Online Shop Flores Astorum Sends Indie Japanese Fashion Worldwide

Flores Astorum is a new Japanese street fashion select shop aiming to introduce products from Japanese small business owners and Japanese indie brands to the international market. Their online shop featuring Japanese fashion brands will launch on April 1, 2021.

About Flores Astorum

Based in Tokyo, Japan, the shop’s name means “flowers of the stars” in Latin. When they noticed that a Japanese indie brands did not have a large presence on the global stage, the owner of Sunflower Seed Company decided to open Flores Astorum. Their goal is to bridge the distance between Japanese indie designers and the rest of the world. The idea behind the name is that each artist is a shining star in the endless galaxy, and their creations are beautiful flowers.

flores astorum logo

Owner Sunflower stated she “like supporting small businesses and connecting people who love unique work together with the artists and designers who make them!”

We know that there are so many indie designers and small businesses that unfortunately go unnoticed, and we would love to use our international platform to bring more attention to all of the beautiful work that’s out there that deserve more love. Each partnership is built upon trust and with everyone’s best interest in mind, and may lead to exclusive pieces, custom orders, etc!


Japanese Fashion Brands Featured On Flores Astorum’s Online Shop

Flores Astorum’s grand opening will stock the following Japanese indie brands. They plan to grow their selection of brands as time goes by.


Formerly known as Miyuki Eyelashes, MYK WORK designs and decorates elaborate false eyelashes.

myk work eyeleashes
MYK WORK eyelashes

MorunxMunna Stoik

For gothic and classic lolitas, MorunxMunna Stoik makes accessories, tights, and garments.

MorunxMunna Stoik


Orishian (織紫庵) creates traditional Japanese kanzashi hair ornaments and accessories. This artist regularly gets commission work from maiko (apprentice geisha.

orishian hair accessories
Orishian Japanese hair accessories

Online Events

Flores Astorum will also be a participant in the upcoming virtual J-fashion event Ursa Major². Ursa Major² is an event by Bay Area Kei and will occur May 28-31, 2021. The listed designers will be providing some contest prizes!

Follow Flores Astorum

The shop plans to add more indie brands, make sure to follow them for their latest updates!

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