Harajuku Model Haruka Kurebayashi’s New Casual Brand SugarSprinkles

Long-time Harajuku model Haruka Kurebayashi launched her new casual clothing brand named SugarSprinkles (シュガースプリンクル). On April 26, 2021, she announced the brand’s opening and that she is the designer and producer on her LINE BLOG.

Sugar Sprinkles by Haruka Kurebayashi

Sugar Sprinkles Brand Concept

Sugar Sprinkles’s brand concept is “cute toppings in every day life.” Kurebayashi incorporates elements of Harajuku fashion into new casual clothes for easy wearing. Now you can enjoy a sprinkle of Harajuku fashion in casual outfits.

All of the clothes were developed in collaboration with SPINNS, an apparel brand that’s mainly popular amongst the Japanese youth. Since this project started in the midst of the pandemic, most of the development process was actually worked on remotely.

Haruka Kurebayashi wearing the Candy Paradise Blouse

Compared to her previous self-produced brand 90884, Sugar Sprinkles is about half the price at a more accessible price point to purchase.

Summer Collection

For the first collection, the summer line-up featured unisex and oversized clothing for style versatility. Reservations ran from 4/25-5/16. All items were made-to-order products.

The collection consisted of 4 items: an illustrated button-up shirt, a printed graphic T-shirt, an overalls skirt, and socks.

Candy Paradise Blouse

The POP illustrations are specially made for one season only!
There is no doubt that your curiosity will be stimulated by the shirt with the motif studded with nostalgic sweets.
It is a unisex design that expands the range of combinations.
Price: 4,950 yen (tax included)

Sunny Side Jumperskirt

Jumper skirt with a refreshingly clear blue sky as a motif.
There are 5 large pockets that are very convenient and an adjuster that allows you to adjust the waist size to your liking.
It is a discerning design that can be worn in any season.
Price: 9,460 yen (including tax)

Color Gang T-Shirt

A cool T-shirt is a proof of a “secret organization”!
From today your job is an agent carrying snacks.
Price: 3,300 yen (including tax)

Pop Step Socks

Cute socks with the image of a lovely angel.
The point is that it sways when you walk.
The large angel wings for adults are a nice accent!
Price: 1,650 yen (including tax)

Orders are expected to ship in July.

Known for her colorful decora style with her crazy colored hair, Kurebayashi is a long-time participant and model of the kawaii lifestyle. As mentioned in her vlog, sometimes it takes a lot of energy and physical strength to get fully dressed. It’s not always possible, so she really wanted to create a colorful casual brand. By incorporating colors into your wardrobe daily, there’ll be a sprinkle of kawaii in your every day life!

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