h.NAOTO Designs Pirate Costumes for Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

h.NAOTO, Japanese gothic fashion brand, has a new collaboration with Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, the 45th season of Japan’s famous Super Sentai series. The brand designed pirate-themed outfits for two characters, Zox Goldtsuiker and Flint Goldtsuiker. The complete outfits will be sold on the Premium Bandai webshop.

Flint (left), Zox (right)

The brand h.NAOTO, designed by Hirooka Naoto, has been a heavy hitter in the Japanese fashion scene since it began in January 1, 2000. While he has worked with and developed many different sub brands, the core of his designs are always gothic. h.NAOTO designs do not exclusively fit into the the lolita fashion category, but his impact on the Japanese street fashion community is unquestionable.

Super Sentai: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

For those who are unfamiliar with the Super Sentai series, you might actually know it better than you think. In America, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series used the 16th Super Sentai series’ action scenes and incorporated their own American actors.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger is the 45th season of the long-running Super Sentai television drama series. This season started airing March 7, 2021 and is currently ongoing.

One month ago, a strange phenomenon suddenly fused the human world with the parallel world of Kikaitopia. Despite this, the inhabitants of both worlds, humans and Kikainoids, quickly got along and live peacefully together.

In the present, however, their lives are threatened by Kikaitopia’s evil rulers, the Tozitend Dynasty, who seek to conquer all parallel worlds. To face this new threat, a brave and energetic young man named Kaito Goshikida inherits the powers of all previous Super Sentai. Transforming into Zenkaizer, he joins forces with the Kikainoids Juran, Gaon, Magine, and Vroon to save the multiverse from Tozitend and find Kaito’s missing parents as the Zenkaigers. The conflict later intensifies with the arrival of the World Pirates. Led by Zocks Goldtsuiker, who can transform into Twokaizer, the World Pirates oppose Tozitend in pursuit of their own objectives and occasionally ally with the Zenkaigers for the sake of it.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger (Wikipedia)

The gold Ranger, Zox, made his debut in episode 8 which aired on April 25. Zox’s transformation sequence starts by spinning a wheel on his weapon and performing a song and dance.

Zox Goldtsuiker’s Gothic Punk Pirate Inspiried Look

Zox Goldtsuiker, played by singer and actor Atsuki Mashiko, is the sixth ranger and the leader of the World Pirates. He is described as being cool and flash, as well as selfish and materialistic. He cares about his family very much, to the point that he will put others aside for his family.

Zox Goldtsuiker actor Atsuki Mashiko (left), Twokaizer actor Shigeki Ito (right)

For this collaboration, h.NAOTO and Bandai released 5 items including a jacket, jeans, gilet, blouse, and T-shirt. The center piece of the look is the flashy gold jacket which incorporates a gold version of h.NAOTO’s original gold dragon leather fabric, to celebrate Zox being the gold ranger. The whole collaboration will run you 119,350 yen (~$1,100).

Zox – World Pirate Jacket

This jacket is the center piece of Zox’ look. It has a bright red lining and uses the dragon leather fabric in gold. This jacket is great for a cool pirate look.

Price: 58,300 yen (tax included)

Zox – Ocean Blue Damaged Blouse

This blouse is a vibrant blue color to match the ocean pirates sail on. This blouse also includes a nodal pirate embellishment on the lower back.

Price: 25,300 yen (tax included)

Zox – Damaged Gilet

This gilet uses a vibrant blue snake skin printed fabric. As the name suggests, this gilet has a rough warn and torn look. It is great for layering and giving your outfit more of a punk look.

Price: 14,300 yen (tax included)

Zox – Metallic Foil T-Shirt

The black T-shirt has gold metallic foil snake skin printed on it. A great shirt for a casual goth or visual kei look.

Price: 5,500 yen (tax included)

Zox – Gold Crusted Stretchy Denim Jeans

These gold and black jeans are made of a comfortable stretchy material and great for any punk or visual kei look.

Price: 15,590 yen (tax included)

Flint Goldtsuiker’s Ouji Pirate Inspired Look

Flint Goldtsuiker, the younger sister of Zox Goldtsuiker. She is described as being self-absorbed and a hedonist who loves sweets like mochi.

h.NAOTO Flint Outfit

Her character’s collaboration set contains 6 pieces including a vest, blouse, leggings, shorts, and two belts. Just like Zox’s collaboration, the main pieces incorporate h.NAOTO’s iconic dragon leather fabric. To get Flint Goldtsuiker’s collaboration look, it will run you a total of 92,620 yen (~$900).

Flint – Short Bolero

This short bolero incorporates the Dragon Slayer fabric in gold. It also uses a unique royal blue fabric in the lining that really makes the collar pop and gold rose buttons.

Price: 25,300 yen (tax included)

Flint – Sleeve Blouse

The blouse is made of a red and black gauze fabric and comes with a detachable black and red jabot. Taking inspiration from pirates and has large billowy sleeves. One thing of note is that the model is wearing a blouse with black buttons and the blouse on the mannequin has white buttons, so it is unclear what the actual product will have.

Price: 28,600 yen (tax included)

Flint – Shorts

These pumpkin shorts incorporate the dragon leather fabric and use the same royal blue as the bolero as an accent. A great note is that these shorts have fully a elastic waist band and leg holes.

Price: 19,250 yen (tax included)

Flint – Leggings Pants

These leggings incorporate both the blue from the shorts and bolero and the red from the blouse in a metallic color blocked snack skin pattern. They come in M and L sizes, both with elastic waste bands.

Price: 13,200 yen (tax included)

Flint – Sash Belt

This belt sash is made in the royal blue that matches the bolero and shorts. The sash adds to the pirate look as a whole and it also includes a ships wheel print on the piece.

Price: 2,970 yen (tax included)

Flint – Chain Belt

The last Flint piece is the chain belt. The silver chain belt includes an h.NAOTO coffin charm, a lock, a key, and a tooth. There is also a massive safety pin attached to the belt.

Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

Buy the Pieces

Purchase the pieces on Premium Bandai’s Japan webshop. All items are up for pre-order now and expected to ship in September 2021.

Zox Outfit

Flint Outfit

The accessories and jewelry, not produced by h.NAOTO, are also available for pre-order. The jewelry collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and an ear cuff. Note that all pieces can only be ordered through Bandai’s shop, not the h.NAOTO shop.

Zox henshin transformation
Zox’s transformation sequence

h.NAOTO Collaborations

This collaboration is not the first time h.NAOTO and Super Sentai collaborated. The brand also produced a line of T-shirts for Kamen Rider Kuuga in 2020.

It’s great to see h.NAOTO collaborations on screen. While this show is aimed a younger audience, fans of the brand and the show can appreciate how the designs were incorporated into the character and introduce gothic and punk fashion to a new audience. In the past, h.NAOTO has been very open to collaborations and custom designs. h.NAOTO has famously worked with many forms of media including J-rock stars like Yoshiki (X Japan), HYDE, and Gackt, as well as Amy Lee of Evanescence. We hope to see more collaborations in the future!

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h.NAOTO is a charismatic brand that created gothic fashion that caused a worldwide movement. Incorporating Japanese culture such as gothic lolita, punk, anime, games, and visual kei into fashion, it brought about a change from the traditional “fashion to dress up” to “fashion to play,” the centerpiece of Cool Japan fashion.

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    I wonder how h.NAOTO got involved with this, maybe he’s a secret Sentai fan?


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