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Antique beasT is an Japanese indie gothic lolita brand mostly known for their iconic bat headdress and ero lolita length dresses. A-B is run solely by the designer Yuuki, so she only accepts a limited amount of orders. You will only be able to order when the shop opens approximately once every two months for a small window of a few hours/days. You can tell whether they are open or closed based on the front page banner. 

This guide is mainly applicable to those living outside of Japan. Shopping service not required. 

currently open

To stay updated on the shop’s status, you can subscribe to the mail magazine. They will send an e-mail out one day before the shop opens.

Add items to the shopping cart. Once done, proceed to checkout.

Step 1

You can either login with an existing account, register and checkout, or register without creating an account. If you’re still reading this tutorial, you’ll most likely need either of the latter two options. Creating an account will save your address information if you decide to order again in the future. 

I’m using an American address for reference.

  • For the phonetic name field, you can just type your name again. This field is mainly for names in languages that use characters (ex. Japanese, Chinese, etc.). If you’d like you can enter your name in katakana, but it’s not necessary. 
  • For address lines, inputting your American address in the standard format (number, street, city, state, and zip code)  is fine. The parentheses is referencing the way Japanese addresses are formatted. For other countries, I advise to input the standard format for your country. There will be a comments box on the next page if you want to re-type the whole address again.  

Step 2

Make sure to select EMS for overseas in the second dropdown box. Their Q&A states they offer SAL, but you will have to contact them ahead of time about other shipping methods. In the comments box, you can add custom sizing notes. You can also type your address again if you want to ensure they get the correct format.

For custom sizing, AB will only adjust the bust and waist measurement by +/- 5 cm, however the shoulder width, sleeve length, and skirt length can be customized to any desired size. You can also request changes to the fabric, lace, and ribbon based on anything you see in their catalog. Additional fees are applicable to any changes you request. 

Step 3

Select your payment method. International customers need to select credit card or Paypal. Your order will appear at the bottom of the page for confirmation. 

Step 4

Your order, shipping address, payment method, and delivery method will be displayed for final confirmation.

Step 5

Once you reach step 5, you’ll see this screen which means your order went through. They will send a confirmation e-mail in 24 hours. 

If you selected Paypal as the payment method, Antique beasT will send an invoice in about 1-2 days. Once you receive and pay the invoice, Antique beasT will send another e-mail stating they received the payment and will start working on your items. The turnaround time is usually 1-1.5 months depending on how many orders they received. Once the items are ready, they will send you a final e-mail with the shipping confirmation and tracking number. 

Happy shopping!

Antique beasTOfficial Home Page | Webshop 

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