apparel, pouches, and more.

Dandy Puppeteer

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Dandy Puppeteer is a delicious-looking jewelry and accessories brand based in the US. Their whimsical food designs come in sweet and spooky flavors. They plan to produce clothing in the future.

Did you seen anything you liked? Buy it! If you can’t buy it now, make sure to follow them on social media! Supporting these brands or your local black-owned businesses is just one out of many ways support equality. If you’d like to donate directly to the cause, some organizations to donate to are the Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, the North Star Health Collective, and your local bail fund for protestors. There are additional resources on how to help on this Black Lives Matter Carrd which is constantly updated. If you are unsure where or how to start supporting, I highly recommend reading Jadeisland’s “Pink Energy: Where’s the Kawaii Riot” post for steps you can start taking. Remember, black lives matter.

All images belong to the respective brands. If you are a business owner who would like to be added to the list, please feel free to contact me to be added.

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