Gothic Pirate Lolita Outfit ft. Atelier Pierrot Dress

Y’know it sucks when it’s November and I still can’t wear a jacket outside! Thus is the Houston life. If you live in a tropical or humid climate, then you must adapt wearing lolita fashion to the climate. Yes, that does mean ditching the blouse sometimes even though its an integral part of a lolita outfit. Comfort and preventing heat stroke come first.

The Inspiration

This coordinate was originally put together for the Sea of Serenity virtual fashion walk. Sea of Serenity was an online J-fashion event back in September. The event’s theme focused on nautical and lunar themes. I decided to run with the nautical side and create a pirate lolita outfit since I have not worn a pirate-themed coord in quite a few years despite owning a ton of pieces from the Alice and the Pirates brand. In my mind, I’d been fiddling with a sleeveless lolita look for quite some years. With this virtual fashion walk, I was finally able to put it together.

I wanted to make a dramatic coord: big dress with big sleeves fitting the image of a strong and powerful pirate warrior. Atelier PIerrot is a Japanese gothic lolita brand known for their signature bustle corset one piece dresses. I bought this shantung variation from them in 2018 since the fabric has a unique metallic luster not commonly seen in lolita. Their corset OPs are very flattering since they have boning and plenty of shirring and the bodice is long enough to wear safely without a blouse. Personally, I love the look of detachable sleeves, so I pair them with a sleeveless look at any opportunity I can. These arm warmers are from Japanese goth brand Na+H which I happened to buy through Atelier Pierrot’s website. While the dress has a lot of softer ruffles and elegant details, I wanted to convey a powerful image, so I contrasted the dress and sleeves with leather accents and sword motifs.

Outfit Rundown

  • Head: Alice and the Pirates William Kid Pirate Hat
  • Dress: Atelier Pierrot Corset OP (2018 version)
  • Leg: offbrand fishnet tights
  • Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Croisee Strap Shoes
  • Accessories: Na+H Bone Short Corset, Na+H Larme Sheer Choker + Sleeves Set, Alice and the Pirates Frill Bustle, Alice and the Pirates A/P Buckle Belt, thrifted loop belt, Voodooodolly Knight’s Repose Sword Necklace, Alice and the Pirates EDEN’s Gate Lock Necklace, Alice and the Pirates, Alice and the Pirates Logo Ring, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Emblem B-Mark Ring, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Milk Crown Ring, Voodooodolly crown ring

In October, Atelier Pierrot announced their “Trick or Treat Tea Party” Instagram contest. The requirement to enter was to use a main piece or two accessories from Atelier Pierrot or Vallee Lys. Well, I just happened to have not post this coord yet, so I entered it since pirate theme is pretty common for Halloween. The timing was really convenient.

coordinate details shot

Contest Results

All entries can still be viewed on the #atelierpierrotcontest hashtag. Contest winners were announced via Instagram TV with the judges being Atelier Pierrot’s CEO and designer Ashizawa Yuko and Atelier Pierrot shop staff. To my surprise, I placed in second! Ashizawa wrote this caption for my coordinate on their post.

“It’s an interesting coordination idea to use so many layered items, and I was intrigued by all the details. Every time I looked I could see more little details I liked!
I appreciate the sexy combination of blouse and dress that reveals the shoulders and décolletage, and the cool atmosphere the layering creates. I enjoy the “belt-on-corset-on-dress” look!
Also love the use of only black items, with coordination that uses a lot of frills and lace.”

If you listen to the IGTV video though, you can hear them say the coordinate is sexy, aha. So the a lolita brand designer called my shoulders sexy, aha. Okay, okay, play it cool, Stephano. No big deal. Ero lolita dreams do come true. I am honored to have placed in the contest! I really appreciate their comments since Ashizawa is really charming and cool. Buying from their store is always a pleasure since international shipping is free for orders over 20,000 yen! We stan a brand that cares about their overseas customers.

By the way, you can watch the Sea of Serenity fashion walk on Jfashion on Demand’s YouTube channel! My coord appears at 18:10. Everyone’s coordinates were lovely, so watch it the whole way through. Since there won’t be any in-person lolita events in the near future due to the pandemic, virtual fashion walks are becoming the latest thing. It’s a nice way for the J-fashion community to participate together!

See more of my coordinates featuring Atelier Pierrot pieces:

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